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HairDo 16 Inch Ombre Extension (#HD16OM) 1

HairDo Extensions - 16 Inch Sombre Extension (#HX16OM)

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Today's nuanced shades shine through beautifully with this 16" ombre extension. The one piece multi-level design makes it easier to work with than individual pieces. Short hair goes dramatically longer. Long hair gets new thickness and fullness. Clip-in for color, length and volume.
Made with heat friendly synthetic fiber, you can flat iron, curl it, or blow it dry!

9" Wide weft with narrow base and 5 pressure-sensitive clips.

Length: 16 inches
t: 1.6 oz

Colors Shown: Champagne Ombre (RO1422), Hazel Ombre (R0627)

Butterscotch Ombre (RO1625), Champagne Ombre (RO1422), Hazel Ombre (RO627), Caramel Ombre (RO1426), Chocolate Ombre (RO430), Black Plum Ombre (RO290)

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