What is your favorite style? Why?



I have so many favorites, but I love the Belle Tress Kona! It's a fun wavy style with beautiful blonde color options, and I love the feel of the fiber, and stretch in the cap. 



Jon Renau Kaia in Palm Spring Blonde

 What is your most memorable moment working at NameBrandWigs? I love our office dynamic, and I am lucky to have made great friendships here over the years. It has also been very rewarding to get to know people from all different backgrounds; to hear their stories and to know you played a small part in helping a person feel confident for milestones in their life such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, or starting a new job.

 Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am a tomboy at heart, who also loves all things beauty related. You will usually find me outdoors gardening, on one of our many lakes here in MN, or spending time with my many pets.

 How long have you been working at NameBrandWigs? 8 years! I am one of the veterans here! 😊

 What is a phrase you live by? Be present. I am trying to put this into practice more and more!

 What is one thing you want all women to know about who they are? We tend to be our biggest critic, when we should be our biggest fan. There is nothing more powerful than a person who knows their worth! 💃