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Aspen Nalee Wigs : Reed I (NM-900M)

Nalee Wigs - Reed I (NM-900M)

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Wig features: Monofilament Top, 100% Hand-tied

100% hand tied unisex wig with a monofilament top.

Also available in Large Size Reed II

Length: Bangs 2 1/2", Sides 2 1/2", Crown 3 1/4", Nape 2 1/4"
Cap Size: Average

Color Shown: 14/24

Wig Colors: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 14, 16, 1B, 30, 33, 34, 36, 38, 40, 44, 48, 51, 56, 59, 60, 101, 10/16H, 10/12R, 122, 14/24, 12/26H, 14/88H, 16/22, 16/613, 17/101, 18/22, 18B/24T, 22L, 24B/613, 27B/23T, 27H, 27L, 322, 33/130R, 33B/27T, 4/130, 4/6/33, 48/38, 56/48G, 59/51/44, 59L, 6/12H, 6/8R/28T, 6/28H, 6/8R, 8/14H, 8/18/24H, 88/22LH, 88B, 88H, COLA'N CREAM

On-screen color quality may vary depending on your monitor's resolution. For best color match, try ordering an ASPEN COLOR RING or  ASPEN HUMAN HAIR COLOR RING. The amount of the color ring will be refunded to you when it is returned to us.


Solid Colors

1 1B 2 4 6
Medium Chestnut

8 10 12 14 16
Medium Ash
Light Golden
Golden Ash

18 22 22L 25 26
Light Ash
Light Champagne
Light Golden

27 27L 30 33 101
Burgundy Pearl

105 122 130 613
Pre Bleach


34 36 38 40 44
Dark Brown
w/ 25% Grey
Medium Brown
w/ 15% Grey
Light Brown
w/ 20% Grey
Darkest Brown
w/ 5% Grey
w/ 50% Grey

48 48/38II 51 56 56/48G
Light Brown
w/ 30% Grey
Front 48 goes
to 38 Back
Off Black
w/ 80% Grey
Ash Brown
w/ 80% Grey
Front 56 goes
to 48 Back

59 59L 59/51/44 60 60M
Jet Black
w/ 90% Grey
Off Black
w/ 98% Grey
Front 59, Top 51,
Back 44

Front 60, Top 51,
Back 44


4/6/33 6/8R 10/12R 14/25 16/22
Dark Brown / Medium Chestnut / Burgundy Med. Chestnut /
Med. Ash Brown
Med. Brown /
Lt. Brown
Lt. Golden Brown /
Lt. Golden Blonde
Honey Blonde /
Champagne Blonde

16/613 17/101 18/22 24B/613 27/613
Honey Blonde /
Pre Bleach Blonde
Ash Blonde /
Pearl Platinum
Lt Ash Brown /
Champagne Blonde
Bright Golden /
Pre Bleach
Straw Blonde /
Pre Bleach Blonde

33/130R 88B
Burgundy /
Brightest Red


27H 88H 2/30H 4/33 4/130
27 /
Orange Blonde
Accentuated 88B
2 /
Reddish Brown
Goes from
4 to 33
4 /
Reddish Brown

6/12H 6/22/88H 6/28H 8/14H 8/18/24H
6 /
Lt. Brown
6 / 22 / 
6 /
Copper Gold
8 /
Lt. Golden Brown
8 / 18 /
Platinum Blonde

10/16H 12/26H 14/88H 88/22LH 88/27H
10 /
Honey Blonde
12 /
Golden Blonde
14 /
Lt. Butterscotch
Top Highlighted
22L w/ 88H
88B /
Reddish Orange


24T 6/8R/28T 8B/26T 18B/24T 27B/23T
Platinum Blonde
6/8R Base / 
Copper Gold Tip
8 Base / 
Golden Blonde Tip
18 Base / 
Platinum Blonde Tip
27 Base /
Lt. Champagne Tip

33 Base /
Straw Blonde Tip

Special Edition

4/16CH 8/28HS 16/613C 130/33/27T 263
4/16 Accentuated 
8 /
Carmel & Red
16 w/ 613
Chunky Look

265 322 613/27 Cal Golden
Cola N
10 Roots /
16 Base
Light Chocolate
10 & 30 Mix
613 w/ 20%
of 27 Mixed
27H w/
26 & 22L
Med. Brown
w/ Ch. Carmel

Las Vegas
Golden Ash
Lavender Gold LG/33/6 NY Golden Beige PUR 30
w/ 613
Copper Gold
w/ Wine Red
Lavender Gold
w/ Burgundy Mix
w/ 22L

Sunset Vanilla
Vanilla Purple Warm Coco Warm Golden
w/ Bleach Blonde
24 w/
Pure Purple
Strawberry Blonde with Butterscotch Highlights

How to Choose the Right Wig

What do all those color numbers mean?!

1. Every brand has a unique color system and name - we have listed them all here so you can see what the description of your color is: Color Charts | NameBrandWigs.com

    EXTRA TIP: When you are viewing a product you can also find the color description for that brand under “Color Chart”

    2. Check out the Top Ten colors for these brands (they are top 10 for a reason)! Color Tone Guide | NameBrandWigs.com We have organized them by tone to help you decide if you would like to go with a warm, cool, or neutral color.

    3. YouTube! So many Youtube Reviewers have done an amazing job building a community that shares the facts and details on wig color, style, and more.

    EXTRA TIP: When Searching For a Review - Notice the lighting you are seeing the wig in (natural or in-doors will look different), Note the reviewer’s face shape and skin tone because it is likely different from yours.

    A couple of our favorite reviewers are Let's Talk With Kim & Wear Wigs with Me.

    4. Model Color - Many times the model is wearing the color you are looking for. Always take a look at the listing of the color/s the model is wearing, listed on every product page.

    5. Order a Color Ring - Color Rings | NameBrandWigs.com If you are wanting a tangible sample of hair then this is a great option. Our color rings give you a small swatch of each color. Color Rings are divided by brands and are fully refundable upon return, you just cover the shipping!

    Keep in Mind - color swatches are small samples of the colors and will not show how the style comes highlighted.

    6. Lastly, We have an amazing customer service team that is ready to answer your color questions! Bring your research to them and get their advice on a few options if you have gotten stuck choosing.

  1. Your Face-Shape > You want to choose a style that accentuates your best features.
  2. Our guide to discovering your face shape - Wigs and Face Shapes | NameBrandWigs.com

    Our Blog with Photo Reference to your face shape. Summer Short Cut | NameBrandWigs.com

    EXTRA TIP: When choosing a style pay attention to the face shape of the model or reviewer you are looking at. We often make the mistake of thinking a style will look the exact same as it did on the model, the reality is we have our own unique beauty and that is what we want to keep in mind!

    1. Color > Best Tips for Choosing a Wig Color (See Above)
    2. Choosing the Right Hair Fiber -

    Knowing what type of hair fiber you want can make all the difference when choosing a style. The main variations of fiber are: Synthetic, Heat Defiant, and Human Hair. Depending on your lifestyle you will probably prefer one of these options over another.

    Synthetic Fiber = are modacrylic fibers that have the look and feel of real hair. Synthetic hair has the ability to return to its original hair pattern after washing.

    Heat Friendly or Heat Defiant = a synthetic fiber that can take a low amount of heat. Once heat is used on the style it will hold even after washing. Heat will need to be used again to change the hair pattern.

    Human Hair = Durable and versatile, real human hair that can withstand heat just as bio hair can. Human hair will need to be re-styled after washing.

    >> Want to read more in depth about fiber, Remy Human Hair, Or Human Hair Blends - check out Section 4 in our Beginner Basics | NameBrandWigs.com

    Extra TIP: The type of fiber, Heat Defiant or Synthetic - etc.. are broad terms that spread amongst manufacturers, but as you become a wig expert you will start to notice that the thickness of the fiber can also vary amongst manufacturers.

    Cap Size

    Get the wrong cap size and you may find your wig sliding up off your forehead or being so tight that you end up with a head-ache. Below is a chart to help know where you fall:

    >> Need to know how to measure? Watch our measurement video.

  3. Cap Construction - Do I need Capless, Standard, Monofilament, or 100% Hand-Tied?
  4. This becomes important for making your wig look like the most natural fit on you. Cap construction also will have an impact on your daily styling needs or preferences. For instance if you are wanting to change the part on your wig then you will want either a mono/monofilament part or mono/monofilament top.

    Quick Synopsis:

    Capless (or Open Cap) = light-weight and cool, not as versatile for styling

    Standard (or Traditional Cap) = gives lots of volume, durable, not as easy to change the part

    Monofilament (or Mono) = realistic looking, able to change the part, not as much permatease

    100% Hand-Tied = every strand is hand sewn into the cap giving ultimate versatility.

    >> Need to know more, want pictures? - Check out Section 3 in our Beginner Basics | NameBrandWigs.com

    Re-Cap Checklist:

    Do I know:

    My Face Shape?

    My Color?

    My Desired Fiber?

    My Cap Size?

    My Cap Construction?

    If you have further questions or would like help please feel free to contact us!

    Call: 320-685-7100

    Email: support@namebrandwigs.com

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