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What is your favorite style? Why?
Finding a favorite style is so difficult with the vast span of wonderful looks! I would have to say Rene of Paris Evanna is such a delight to the eyes!  I absolutely adore the big open curls and the fashionable blunt cut!
What is your most memorable moment working at NameBrandWigs?
Every day at NameBrandWigs is a blessing. The ladies here are so sweet, caring and fun; so much so, I would have to say the most memorable moments I’ve had are in simple times watching their joy.
Tells us a bit about yourself?
There is not much to me. I enjoy the times I get to be with uplifting people.  I savor the times I get to be in nature. And I’ve made it a personal goal to try and be as kind as I can be.


How long have you been working at NameBrandWigs?

Since October of 2018!

What is a phrase you live by?

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the verse I try to live out most often! (Luke 6:31)

What is one thing you want all women to know about who they are.

Your identity isn’t in your makeup, or what jeans you fit into… stop comparing yourself!


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