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Today we are going in depth on the best tips and steps for washing your Human Hair Wig, along with some tidbits of info you may not know!


What Is A Human Hair Wig?

Human Hair Wigs are definitely specialty items worth the investment. They are made from real human hair and are known for giving that beautiful natural look.

Behind the Scenes:  Typically, the hair is going to be collected from Indonesia or China and then it goes through an extensive process of being constructed and sewn into the wig you will eventually wear and adore. The process and love that goes into making a human hair wig ensures in the quality of the piece that you receive. This also means that a human hair wig will have a higher price-point, but many would say it is well worth it due to the longevity and natural quality of the hair.


The Benefits of Human Hair?

Quality and versatility are the first two aspects you can count on with a human hair wig. With human hair you have the ability to cut, have professionally colored, or even style with heat, and all while enjoying the longevity human hair provides. For instance, a typical synthetic wig is going to typically last anywhere from 2-4 months. Human Hair wigs can last anywhere from 4-6+ months depending on the care process and natural environment you are in.

The look and feel of human hair is undeniably very natural and gorgeous! Human hair has a grace and natural flow to it that makes you feel like you are on top of the world.


Let’s Get Started

Part of the durability of your human hair wig comes down to how you care for your wig and the washing method used. We want to help you love your hair for as long as possible, so take a look at these 7 easy steps you will need for washing your Human Hair Wig.

 1. Detangle Your Wig

The first step is to prep your wig by detangling any knots that may have built up through everyday wear. The best type of comb to use for this process is a Wide Tooth comb to ensure gentleness with the fibers. Start combing from the tip of the wig and move up to the top carefully removing all of the knots.

 2. Wet Your Wig Down

    One of our best tips is to always keep the water lukewarm, edging on cold, because this will help preserve the fibers. Run the wig under the faucet to wet it down. Make sure to run the water with the direction of the hair, from crown to tip. Again, the purpose is to be as gentle with the fiber as possible and to run the water with the direction of the hair, in order to create less friction in the fibers.

     3. Shampoo Your Wig 

    Choose a shampoo made for Human Hair Wigs. Take a quarter size amount of shampoo and work it through the hair in a downward motion. Gently massage shampoo into the cap and ear tabs. (Note: if this is a handtied cap then you will want to be extra gentle.) 

     4. Rinse Out Shampoo 

    Rinse the shampoo out with lukewarm/cool water, running the water with the direction of the hair, from crown to tip. Squeeze out the excess water, but do not wring the hair out.

     5. Condition Your Wig 

    Choose a conditioner made for human hair wigs. Take a small amount and work through the hair. Focus mostly on the tips and mid-section of the wig

    Pro Tip: It is best to keep the conditioner away from the top of the cap, especially with any knotting in a lace-front, monofilament top, or hand-tied cap. The conditioner can easily loosen the knotting and cause the hair to fall out.

    Deep condition your style every 3-5 washes. This means you will leave the conditioner on the style for about 20 minutes. If you really want to treat the hair you can leave the conditioner in overnight.

     6. Rinse Conditioner Out

    Thoroughly rinse your wig with cool water. Running the water with the direction of the hair.

     7. Towel Dry Your Wig

    Gently squeeze water out of the wig and then lay wig in a towel. Fold the towel over the wig and pat dry any excess water out. (Never wring the hair out.)

     8. Blow Dry Your Human Hair Wig

    It is always recommended that you blow dry your human hair wig. Why? It is going to help preserve the fiber and keep the frizz down.

    Pro Tip: Gently pin your wig to a canvas block head to help with the blow-drying process. You will find it is a lot easier to work with the hair!

    First you will want to take a wide tooth comb and gently remove the knots from your damp human hair wig. Then we suggest using a type of heat treatment spray or blow dry balm. We typically use the Jon Renau Blown Away Blow Dry Balm for human hair.

    To use the Jon Renau Blow Dry Balm you will want to take a small amount and run it through the ends and mid-section of the hair. Again, be careful to not get any balm near the knotting of the cap.

    When blow-drying, use medium to medium-high heat. Starting at the nape, section hair off in 2-inch pieces and using a round boar bristly brush, start to blow-dry your wig. Using a bristle brush at this point will help you to get volume in your style and also mold how you want the hair to fall.


    Why can’t I use regular products on my Human Hair Wig?

    This is a question we get all the time and it is a great one. Human Wig Fiber is slightly different from bio hair due to the process the hair goes through in manufacturing. Part of this process consists of collecting the hair and then coloring or stripping color from the human hair before it is made into a wig. This is why you will want to take special care of your human hair wig and make sure to only use products specifically for human hair wigs. 

    Love your hair and ensure its’ longevity!


    Other Considerations

    Do I Have to Re-Style My Human Hair Wig After Every Wash?

    Human hair is great because of the durability and natural look it provides, but the answer to this question is: “Yes.” One aspect you will want to keep in mind when switching from your synthetic heat-friendly wig to your human hair wig, is that a human hair piece is going to need to be re-styled after every wash. Just like bio hair, the curl will not stay in a human hair style after you wash it.

    Want to Style Your Human Hair Further?

    To protect the fiber of your human hair wig, use a heat treat spray before using a flat iron or curling iron on your wig. We use the Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray made for human hair wigs on our styles. Spritz a little on your wig and you are ready to style away!

    What Temperature of Heat Can I Use When Styling My Human Hair Wig?

    It is human hair, so it is able to handle a fair amount of heat, but just like bio hair, using a really high level of heat is going to be harder on the fiber. We recommend keeping the heat around 280 degrees.


    Final Thoughts

    We hope this article was helpful and inspires you to love your human hair wig! Human hair wigs are downright gorgeous and the versatility they offer is un-matched. Love your hair and ensure its’ longevity!

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