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Revlon Wigs : Scorpio (#6109) front 1

Revlon Wigs - Scorpio (#6109)

Revlon® Color Chart

A modern, sophisticated bob style wig with bangs and sleek straight hair on the side.  C Cap Collection is cool, comfortable, and capless construction with textured ends and a slightly angled profile. Short straight cut wig with bangsand, an elastic lace cap that allows it to stretch for more flexibility. So soft and comfortable you won't even know it's there.

Length: Bangs 3.5", Top 9.75", Sides & Back 6.25" - 9", Neckline 2.25"  
Weight: 3.0 oz
Size: Average

Wig Colors:
Bordeaux (33R), Buttered Toast (24/18T), Butterscotch (234R), Champagne Blush (14/263TR), Cherry Cola (33/32C), Chestnut (8R), Coco Cream (8-23R), Cocoa Mist (18/26R), Coffee Bean (4/6R), Cognac (4-12R), Creme Brule (8-263R), Espresso (2/4R), Fudge Ripple (9/14C), Ginger Snap (30/26C), Golden Sunset (8-234R), Java Blast (8/16TR), Midnight (1R), Pralines and Cream (10/140T), Rum Raisin (637T), Sepia (829H), Snowy Mink (18/22R), Sugar Cookie (223/23C), Sunlit Beige (223R), Sunny Spice (4-24/18T), Toasted Shine (12/24TR), Tomato Bisque (33/30R), Vanilla Swirl (234/23C), Walnut (10R)

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