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Raquel Welch Wigs : Bewitched - front

Raquel Welch Wigs - Bewitched

Raquel Welch Color Chart

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Wig features: Monofilament Top

This asymmetrical short, sleek page combines the natural looking hairline of Sheer Lines front with the cool, light comfort of the Sheer Indulgence Monofilament Top and Non-Slip silicone construction plus our new Memory Cap II stretch lace.

Length: Front 4 1/4", Crown 8 1/4", Sides 4 1/2", Back 4 1/2", Nape 1 1/3"  
Weight: 2.8 oz
Cap Size: Average

Suitable for Oval, Round, Diamond, and Heart shaped faces.

Wig Colors: Ebony (R2), Midnight Brown (R4), Dark Chocolate (R6), Chocolate Copper (R6/30H), Glazed Mahogany (R9S+), Mocha Foil (R9F26), Chestnut (R10), Glazed Mocha (R11S+), Honey Pecan (R12/26H), Praline Foil (R13F25), Honey Ginger (R14/25), Golden Wheat (R14/88H), Glazed Vanilla (R23S+), Ginger Blonde (R25), Glazed Fire (R28S+), Glazed Strawberry (R29S+), Glazed Hazelnut (R829S+), Ginger Brown (R830), Buttered Toast (R1416T), Glazed Sand (R1621S+), Glazed Cinnamon (R3025S+), Glazed Auburn (R3329S+)

Color Shown: Glazed Auburn (R3329S+)

Shadow Shades: Golden Walnut (SS8/25), Hazelnut (SS8/29), Chestnut (SS10), Nutmeg (SS11/29), Honey Ginger (SS14/25), Golden Wheat (SS14/88), Ginger Blonde (SS25), Glazed Fire (SS28), Copper (SS31), Strawberry Blonde (SS29/20), Dark Copper (SS130)

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