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Gabor Wigs : Mid-Length Halo 1

Gabor Wigs - Mid-Length Halo

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The Halo hair accessory is another perfect complement to any turban. A velvet lined circle of hair, each Gabor Halo includes two strategically placed Velcro pieces with a glue strip for easy and secure attachment to any turban.

Length: Front 4", Sides 5", Nape 6"

Turban Not Included

Color Shown: 

Wig Colors:
Black Coffee (GL2/6), Dark Chocolate (GL4/8), Mahogany (GL6/30), Dark Chestnut (GL8/10), Hazelnut (GL8/29), Walnut (GL10/14), Honey Pecan (GL11/25), Golden Walnut (GL12/16), Honey Toast (GL14/16), Buttered Biscuit (GL16/27), Caramel (GL27/22), Dark Copper (GL30/32)

Eva Gabor Wig Color Black CoffeeEva Gabor Wig Color Dark ChocolateEva Gabor Wig Color MahogonyEva Gabor Wig Color Dark ChestnutEva Gabor Wig Color HazelnutEva Gabor Wig Color WalnutEva Gabor Wig Color Honey PecanEva Gabor Wig Color Golden WalnutEva Gabor Wig Color Honey ToastEva Gabor Wig Color Buttered BiscuitEva Gabor Wig Color CaramelEva Gabor Wig Color Dark Copper

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