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Estetica Additions : Toptress front

Estetica Wigs - Toptress

Estetica Color Chart

The Toptress wiglet by Estetica is a pull-through wiglet with an elastic band with 5" x 5" base and 4.5"-5" semi-tight curls throughout.

Overall Length: 5" X 5" Base
Color Shown: RH268

R1, R1B, R1/4, R2/4, R4/6, R4/8, R6/10, R6/27H, R8/12, R9/12, R10/14, R12/14, R14/16, R16/88H, R18, R18/24H, R22, R27, R32F, R30, R34, R38, R44, R51, R56, R60, R101, R14/24, R16/22, R17/101, R18/22, R24/18BT, RH268, RH1488


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