What is your favorite style? Why?

Oh so many styles, but my favorite has to be the Ellen Wille Jamila Plus. With all of its’ big curls and sassy layers who wouldn’t love how fun it is!


What is your most memorable moment working at NameBrandWigs?

Every moment that I get to connect with a customer about where their journey of hair has taken them. I have spoken to so many of you about some of the hardships you have gone through and the laughs and lessons in-between. To me that is real and authentic and I appreciate those moments of being able to get a glimpse of the very raw and beautiful you!


Tells us a bit about yourself?

I truly believe variety is the spice of life and that the richness of life comes from our perspective and all the little details involving each day. You will find me playing any sport or activity you can throw at me. Music, nature, and my time walking and talking with the Lord are my sweet spot. And if we ever get to hang out please tell me you have something new for me to try because I will LOVE it!

 How long have you been working at NameBrandWigs?

It has been about 3 1/2 years! I have done everything from Modeling, Web Design, to Customer Service, and Videography among other avenues. I love it because I am able to expand my extent of knowledge and always have the opportunity to grow.


What is a phrase you live by?   

“Give Thanks In Everything” – Meaning whatever the circumstance or situation I believe you always have a choice. The real battle typically starts in our mind and for me choosing to have a perspective of thankfulness has made all the difference in overcoming most obstacles.


What is one thing you want all women to know about who they are.

Life will always have its ebbs and flows, in the midst of it all remember to give yourself grace. Grace isn’t an excuse, but it is an understanding that you are not defined by your mistakes.