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Revlon Additions : Sky (#6329) 1

Revlon Wigs - Sky (#6329)

Revlon® Color Chart

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Wig features: Top Piece Addition

The effect of Revlon Hair Magic is truly magical. It's a hair enhancer designed to add style, volume and color by blending with your own hair. And you don't have to match your own hair exactly. Try creating highlights, tone-on-tone, or frosting effects.

Brush your own hair back, starting at the front hairline and working backwards.

Position Hair Magic exactly where you want it on your head. While bobby pins are usually not necessary, you can use them to hold Hair Magic in place while pulling your own hair through or for added security after styling.

While holding Hair Magic with one hand, use the 'finger hook' provided or the pointed end of a rattail comb to pull some of your own hair through each of the holes, starting in the front and working your way towards the back of the hairpiece.

Once you have pulled your own hair through each of the holes, brush into desired style. You can tease Hair Magic for a curlier look, or brush it out for a wavier or straighter look. You can even use a second Hair Magic for additional coverage or color.

Length: 3.5"
Base: 3.75" - 5.75"

Color Shown: Medium Brown (10R), Dark Brown (4/6R)

Dark Blonde (263R), Dark Brown (4/6R), Dark Grey (51), Dark Red (33), Light Blonde (23R), Light Brown (12R), Light Grey, Light Red (30), Medium Brown (10R)

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