Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am extroverted, enthusiastic and extremely authentic. I love to be with people as much as possible; the weekends are made for adventure! I love to play volleyball, sing, and play board/card games. I am an avid Iced coffee drinker (heavy on the creamer though) and a little fun fact is that I really do not enjoy hot drinks.

How long have you been working at


Almost a year and a half!

What is your favorite style? Why?

My favorite style is the Rene of Paris Kai in Rose Gold R. It is basically the complete opposite of my bio hair, so it is fun to be a short, straight Blonde!


What is your most memorable moment at NameBrandWigs?

There was a customer I spoke with who put off ordering a wig for years because she was so nervous about not liking or feeling ugly in a wig. She called me and I was able to help her find the confidence to place her order and she LOVED it. It is such a blessing to encourage women to find the beauty in themselves.

What is one thing you want all women to know about who they are?

Women are POWERFUL. We are strong, capable, beautiful, and worthy of love. God created us to be an image of love to the world.