5 Perfect Times To Change Your Wig Style

Don’t you just love all the different colors and styles you find at NameBrandWigs? We do our best to bring you amazing wigs from some of the most innovative wig manufacturers available. Many of you love to switch up your style and/or your color on a regular basis. Others are more than happy to stay with their tried-and-true favorites. Today, we have a question for you: When is the right time to change your wig style? Here are some ideas for you!


Change Your Style When You Hit A Milestone   

One great time to make a change in your hairstyle is when your life changes. Things like milestone birthdays, marriage, moving on from a relationship, a new job, a new baby, and more are great times to consider changing your look.

We all have milestones in our lives. Some changes are happy; others, not so much. But they all contribute to who we are. Some of them change us in a big way. Why not revamp your hair to reflect that growth? Show your excitement, your commitment, your adventurous side, or your wisdom through a change in how others see you physically. Your style can speak volumes about how you are conquering a change in your life.


Make A Change With The Season  

Changing seasons are a perfect time to switch out your style or your color. Go short and blonde for summer! Bring on the heavier, fuller styles when the weather turns cold.

Even when you live somewhere that doesn’t experience a big weather change with the calendar, you can still add those cyclical shifts with a change in your look. Kids going back to school? Cut it short to make it easy in the morning! Flowers blooming while the world turns green? Add some life to your hair with a little more length or even curls! When the calendar changes, you have a perfect opportunity to change your look.


Model wearing Girl mono by Ellen Wille Wigs


Ellen Wille - Girl Mono in Light Bernstein Rooted


When You Need a Mood Lifter   


Maybe you’re just feeling like you’re living in a real life version of that Bill Murray movie, “Groundhog Day”. Every day is the same old, same old and some of the pep has just left your step. This is an excellent time to try a new wig style. Add a little zip and excitement to your life with a whole new look.


Changing what you see when you look in the mirror can be a fabulous antidepressant, without a prescription. Obviously, we aren’t talking about true, medical conditions here, but you can send those blues on their way with a new look. Add a little color or a few curls. Do something different and daring! After all, if you aren’t delighted with the change, it’s quite simple to click on the website or pick up the phone and change it again!


Gabor wigs Visonary


Gabor - Visionary in Medium Blonde


A New Style Keeps Drawing Your Eye            

Sometimes your favorite designer will put out a new style that really isn’t like what you normally wear, but it keeps drawing you back to the website again and again. If there’s a new style that keeps catching your eye, maybe you should take a deep breath and just go for it!

If you see something new and you can’t stop thinking about it, why not order it and see how it looks on your beautiful self? You may just find your new favorite!


Bottom Line? Change Your Style Whenever You Want To

One of the best parts of wearing a wig is the flexibility to change your look whenever you feel like it. Many women choose to keep the fact they wear a wig private. We understand that. It’s a big decision and a very real fear to come out with the truth when you wear a wig for a medical reason. You don’t need anyone’s permission to keep your secret. We’ll never tell, and we’ll do our best to help you find the most natural looking wigs we can offer.


Sky by Estetica wigs


 Estetica - Sky in RH1488RT8

Some people are very open about wearing synthetic (or human) hair. There’s a great freedom in this and a whole lot of fun. If you don’t mind people knowing you wear a wig, whether it’s for medical reasons or convenience, you can switch your hairstyle as often as you like! You can be blonde and curly on Monday, a redhead with luscious length on Friday and a dark-haired sleek vixen on Saturday night. How fun is that? If you’re ready to feel the freedom of a new look, then we think it’s the perfect time for YOU to change your wig style. Give us a call! (320-685-7100) We’d love to help!