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Revlon Simply Beautiful® Colors

Browns | Blondes | Reds | Grays | Highlights | Frosted
Tipped | Transitions | Chunks | Progressive | Funky |
Ready to Wear



1R 2/4R 4/6R 8R 9R
Midnight Espresso Coffee Bean Chestnut Chocolate
10R 12R 18R
Walnut Pecan Mocha


16R 22R 223R 23R 234R
Honey Blonde Chardonnay Sunlit Beige Champagne Butterscotch
26R 263R
Sandstone Golden Glaze


27R 127R 271R 29R 30R
Cinnamon Cayenne Terra Cotta Tabasco Russet
130R 32R 33R 133R
Rosewood Flame Bordeaux Cabernet



34R 38R 446R 51R 56R
Mahogany Mist Smoke Charcoal Mist Pewter Mist Silver Lining
60R 92R 386R 601R
Snowflake Snowfall Moon Shadow Platinum Mist




862R 10/140T 14/26R 17/101R 18/22R
Creme Caramel Pralines N Cream Ginger Mist Gingerbread Mist Snowy Mink
18/26R 1870R 24/14R 33/30R
Cocoa Mist Sahara Bisque Fire 'N Ice Tomato Bisque


123T 273T 637T 747T 8A/26T
Toasted Coconut Hot Chili Rum Raisin Root Beer Toasted Chestnut
24/18T 33/32T
Buttered Toast Wild Fire


These colors begin as a darker shade at the nape of the wig and
transition gradually to frame the face with a lighter shade.

8-16TR 10-130TR 12-24TR 123-637TR 27-234TR
Java Blast Autumn Glow Toasted Shine Honey Glaze Caramel Kiss
Champagne Blush


These colors will have more noticeable highlights that
are only in the front, top, and sides of the wig.

9/14C 223/23C 234/23C 30/26C 33/32C
Fudge Ripple Sugar Cookie Vanilla Swirl Ginger Snap Cherry Cola
Licorice Twist



4-12R 8-234R 4-30R 8-263R 4-24/18T
Cognac Golden Sunset Cinnamon Toast Creme Brulee Sunny Spice
Coco Cream



Lime/Black Cherry/Black Hot Pink/Black Aqua Dark Blue
Copper Lilac Pink Red White

Ready to Wear

1R 4/6R 10R 12R 23R
Black Dark Brown Medium Brown Light Brown Light Blonde
234R 263R 24/18T 829H 30R
Golden Blonde Dark Blonde Frosted Coffee Caramel Medium Red
32R 33R 130R 38R 60R
Brighter Red Auburn Deep Red Smoke Snowflake
56R 2-4/130C 9/14C 223/23C 234/23C
Silver Lining Coco Plum Fudge Ripple Sugar Cookie Vanilla Swirl
30/26C 33/32C
Ginger Snap Cherry Cola