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HairDo - Color Splash Pony (#HX23CP) deep purple 1

HairDo Extensions - Color Splash Pony (#HX23CP)

HairDo Color Chart

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Wig Features: Heat Friendly

Get the ‘social media star’ look in an instant with our new 23" Color Splash Pony. Choose from your natural hair tone bursting with highlighted and dip-dyed pastel ends: blue, pink, light green or lavender. This long and wavy pony includes a lengthy strip of wrap-around hair for a refined look. Our Color Splash hairpiece features a smooth strip of hair that wraps around the holder and fastens it in with a hook-and-loop strip to conceal where the ponytail meets your own hair.

Length: 23"
Weight: 2.8 oz

Color Shown: (R14/88H) Golden Wheat w/ Dark Purple, (R4) Midnight Brown w/ Pink

Colors: (R2) Ebony w/ Dark Purple, (R2) Ebony w/ Denim Blue, (R2) Ebony w/ Red Wine

(R4) Midnight Brown w/ Blue, (R4) Midnight Brown w/ Dark Purple, (R4) Midnight Brown w/ Denim Blue, (R4) Midnight Brown w/ Lavender, (R4) Midnight Brown w/ Light Green, (R4) Midnight Brown w/ Pink, (R4) Midnight Brown w/ Red Wine

(R6) Dark Chocolate w/ Light Green

(R6/30H) Chocolate Copper w/ Blue, (R6/30H) Chocolate Copper w/ Dark Purple, (R6/30H) Chocolate Copper w/ Denim Blue, (R6/30H) Chocolate Copper w/ Lavender, (R6/30H) Chocolate Copper w/ Light Green, (R6/30H) Chocolate Copper w/ Pink, (R6/30H) Chocolate Copper w/ Red Wine

(R10) Chestnut w/ Blue, (R10) Chestnut w/ Dark Purple, (R10) Chestnut w/ Denim Blue, (R10) Chestnut w/ Lavender, (R10) Chestnut w/ Light Green, (R10) Chestnut w/ Pink, (R10) Chestnut w/ Red Wine

(R14/25) Honey Ginger w/ Lavender, (R14/25) Honey Ginger w/ Light Green

(R14/88H) Golden Wheat w/ Blue, (R14/88H) Golden Wheat w/ Dark Purple, (R14/88H) Golden Wheat w/ Denim Blue, (R14/88H) Golden Wheat w/ Lavender, (R14/88H) Golden Wheat w/ Light Green, (R14/88H) Golden Wheat w/ Pink, (R14/88H) Golden Wheat w/ Red Wine

(R1416T) Buttered Toast w/ Blue, (R1416T) Buttered Toast w/ Dark Purple, (R1416T) Buttered Toast w/ Denim Blue, (R1416T) Buttered Toast w/ Lavender, (R1416T) Buttered Toast w/ Light Green, (R1416T) Buttered Toast w/ Pink, (R1416T) Buttered Toast w/ Red Wine

(R22) Swedish Blonde w/ Blue, (R22) Swedish Blonde w/ Pink 

(R25) Ginger Blonde w/ Blue, (R25) Ginger Blonde w/ Dark Purple, (R25) Ginger Blonde w/ Denim Blue, (R25) Ginger Blonde w/ Lavender, (R25) Ginger Blonde w/ Light Green, (R25) Ginger Blonde w/ Pink, (R25) Ginger Blonde w/ Red Wine

(R28) Glazed Fire w/ Lavender

(R29S) Glazed Strawberry w/ Green

(R56/60) Silver Mist w/ Lavender, (R56/60) Silver Mist w/ Light Green, (R56/60) Silver Mist w/ Pink

(R830) Ginger Brown w/ Lavender

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