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What is your favorite style? Why?
Finding a favorite style is so difficult with the vast span of wonderful looks! I would have to say Rene of Paris Evanna is such a delight to the eyes!  I absolutely adore the big open curls and the fashionable blunt cut!
What is your most memorable moment working at NameBrandWigs?
Every day at NameBrandWigs is a blessing. The ladies here are so sweet, caring and fun; so much so, I would have to say the most memorable moments I’ve had are in simple times watching their joy.
Tells us a bit about yourself?
There is not much to me. I enjoy the times I get to be with uplifting people.  I savor the times I get to be in nature. And I’ve made it a personal goal to try and be as kind as I can be.


How long have you been working at NameBrandWigs?

Since October of 2018!

What is a phrase you live by?

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the verse I try to live out most often! (Luke 6:31)

What is one thing you want all women to know about who they are.

Your identity isn’t in your makeup, or what jeans you fit into… stop comparing yourself!

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  • Name Brand Wigs Support on

    Hi Laura!

    I would suggest checking out Jon Renau FS26/31. It is a medium auburn base with blonde highlights. You can call our support team at 320-685-7100 if you would like to talk more in depth regarding color!

  • Mae on

    Hello Laura, we would love to help! You can email us at and we can get a better idea of how to help you!

    Kathleen, awwwe thank you!

    Hello Terrye! Thank you for such beautiful words! So glad I got to talk with you the other day :) And I am happy that we are able to help you!

    I hope you all have a great week!

  • Terrye Seedman on

    I had the blessing of talking with Mae, what a very special beautiful sweet heart!!! I am always so grateful for each of the precious young women who have helped me with my wig purchases over the past few years. Truly the delight of dealing with such a dear and gracious staff has made Name Brand Wigs the ONLY place to purchase my wigs. Thank you Name Brand Wigs for blessing me and countless others with the BEST customer experience, selection, and lowest pricing for high quality wigs. I always look forward to speaking with you for my next purchase. Terrye S

  • Kathleen Talley on

    So nice to see what you look like, Mae! You are a pleasure to work with.

  • laura a peck on

    I need help. I have worn Revlon wigs, color 30/26 for a number of years. Now they are no longer available. What is the similar color in Jon Renau?

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