I don't know what I would do without McKenna and Julie. They are A+ customer service people. They helped me feel like a million dollars with my Angie in Toasted Sesame. I'm super duper happy. - C 4/8/24

Many thanks for your swift action and response to my concerns. It is very much appreciated.  Thank you for the quality of the products, the overall level of service and your personal interest. I will recommend you to any others that are looking for a wig. - J 4/8/24

The individuals employed at Name Brand Wigs are so awesome to deal with! On a different level, really, to all other businesses. This is why Name Brand Wigs is my ‘one stop shop.’  Thank you. - K 4/8/24

Thank you for your beyond awesome customer service…a real stand-out amongst the sea of small businesses. God bless you all!   - K  4/8/24

Julie, Thank you so much! You really go the extra mile. You are a true delight and a real asset to your customers and this company. God bless. - N 3/25/24

 It was such a joy to get this beautiful wig today. I cannot get over how real, thick and luxurious it is! I will embark on a chemo journey next week and this wig is going to make that so much easier! Thank you so much❤️ - J 3/21/24

I called and Adriana did a great job assisting with my order!! Name Brand Wigs is the best!! Thank you for your awesomeness!! -S 3/15/24

Your customer relations was stellar! You cared! Something that is hard to find in this world! Thank you Thank you! I will only buy from Name Brand Wigs! -P 3/12/24

I am so lucky to have found Name Brand Wigs!!!!!! The customer representatives are awesome! The wig was perfect in every way! I had it styled like in the second ad photo, where the back flipped up, and the wispy sides came forward. My wig stylist was able to style it exactly! She was impressed with the craftsmanship and beauty of the wig, and will tell her customers about this company. I am so thrilled with the service reps and the integrity of this wonderful company! This is my first order, and certainly won't be my last! - C 2/21/24

Thank you so much for your help with this. I rarely am able to buy a wig but I was very pleased with my prior interaction with NBW and look forward to purchasing from you again in the future. - L 1/26/24

So grateful for your help! - V 1/26/24

I have never had a company with such great service as yours. Period. Your manager took time to open up two boxes before I purchase them to make sure that they were what I wanted and that there were no flaws. The service was beyond superb. I’m only sorry that I didn’t know about you long time ago, I can honestly say I have never had such great caring efficient service from any company like I have this one. My wigs arrived today and they were perfect . Thank you so much. - N 2/12/24

Always friendly and wonderful service from Name Brand Wigs!! - A 01/22/24

These wigs have saved my life. I can leave the house now! - R 01/18/24
Thank you so much!! I will order the Laguna Blonde. You guys are the best! - C 01/09/24

The wig is absolutely magnificently gorgeous. Thank you Adriana for your excellent help! - D 01/08/24

It is already difficult going through life with health issues and then losing hair on top of it....your organization helps the process be much more manageable. - E 01/07/24

Thank you again for helping me with colors and styles. 😇 - R 01/05/24

Customer service was awesome so I will continue to buy from NBW! - M 01/05/24

The service is awesome!! - C 01/04/24

Your customer service is awesome. 😍 - M 01/02/24

Thank you very much for your outstanding service. I order only from Name Brand Wigs and have been a customer for about 15 years! Happy holidays to all! -N 12/27/23

Please know how much I appreciate everyone's help there at NBW. It is wonderful working with you and the pieces are always top notch, which is not always the case when I have purchased through other retailers. This is why I keep coming back. I wish you all well. - E 12/26/23

Thanks so much for all your help and your wonderful customer service! - D 12/17/23

Such excellent customer service!!!! - D 12/11/23

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me!! YOU ROCK MCKENNA 

Thank you SO much for your help. I
’m thrilled to get a discount and truly appreciate your fantastic customer service! - K 12/2/23

Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate it, and so looking forward to wearing this one!! - M 12/1/23

Thank you for setting my mind at rest. I appreciate you going the extra mile for me. - M 12/1/23

Your customer service is awesome! M 11/22/23

Thank you for having such amazing customer service! - P 11/22/23

Your customer service is awesome! M 11/22/23

Thank you for having such amazing customer service! - P 11/22/23

Thank you for your quick shipping. Very happy with this wig. - J 11/7/23
A big thank you to Katie for holding my hand on this journey. - L 10/30/23

You have no idea how much wearing a wig has changed my life and I'm so grateful for companies that are easy to work with and the product is top notch! - S 10/28/23

ALSO the kandy brown LR is the BEST color for me!!!. Of all the wigs I have ever tried...we nailed it!!! Thank you so much - L 10/28/23

Thank you for your "continued" exceptional customer service 👏.  I truly appreciate it. - N 10/18/23  

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have never received a wig this fast...EVER! I love Brave the wave! And silver mist is perfect! I will order again!!!
- S 10/17/23

Thank you for your kind communication and excellent customer service. - T 10/17/23

I love it! Packed so nicely. Thank you! - D 10/16/23

I just received the in charge wig from you. Perfect right out of the box. I'm really impressed with your company. Love it!!! Thanks so much for your help. - C 10/12/23

Thank you NBW. I am so happy to still be using your services! Your customer service is stellar and the quality of wigs is right on. - E 10/9/23

I LOVE my piece! It is amazing. Thank you!  - E 10/6/23

Wow, this is great customer service. - B 10/6/2023

I appreciate the extra effort you went to assist me. - K 9/30/23

I have received it.  Yay...super fast!  Thank you so much. - L 9/29/23

I so truly appreciate all your assistance today and am so blessed to have spoken with you.  I thank you for your advice. 9/24/23

Many thanks for the great customer service. 9/20/23

Thank you so much for the amazing customer service. Your company is amazing and I will share that with anyone I can! G 9/19/23

Thank you NBW for the prompt service of my wig AND the unexpected hair net!! That was so sweet of you! Katie, I really appreciated you fine tuning the bangs on my wig!! That really made a difference. Love it!! Many thanks again!! LB 9/7/2023

Thank you so much ❤️, The Chanelle is Beautiful, thanks for all your help, checking the wig to make sure it was in good condition 😊, and caring 😊. L 8/18/23

I LOVE everything. Thank You for first quality merchandise and service. Best to all! L 7/30/23

I am very new to wigs as I am losing my hair. I researched a lot of places and landed on this one and chose Estetica Jones. Just received it and I am very impressed...This is the 2nd wig I have purchased from this company, and I will purchase more! B 7/13/23

Yes! ❤️ Amazing customer service. They went above and beyond to rectify a issue I had! Thank you, Stephanie and the customer service crew! CRF 7/13/23

Excellent customer service and always helpful! They really do go out of their way to get you the best deal as well! They are also a very reputable wig company! KE 7/7/23

Thank you all of you for this beautiful wig. First time ordering and had fast great friendly service. Recently found out I have stage 3 cancer and lost all my hair during radiation now doing 13 rounds of chemo. I am so happy with this purchase and feel a lot more comfortable and confident going to treatments.
God Bless you guys for being there, much appreciated 🙏 JH 6/11/23

I finally found Codi!...Lots of compliments on this one, don’t hesitate to get. Name Brand Wigs are the best, been buying all my wigs from them forever, and will continue! DD 6/11/23

Fast Service! I just wrote a review on my new wig -- Upstage by Raquel Welch in Shaded Biscuit -- but I forgot to add the best thing. I ordered it on March 9th at 12:54 p.m., and I got it today, March 13th. So I got it within four days! Awesome service! D 5/13/23

Love Name Brand Wigs and love Taylor wig by Henry Margu! 5/5/23

I received my wigs yesterday and let me just say how absolutely THRILLED I am with them. They’re so much fun and they’re comfortable and fit snugly. I’m a happy camper. Thank you for your GREAT customer service and the quickness in which you sent my order to me. I will definitely be ordering through Name Brand Wigs again! SVU 5/3/23

Thank you for always helping me out. You guys are the best! And the only place I will purchase my wigs is Name Brand Wigs. DW 4/26/23

I get many people asking who does my hair. Let me say the staff at Name Brand Wigs is outstanding they are like family to me. So helpful and you feel like you are talking to your BBF when you call with questions or to place an order. JS 12/6/22

Customer Service is Top Notch! Prompt delivery and perfect condition. EH 6/24/22

Outstanding customer service! KK 6/17/22

The world would be a better place if more companies were like yours! YH 6/14/22

Your company is the best, I have looked at other online wig stores and they do not compare. 5/27/22

Their Service is Superb. EP 5/13/22

Excellent service! JP 5/4/22

Great wigs, great price, & great customer service too! With three greats how can anyone go wrong!? NP 4/27/22


Thank you ever so much for the wonderful and attentive customer service.  NBW never ceases to amaze me!  My beautiful wig arrived today and I am over the moon excited and overjoyed.  The color, fit and style is gorgeous.  The soft fibers are exquisite and the wig is impeccably constructed!   NBW, you helped me find "myself" and who I've been looking for a very long time.  Thank you.🙏💖  My return was processed with unbelievable speed.  I love you guys! With gratitude, YH 6/23/21

I was also very, very pleased with the service and the fast delivery.  Will definitely do business with you people again.  Highly recommend this company. BM 6/11/21

 I am forever thankful for Name Brand Wigs! JF 6/4/21

Thank you for your exemplary customer service, helpful staff, fast shipping, and awesome products and prices! You are my ONLY Go-To for "helper hair!!" KK 4/23/21

I have to say again that I was so impressed with your service and customer
relationship approach that I would not even think of looking at another
online wig site. You really do stand out from the rest! KG 4/22/21

Hello lovely people at Name Brand Wigs, Thank you for this package. Beautifully packed, lovely little gift of mirror, and the wigs are so lovely. Thank you so much. Virtual hugz to all the girls there! -B 4/19/21

Thank you for your excellent Customer Service Mae and you should be recognized by your Supervisor for highly exceeding my expectations at a time when Customer Service is DEAD in most of the online shopping stores. I'd highly recommend that you'd be acknowledged by your Company. NT 4/2/21
You have GREAT customer service and the best prices. Love your website design- it's the easiest to search all the options. Even if I don't quite know what I want, it's easy to poke around in your shop in so many different ways. TL 4/2/21
I enjoy doing business with Name Brand Wigs, and usually always choose you over other stores. Your website is one of the best - easiest to navigate and information is easy to access; competitive prices with routine discounts; fast shipping; and always great customer service. I appreciate you. DC 3/27/21

Thanks for handling my return so promptly and professionally, BE 3/20/21

I appreciate your company, your customer service, and will continue to purchase all of my future helper hair from you! L 3/13/21

You gals are the best.  MT 3/10/21

Your team has always so helpful HP 3/4/21

I enjoy doing business with Name Brand Wigs, and usually always choose you over other stores. Your website is one of the best - easiest to navigate and information is easy to access; competitive prices with routine discounts; fast shipping; and always great customer service. I appreciate you. DC 3/26/21

Thanks for handling my return so promptly and professionally, BE 3/19/21

I appreciate your company, your customer service, and will continue to purchase all of my future helper hair from you! L 3/13/21

I purchase all my wigs from Name Brand Wigs! Great people and wonderful customer service! CR 2/16/21

I am extremely impressed with your customer service and fast refund policy! Thank you for being a dependable company. 😍 KZ 2/9/21

I received my order today and I’m very pleased. I’ve been wearing Gabor wigs for many years because of their great style and quality. Your price was very good and the quick service is greatly appreciated. I will be ordering again in the future. This was my first purchase from you, but it won’t be the last. Thanks again, GB🌼 2/8/21

I've ordered from you for many years and have always been very satisfied with the friendly service. I'm so glad I found your company. Thank you for wonderful service!!!! JF 2/6/21

Thank you for your patience in working with me and excellent communication. NBW is a five star company! Ever so grateful, YH 12/7/20

Just received my "topper" wig Tony of Beverly and wanted to express how totally impressed with the wig, the beautiful presentation, and the quality!!! Love, Love Love everything with NBW. I will definitely recommend you and will DEFINITELY buy again! THANK YOU!! ML 11/6/2020

Oh my gosh! Thank you, thank you! You guys are so amazing & incredible. I cannot tell you how happy you make me! Love you guys! Incredibly grateful, A loyal customer, YH 10/01/20

Thank you!!! You are my FAVORITE wig company! BS 9/30/20

Thank you for your help. I appreciate the nice note that came with my purchase, your offer of assistance, and everything about your wonderful website. It has nice large photos, helpful descriptions of the different brands' colors, and great sales. I'll be studying the styles and making another purchase in the future. SB 9/29/20

I have received the wig. It’s perfect. Was very nicely packaged. Your service is top notch. Your added personal touch was awesome. Thank you so much. I will be back. CM 9/4/20

Thanks for sticking with me in getting a wig in these virus days and cancellations. I appreciate your help and those who work with you.
Thanks bunches! BC 08/26/10

Thank you. 💐 Beautiful products, reasonable prices, great customer service - what's not to ❤️! A very happy customer,
TW 8/25/20

Thanks for your great service, I buy all my alternative hair from you guys now :) SJ 8/10/20

Just received my new wig today. I LOVE it and I love this company.. They are so professional and as nice as could be... I even received a Thank You note in the box.. How personal was that.. I couldn't believe it. The wig was everything I had hoped for.. Was nervous about the color, but it is perfect.. For sure I will be ordering another one from this company.. Thanks again. BF 8/1/20

I'm so impressed with your company and customer service. I LOVE Camille. Thank you so much for the card and nice gifts. Very nice packaging. Very much appreciated. TF 7/19/20

I received it and I love it! Very comfortable, the color and the style! The quality is excellent and I will be getting another one just like it. My hair fell out due to steroids and now my wig looks like natural hair. Thank you so, so much, it’s so me! LS 7/10/20

Hi I am new to this site, I just wanted to let you to know I had excellent customer service from, Mae. I’m a Cancer patient on a new Chemo that is working. Mae was very understanding and helpful. I placed the order with her. You’ll have a returning customer. AW 6/10/20

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your personalized service, attention to my needs and fast shipping! This is my first time having to purchase a hairpiece and was apprehensive about choosing the right style, color, & coverage. Having half of my hair snap off from stress was not in the cards, yet you made it easy. Amazing selection, amazing prices and customer service. I will definitely be ordering again! SW 6/7/20

I want to commend your company on its stellar customer service.I am amazed at how your company stands out with respect to returning calls and messages, and also in keeping the customer informed about the status of their order. I just talked with Kathy this morning and I see there is great communication between departments there too. I did not order my first wig from you, but you will be my first choice from now on. Thank you so much. CF 6/1/20

Thank you so much. Y'all are so fast to reply to my emails. Customers really appreciate it. 5/29/20 DL

Your packaging was so nicely and thoughfully prepared, left such an impression on me. When I am ready to make another purchase I will not hesitate to come back to your company. Thank you so much and be blessed. 5/27/20 AO

I do want to thank you and recognize your company's wonderful customer service. I will surely refer you to others!! CM 5/6/20

I just want you to know how important you are ....and what you do is!!! BS 4/28/20 

It has been my pleasure to buy from your store. The service and products are exemplary. You have earned my future business! KM 4/21/20

Your company is the absolute BEST. I didn't expect such fast service. How could I buy from anywhere else! AP 4/17/20

I have been wearing wigs over 10 yrs. it is so refreshing to receive excellent color and wig consults at Name Brand Wigs. The wigs I receive are fresh and new and what I actually ordered! Thanks NBW for restoring my faith in wig companies. I love this company!!! SP 4/10/20

I have been ordering wigs from two different companies for several years but have never had service as good as yours. I will be ordering from you in the future. Thank you for the time you took to keep me informed. CP 4/3/20

It’s difficult times around the world at the moment. I have purchased my wigs from NameBrandWigs for over 10 years now and always had excellent service and understand the current situation.
Many Thanks! CM 3/31/20

I just received my first order purchase (of 3 total haha!), with the rest on the way. And I just want to say thank you so much for making this experience so great! Everyone I ever called or any email with questions, was also so patient, kind & prompt! With all the craziness going on, just wanted to say thank you for providing that service even still.You will now always be who I order through! HM 3/26/20
I've been wearing wigs for 10 years and my last few purchases were from NameBrandWigs. I was very happy with these wigs, the fast delivery and sweet packaging they use, inspirational quotes included in the perfectly packaged wig. I think that gives it a personal and caring touch. After examination of my last wig I noticed that the wefts on the crown didn't look right so I called Customer Service and spoke to Erin. She listened to my concern and quickly offered a solution. Erin was so attentive and kind during our conversation and I could tell her only concern was my happiness and satisfaction with this wig. Now that's what I call great customer service! That's how a company gets repeat customers so I am a loyal customer from now on! Thank you, Erin! GS 3/18/20

I LOVE your company because you are all so personal! Thank you! MH 3/16/20

I really appreciate your fabulous service. JW 3/6/20

Your girls are lovely over the phone. CW 3/6/20

I just want to say I am very happy with my orders. The color is dead on. Thank you again for this wonderful product. I will be letting my friends know about your wonderful hair pieces and wigs. Keep up the good work. LJ 3/6/20

Leah, you and your teammates are the best and I wouldn't think of doing business with anyone else. I recommend you to my friends all the time... have a wonderful day. TG 3/5/20

I enjoy speaking with your reps...they are ALWAYS fun and very friendly to chat with. You guys are the best. TG 3/4/20

Thank you again for your reliably prompt and efficient customer service! NZ 3/2/20

Thank you so much for all you do, your great service and your
patience. MG 2/27/20

I just wanted to take a moment and thank NameBrandWigs for such a super buying experience. Everything about my purchase was perfect. I will be recommending and purchasing again and again in the future. PB 2/25/20

appreciate it tremendously! Have a VERY BLESSED DAY TOMORROW and I am so excited to receive my "Lovely Zara Fabricated Hair"! Heaven's Blessings upon your entire team and for HUGE SUCCESS with your NameBrandWigs Company! CM 1/29/20

So thanks again for all your help answering my questions, and your exemplary customer service.You are the best. With all good wishes, until next time. PK 1/28/20

Just because your service is so awesome. You deliver in great time, and no hassle returning. You can be proud of the people that work for you. You obviously have a great crowd. Thank you again. And may you too have a blessed week. MG 1/28/20

I fell in love with this synthetic wig production when I saw it on your webpage. Since receiving...I couldn't have expected a better product. It fits so very well (hardly able to tell I have it on), and most importantly, it is totally realistic in appearance. I thank you for such a great product that makes me look years (and years) younger. JP 1/27/20

Thanks soooo much! I received the item a few days ago. I’m blown away by your awesome customer service and fast shipping. I used to buy Jon Renau from another vendor but wanted to give you guys a try. You just earned a lifelong customer! LM 1/20/20

I'm so impressed with your help. You are greatly appreciated and have earned a customer. I will definitely spread the word. TB 1/17/20

My wife and I would like to thank you for the fast shipping and the GREAT wig she got in the mail today. It is just what she wanted!!!! It came in a very timely manner.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! LR 1/16/20

Thank you! I can't believe how quickly you have responded to my inquiry and are so pleasant to work with!. Thank you for helping me! SF 1/16/20

Absolutely, thank you so much for getting back to me. I really appreciate it and love the wonderful service you guys give!! HW 1/16/20

Just want to add that the NameBrandWigs team is an outstanding asset to the company. You are always helpful, fair, and whenever reasonably possible, accommodating.This is how you get and KEEP customers. EZ 1/14/20

I am thrilled with everything including the product that I ordered. I am so grateful that there is a wonderful solution to my hair loss. It looks great and I feel great. The look is versatile. I am wearing it right out of the box today. God is good! I have my eye on a straighter look for a summer change….so I will be back again. Blessings to everyone. DG 1/14/20

Y'all are AWESOME! Best company I have dealt with yet. LO 1/13/20

There aren’t enough words to say how happy and thrilled we are. My mom was crying, she loves everything...she feels so beautiful thank you thank you ! Your company is one class act. Will totally recommend your amazing company and the customer service. RM 1/10/20

Thank you! I appreciate your business . Always loyal to me and friendly staff! KT 1/10/20

I am very pleased with it and want to thank you for your service. Wishing you all a blessed and joyous New Year!! CF 1/10/20

Your customer service team is by far the best I have dealt with when it comes to my wig purchases. They are so friendly and very knowledgeable. I will continue to make my purchases from NameBrandWigs. There’s no reason to shop anywhere else!! KL 1/9/20

Wanted to let you know how much I love my Raquel Welch Top Billing hair topper. Received it very quickly and the price was a great deal. Thank you so much! TM 12/23/19

Your company already has outstanding customer service, but sending a personalized card goes above that. You are the only wig company I will purchase from because you guys really are the best.Thanks again for making my day and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you! RB 12/20/19

I am sending you this email to, once again, express my gratitude for your excellent service! Tawni, I just wish to give you recognition for all of your fantastic help. You are a great member of the support team at NamebrandWigs! AB 12/13/19

I just wanted to take a moment and thank your company for always providing exceptional products and outstanding customer service. I have been extremely happy with all of my purchases from you.
Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful! RM 12/12/19

Your customer service is the best I've ever encountered online. Recently I was talking to a wig reviewer who was warning her subscribers to be aware of scam companies. My advice to her audience was to find a good company and stick with it. NameBrandWigs is that company for me. When you pair honesty with great customer service, that makes a fantastic company. I've been extremely happy with every purchase and will continue to buy from only your company in the future. RLM 12/2/19

Leah, thanks so much for your help, you helped me so much. You are the best. I will, and have, only ordered from NameBrandWigs... they are the best. JH 11/18/19


My hair arrived today. Thank you for the birthday gift 🎁
I love your company and the tremendous service . DR 10/30/19

You people are just absolutely great to deal with. Thank you AM 10/28/19

Just got my Noriko wig, it's as wonderful as I thought it would be, thank you so much, and I will be ordering again. Thanks for the coupon and the helpful hints. AW 10/28/19

You all are amazing! You all always handle my issues promptly. DO 10/24/19

Thank you so much… I love your efficiency and your individual attention…! Appreciate it! JD 10/15/19

I will be sticking with your company forever!! I am so happy I went out of my comfort zone and tried something new!! I have never received such great service!! NM 10/11/19

Thank you, thank you! I couldn't be happier! My topper arrived within several days of ordering. I can't believe how fast it arrived!!
Once again, I commend your excellent customer service and speedy deliveries. KK 10/7/19

I will happily be wearing my new hair tonight! This is my first order with you and I'm already impressed with the customer service. Too often we only tell about our bad experiences. Thank you for a great experience! HC 10/7/19

Thank you for great customer service. I’m a loyal customer because of this. Every time I use another company I’m disappointed in shipping or their response time on questions. I am always satisfied with NameBrandWigs. Thank you!!! SH 9/19/19

Thank you so much. I am so pleased with your service. Wonderful to work with your company AC 9/19/19

Thank you too for always being the BEST wig company! MH 9/19/19

Thank you so very much. You have brightened my day. I appreciate your good customer service. ST 9/18/19

Wow.... I am so impressed! The packaging, the Thank You card and note was a nice touch. Not to mention all the tips and care instructions, wonderful! This is the first time doing business with you, and the first time to have a hair topper. I love the topper!!!! Looking forward to doing business with you again. Thank you for your great customer service and wonderful product. JH 9/18/19

I received my Raquel Welch Simmer in Shaded Cappuccino and I absolutely love,love,love it! Many thanks to the staff. Such a courteous way of handling this order and a very nice thank you card! I will be ordering from NameBrandWigs from now on. Thanks again. DM 9/10/19

Happy customer! Thanks for your help--always a pleasure interacting with this company and helpful representatives! CD 8/23/19
Ignite is my 3rd purchase from you & I couldn’t be more pleased with my experiences and purchases. No doubt there are more purchases in my future. Thanks again for your wonderful service. DM 8/16/19

Thank you NameBrandWigs for your awesome customer service. You gals are so sweet!! 8/15/19

Brava! Not only do I love love this wig but you folks put this package together so beautifully, complete with nice notes. From my first emails about colors it was clear I was dealing with really nice people who not only know their products but will go the extra mile for a customer FV 8/15/19

Emily, Erin, Kari, Leah & Rachel were caring, patient & knowledgeable during research or purchase conversations. Also, the website is well designed featuring huge product selection with competitive pricing plus all orders were processed/shipped quickly! Attracting/retaining high quality staff is a positive reflection on Name Brand Wigs and your loyal customers appreciate receiving consistently efficient sales/customer support! HS 8/15/19

I sincerely appreciate your wonderful customer service. Blessings to all of you who work and take care of us consumers JC 8/15/19

This is an expensive item, and I was thrilled to get them with a coupon code – thanks for offering these sales to make things easier for people to get what they need. I’m an oncology patient and I can’t express enough how important “the hair” is to feeling better. Thanks for the personal touches you add to the orders, and thanks for being there to answer questions, and for being so helpful. LS 8/12/19

Dear Kari, I wanted to thank you for so graciously compiling the wigs and links for me! I'm so grateful for the service you and your company provide. You truly go above and beyond in caring for your customers and that's why I'll ALWAYS purchase wigs from your company. Thank you again, CM 6/14/19

Joshua24 has wonderful customer service, I highly recommend this website. PC 6/3/19
I just wanted to send a quick “thank you” :) I really appreciated the special touches included with the package as well. This was my first purchase through NameBrandWigs after my usual “go - to” online retailer stopped shipping to Canada. My experience from start to finish was amazing and I will most definitely be getting all of my wigs from you moving forward. Thank you, again!
KB 6/3/19

Will only be purchasing from NBW due to your great customer service, your quick delivery, and your policies. JC 5/24/19

I just received my Kona wig by Tressallure. It’s absolutely gorgeous - and worth the wait! And, I also APPRECIATED the wide tooth comb, thank you note and wig cap! Great service - I will be sure to keep your company in mind for my next purchase! TH 5/19/19

I will continue to always purchase my wigs from name brand wigs in the future! MK 4/29/19

I have to say, you and your company have the best customer service! I only buy from your company. Thank you! JS 4/29/19

As always, thank you for your great return policy! It makes it so easy for people like me who have no access to view wigs at a store. You have the best customer service, not just of any online wig retailer, but any online merchant! TR 4/22/19

You are incredible! What terrific service! Thank you! CB 4/2/19

I want to let you know that your customer service, shipping speed, return process, and product selection are SUPERIOR to any other store I’ve shopped. I appreciate your personal touch, too, with the note card and samples. You’re doing it right guys! I recommend you to all of my friends. Your sales can’t be beat! Kudos on providing a great experience! J 3/26/19

I've only done business with you twice, and then one other time when an order was received compromised and you folks made it right. I received that order today, with a lovely thank you note, and just wanted to say, I will always choose you first based on your superior customer service. CB 3/26/19
Thank you very much! As always, your communication and customer service is outstanding! MBS 3/13/19
I appreciate your excellent customer service and the sweet thank you note that was included with the order. I have ordered from you in the past and will continue to do so. JK 3/11/19
As a side note, I’ve been a customer since 2012, and I’ve never been disappointed in your customer service. I want to commend you on your shipping that just keeps getting faster, and on the upgrades to your site; very helpful and convenient. I’m 100% delighted with your selection, prices, and customer care. Thank you so much for all you do! AW 3/5/19
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for providing excellent service. The wig return was easy and promptly refunded. This is a difficult time dealing with hair loss and buying my first wig. My experience overall has been very positive. Thank you for making an otherwise trying time, a little bit easier. JB 3/4/19
My wig is perfect. It matches as close to what my hair was, and I feel so much better now. Chemo is tough. But now I can feel a bit more normal! It means so much. Thank you. CD 3/4/19
Keep up the great work. Your personal touches really added to a nice purchase experience. TN 3/1/19
Thank you so much! What a great company you are! NV 2/15/19
I will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks me. You were wonderful to deal with. SC 2/15/19
Thank you so much! You’re the best company! I recommend to everybody! JS 2/12/19
Received the wig I ordered, can't get over how real it looks. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to your site. DH 2/4/19
***GREAT products. Fast shipping. Can ALWAYS/ALWAYS depend on NBW/Joshua24. Did I mention competitive pricing? I am GRATEFUL. Thx, guys. God Bless You. JV 2/1/19
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! What terrific service!! I ordered this wig on the 29th and today, the 31st, I received it. It is on my head now and I love it. I will only do my wig shopping with you from now on. Thanks. J 2/1/19
I have purchased a few wigs from your company and have been completely satisfied with your customer service reps. However, I would like management to know that I received especially kind and courteous service from Mae. As a matter of fact she went above and beyond to help me. She is an asset to your company—-even as far to say she deserves to be recognized for her sincere kindness—-Thank you, Mae— BC 1/24/19
I ordered a Jackson by Noriko wig for the first time from your company. I am so impressed with the excellent service you provided. From the price to the lightning fast service to the wig quality, I am so pleased. You may rest assured that you will be my first choice to buy my next wig. In addition, the Thank You card just made things better!!!!! In a day and age when quality customer service seems to be a thing of the past, this is not true for your fine company. Thank you very much and keep up the good work! KC 1/21/19
I so much appreciate the "little extras" such as a personal thank you note, the way the topper was carefully boxed, and the discount card for a future purchase. Those things speak volumes to me as a customer. I also appreciate that I could track the progress of my order as you kept me informed.You are doing a great job! Thank you!! CS 1/10/19

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