More Testimonies

Thank you so much for your wonderful and efficient customer care as always. YS 12/11/18
Thank you!  Your company has the best customer service ever! 
SH 11/30/18
Wow! What great customer service, so kind and personable.
SF 11/30/18
Placed order with Name Brand Wigs, the color was not correct but the staff refunded me with no hassle. Kind staff, would highly recommend Name Brand Wigs. CT 10/26/18
Hi Tawni and the Name Brand Wigs team. Just had to write to thank you for your excellent customer service and the added personal touch with the lovely card...sweet..made my day...thank you🤗 ...Wishing you all the best..thank you thank you again. NL 10/17/1
This is why I keep coming back to NBW and are the only company I will go to for my hair needs.  The prices, product options, web info, delivery options are unbeatable….but the focus on customer care, like Rachel provided today, is exceptional.  So, I want to express my heartiest thanks to Rachel for her help today.  But also wanted to just say THANKS to NBW - the company - for making what originally a confusing and embarrassing experience into a more positive and even fun, adventurous journey!!! Many thanks and blessings from a dedicated customer,
MV 10/8/18
OMG it’s a Saturday night and I could not wait til Monday to let you know I received my Aspen today and am IN LOVE with it!!!!
I am new to wigs and have so far purchased Kendall by Henry Margu, and  Drew by Jon Renau but THIS IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE!! 
The color, style, lace front-EVERYTHING—is perfect!
The sweet touches of handwritten thank you notes included in the package are thoughtful and add that extra personalized touch. The package only took two days to arrive from MN to CA.   I am so impressed by your customer service, and it has been a pleasure talking with you on the phone.   You have been most helpful and informative.  I will from now on definitely only be purchasing from Name Brand Wigs!
GG 10/1/18
Absolutely wonderful service and a terrific wig, too.  It really, truly looks real!
PR 9/27/18
Thank you for your great prices, fasting shipping and amazing customer service.
KG 9/18/18
Rachel was awesome with customer service. We had issues being disconnected on our phone call and she called me right back. She also explained many questions I had  about about products and caring for wigs.  She has a great personality and very friendly.  Keep her she definitely is an asset to your company. It was nice to do business with her.  Looking forward to my new shipment order.
S 9/10/18
It's a pleasure doing business with you hope you don't change like some of these other companies.....your service is impeccable thank you......
VT 9/5/18
Thank your so very much for getting the shipment to me much earlier than I expected! You guys are terrific!  and I love this wig!  Oh my goodness it's so cute! 
CG 9/4/18
I just wanted people to know what wonderful caring people that work there.
I have bought alot of wigs from them.  These wigs are of high quality.
You will never be sorry if you buy a wig from them. To all of you, THANK YOU
DH 8/31/18

Dear NameBrandWigs, I did receive my order. I wanted to let you know how much I love my wig. I have lost quite a bit of hair in the last year, due to stress, and I have been so assembled to have people see this. I work in a middle school and we just started Monday. EVERYBODY love "my new hair cut." My husband, we have been married 50 years, has never said much about any haircut, perms to get curls, or done at a salon, but he LOVES the wig. Then when I opened my order I found this sweet hand-written note thanking my for the order. WOW! I wish all companies had that amount of caring for their customers. So, a Big Thank You from me.

LV 8/31/18

First, I need to say I can never say in words how you have helped me both emotionally and financially, your company goes beyond any other company I have ever dealt with.  As you know, I have alopecia and need to wear wigs for the rest of my life.  You have you have always been my source since finding out. SB 8/28/18

Hello-I'm writing to you to tell you how great your company is. You have excellent customer service and super fast shipping. I can always buy with the knowledge that I will receive my item in perfect condition. Thank you for being such a great company! Sincerely, RM

Thank you Leah. You've done it again. Thank you for your efforts.  As always, you have been very helpful. Kudos to Name Brand Wigs for having such a wonderful customer support team.  I have dealt with you, Leah, quite a few times, and it is this kind of support that keeps me come back to your site. EZ 8/3/18

What a completely great experience working with the extra special support  team at Name Brand Wigs!😀. I was praying for a solution to my increasing hair thinning dilemma and looked on line at wig reviews. I listened to several very happy wig purchasers raving about Name Brand Wigs and knew I was headed in the right direction❣️ I took the plunge, called Name Brand Wigs and talked with a very kind sweet and knowledgeable support team. I can only express overflowing gratitude to Emily, Kari, Leah, Arron and the other team members for helping me to gracefully make some great decisions on wig styles, colors and other needed info to find the right wigs for me💝 I can say with ALL my heart that these past few years purchasing and wearing wigs from Name Brand Wigs has been an absolutely wonderful life enhancing experience❣️ 😍❣️.  The very precious support team, extensive wig selections, superior quality and  lowest prices are FAR BETTER than any competitor on the market!!!                      I always look forward to buying another new wig and speaking with dear Emily, Leah, Kari, Arron and other team members💝.  THANK YOU ALL for the tremendous blessings you bring to me personally and so many other wig wearers 💗.        I’m looking forward to talking with you all soon for another joyful wig purchase 🌹 With loving appreciation - TS 8/1/18
This past week I had to get a hair-piece rush shipped to my house, and not only did it arrive on time and in great shape, but I also received a nice card inside, thanking me for the business. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the extra time. The customer service on the phone was extremely helpful and they spoke to me like a real person instead of a confirmation number.
JM 7/24/18
BG 7/13/18
Oh wow, thank you so much ! Your customer service is excellent and you have gone above and beyond. Thank you, I really appreciate it
LF 7/2/18
I just received my Raquel Welch Winner today and I love it! It is styled beautifully and ready to wear with no preparation. It’s very soft and much better quality than a wig I purchased from another manufacturer. I immediately ordered another one tonight in a bit different color. Thank you for this wig!
DH 7/2/18
You guys are such a bright spot in my world. Thanks for the great customer service year after year.
AW 7/2/18
Thanks so much for your wonderful service over the years!
SB 6/29/18
Two of my daughters and I are wig wearers. For me it's been just this year that I gave in and decided that my bio hair was so sparse it didn't look good even after a salon cut.  I've had good and so-so experiences with either wig help or returns. However until my experience with your company I don't think I've ever had such exemplary customer service. Wow! Thank you for going out of your way to provide this level of service. Blessings for your day,
JC 6/27/18 
Dear Kari, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question about the wig color. I sincerely appreciate your insight and expertise in selecting a color for me! Thanks again,
CM 6/27/18

Older Testimonies

Thank you very much!  This is why I only buy my wigs from Name Brand Wigs.  You all are so easy to work with and helpful.  Canceling an order or returning a wig is no hassle! MBP 6/22/18
Thank you, Erin for your EXCELLENT assistance, professional expertise, and gracious attitude! You made this process pleasant and simple. I made not buy many wigs, but I will definitely buy them ALL from Name Brand Wigs by Joshua24!! BG 06/19/18
I would love for more people to know about the diverse choices, reasonable sales deals and pricing, along with the friendly service that you all have provided.
Thanks again! May you have a blessed week. RS 6/19/18
Thank you for shipping out my back orders.  I received them just after I saw the email you sent.  They were worth the wait.  Love doing business with your company. Customer always, LJ 6/15/18
I just wanted to acknowledge and thank everyone from this company who’s provided me with such EXCELLENT customer service!!!  I will definitely be a repeat customer and will refer friends and family to your site!  It seems good customer service is hard to find these days!I worked as a waitress while going to college to become a Registered Nurse, so customer service has always been very important to me!  As a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, I am still providing that excellent customer service I learned as a waitress, but now it’s to the families of my itty bitty patients ❤️ SC 6/6/18
Thank you for your great service and product. I will definitely recommend to friends and family. LG 6/4/18
Thank you for the fast service! Love my wig and also the nice hand-written note. You people rock! SR 6/1/18
Just wanted to let you know I received my wig and it is just beautiful, I had ordered this wig from two other websites and I had to send them back, they could not compare from now on I will order all my wigs from you and I  highly recommend thank you,thank you. Sincerely, BA 5/30/18
Just wanted to tell you that I received my order yesterday (Jon Renau 18" topper) and it is BEAUTIFUL! I love your company, your customer service, and the discounts in the emails. I always refer people to you on Facebook. You guys are awesome! Thanks for helping to make a crummy disease like Alopecia a little more bearable! 5/30/18
Thank you so much! You guys are absolutely amazing and I am so thrilled with your customer service. JN 5/22/18
I only shop at your web site because you have great service, great selection of wigs and incredible prices which I appreciate! Thank you PM 5/8/18
I want to thank everyone at the company for always being so patient and helpful when it comes to all of my wig purchases. I always order Noriko Robin and it is a gorgeous wig and high quality. I got Robin on sale which is what I love best about Name Brand Wigs. There is always great prices and sales so you can get your favorite wigs at the lowest prices I have seen online. I highly recommend this company because of their outstanding customer service and the quality products they provide. Thank you again!!! JD 5/2/18
Got wig and a personal note. Good quality great price.You're my new favorite site. My friends will be jealous. Thank you JZ 4/26/18
Kari has the patience of a saint. I asked her loads of questions and she answered each one, and I didn't even put her to sleep either! Every time I call, chat online, or send an email, I always get a quick response and top-notch treatment from all the wonderful ladies at Name Brand Wigs. They are a credit to their establishment! PG 4/19/18
Raquel Welch arrived today!!! I am more than excited and I'm in love with her. Thank you, Thank you. My Husband and Family love it. I have recommended your company to others, I will continue business with you. She is the completion of my hair. Thank you all so much for your compassion and support. My husband says I look incredible (happy tears) for me. Thank you and blessings to you and yours. Thank you all so very much. I'm in love and will most likely order another before my birthday. MG 3/9/18
Just wanted to say what a lovely touch the thank you card was! I’ve been buying from another company for the last few years but after a lot of recent bad reviews I decided it was time to go elsewhere. I will be purchasing from your company from now on, excellent customer service! (I had heard you were good and you sure are!) :blush: SD 3/8/18
I also want to give a shout-out to Leah from Name Brand Wigs for stellar customer service. This is a very reputable wig site. Thank you so much. I'll be writing about Brand Name Wigs in my blog!!! CL 3/3/18

Yay!  Finally I have found the perfect wig for me! I will write an excellent review for you.  Everything from the price, prompt delivery, quality and customer service was impeccable! Thank you, thank you, thank you! VA 3/2/18
I received my hair pieces today and just wanted to say thank you. The colors match my hair perfectly which is always a worry when you order form the internet. Postage time was also excellent given it was coming to Australia. JG 3/1/18

Kari - You are the best…JL 2/27/18

I just received my new "hair". The wig and the color are absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to sport my "new do"! Bless you all for always being the best "hairdressers" I ever had. TN 2/26/18
I always buy my wigs through you guys. I had to tell you that no one can beat your prices, customer service and fast shipping. I always enjoy ordering from you guys. Your wigs are top quality and I could ask for better customer service! Thank you!!! KK 2/26/18
I love Name Brand Wigs ! The only place I buy my wigs from... Great customer service, everyone is so friendly whenever I need to ask a question etc.. I love your videos on different wigs now too! Thank you for great service, DM 
Thank you so much Kari. You guys are awesome to work with, very professional and I appreciate that! TH 2/9/18
I've been buying my wigs this way for about 10 years. My experience with Name Brand Wigs has been the best ever. I liked using chat, which was quick and efficient. My choice was in stock at NBW although backordered almost everywhere else. NBWs price was super low, the wig was perfect when it arrived, and well-packaged.NBWs shipping price ($20 US/USPS) was outstanding. I had my Jackson six days later (an incredibly fast shipping time) compared to $45 US Express from another online US retailer. Very impressive. Thank you Name Brand Wigs for my best online wig purchase ever! Karen 2/5/18 
Thanks for your great service! I'll continue to buy from you for years to come. TF 2/1/18
I am so impressed with Name Brand Wigs for their outstanding customer service and quality wigs for the lowest prices. Everyone is caring, patient, and takes the time to help you find the perfect hair to suit your needs. I want to thank Leah for helping yesterday. I love my Noriko wigs and will continue to purchase them as they have given me back my confidence!  JD 1/23/18
Thank you so much for making hair loss easy to manage, by being so helpful and kind.....and best prices anywhere! Health and happiness to you all BS 1/22/18
Thank you so much for the kind gesture. Name Brand Wigs is the ONLY site I (will ever) order from! NZ 1/17/18
Hello all/NameBrand Wigs TEAM:  I have been ordering wigs online for many years now (always Noriko Reese) and have NEVER had the positive business experience I have had since I found you.  It is quite simple, I simply research the internet for the least expensive Noriko wigs and that is how I found you.  I'm not sure if you are a new company, but I'm glad I did!!  The ease of ordering, the prompt service and email follow-up is amazing. AND I MUST NOT FAIL TO MENTION the HANDWRITTEN THANK YOU NOTE with all your contact information.  What a great touch!!!  You all are doing everything RIGHT and I want you to take this email to your Leaders and share!!  Thanks for EXCEPTIONAL customer service. I'll be back!! JK 1/16/17
I wanted to thank y'all for the WONDERFUL package I received. As a first time customer and first time wig wearer, your thank you note really made my day! JT 1/10/17
Hi there! Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to customer service rep Leah for getting my order overnighted in time. She was so kind, patient and very thorough. I am pleased with my purchase and so appreciative of getting this wig in time for a formal event I am attending tomorrow...Thanks a million Leah and Joshua 24 wigs!! TP 1/5/17
I love everything about this company great customer service, great prices, and beautiful wigs!!! As long as I have alopecia I will be a loyal customer !!! GS 12/28/17
First order with you guys but I must say your service and response is the fastest!  EG 12/21/17
I have to say though, I am SO impressed with this company! Especially how you package your products with a special note card & genuine concern for any questions, or help needed. :) SG 12/19/17
Thank you for the great customer service. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Merry Christmas, HC 12/19/17
Thank you so much for your fantastic service. I received my wig today. It’s fantastic.You my new source for wigs. CB 12/14/17
Thanks for the continued top-notch customer service! TLP 12/12/17
I have truly appreciated your business practices and the friendliness and helpfulness of your workers. EW 12/11/17
I fully intend to order another wig from your company soon as I love your selections and prices. SV 12/11/17
Thank you for offering such a great selection and for being such a wonderful company. I'm so glad we found NBW. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas to all of the staff! RS 12/4/17
You guys do a great job and I appreciate your products, services, and helpful, kind phone assistants. JL 11/28/17
I am so impressed with your wonderful service and sweet thank you note.  You will  now be my "go to" for all my hair needs.  Thank you, 
Ps..little things mean so much..nice GD 11/27/17
I am a frequent purchaser of wigs over the internet and prefer to purchase my wigs from NameBrandWigs because of your professional and courteous customer service and products, that have up to date, been of good quality.  This attests to your quality control, which is of great importance. EZ 11/17/17
I want to thank Chloe and Leah for their exceptional customer service. All of you are so kind and helpful. I enjoy getting to know you all. I recommend your company to everyone I know who wants quality wigs and service at the lowest prices around. Thank you! - J.D. 11/15/17
Hi Emily, Hope all is well.  Received the wig last week---perfect it is----thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it. You and everyone else at Name Brand Wigs are so special!!!!  Wishing you and everyone at Name brand Wigs a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! You all are the best!!!!! JS 11/14/17
Your customer service is one of the reasons I will continue to shop with your company in the future. MS 11/10/17
Many thanks too for all the caring and compassionate folks at Joshua24/Name Brand Wigs. Blessings, NF 11/07/17
Thank you for your outstanding reliability and customer service! NZ 11/2/17
Thank you so much for always being so fast and helpful to respond. I decided that I would always order from NBW. I've always had such good, prompt service with you. ZS 11/1/17
Love you guys !!!!! Picked up my new May yesterday. Thanks for the quick delivery !!!!She's coming on vacation with me!!! DS 10/27/17
I really appreciate your kindness and fabulous customer service!  KS 10/26/17
I just want to say I am very impressed with your company so far!! I so appreciate your quick response time back to me. M 10/27/17
This is one reason why I always come back to you, your customer service is unparalleled to anyone else. JM 10/20/17
I have been a customer for months now and have been very impressed with the quality of wigs I have purchased for the lowest price possible. I love Noriko Robin. My favorite color is Champagne which is a gorgeous platinum blonde with dark rooting which makes it look more realistic. All of the employees here provide excellent customer service and are willing to help you find exactly what you are looking for. I highly recommend Name Brand Wigs!!!
- JD 10/16/2017
I want to thank you for outstanding customer service. I appreciate your help and quality customer service. It makes all the difference to people who may be struggling with hair loss. God Bless! JD 10/3/17
Just a quick thank you for the superb service. -M 10/2/17
Leah, you're the Best!! You've really done so much to help me in this process. I appreciate all of your guidance. AH 9/26/17
I appreciate your kindess and was very happy to see the written card that thanked me for my business. That shows me that your copmany cares. :) I will definitely do business with your company again! :) NM 9/15/17
Just got my Noriko Robin wig. OMG !!!!!!! I love her. She is just perfect, I didn't know if I could pull off such a long wig, but I can. I put her in a side braid and it's gorgeous.Thanks again I love your prices and selection, can't wait to pick out my next one. Thanks again, DS 9/13/17
Thank you for your excellent price and service. LK 9/13/17
I just wanted to thank you!! Last week I asked if someone there would help me pick out exactly the wig I needed. I received it and it was absolutely perfect. I want to order another one immediately. I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to send me just what I needed....thank you! thank you!!! Hope you have a great day. BH 9/12/17
I ordered from you about 2 weeks ago. I was so happy with the presentation I am ordering another. Thank you so much for all your personal involvement. I work in a shipping enviroment which we try to exceeded with all our customer's expectations also. You and your team have truly done that with me. Thank you. CH 9/5/17
 I have suffered from hair loss for a few years now and found most quality wigs on other sites were very costly. I was pleased to find Name Brand Wigs. The entire staff has been courteous, knowledgeable, and sympathetic to my circumstances. They take the time to help you find a wig that you will enjoy as well as afford. I purchased the Noriko Robin wig in color Champagne and it has brought back my confidence. I have not found a better company with quality wigs for the lowest prices anywhere else. Thank you so much! A++
-Jenny from Rhode Island
Thank You !!!  My beautiful wig arrived and I am so pleased.  Have an appointment to have it trimmed to fit me.  This is the second order I have placed with you.  Your delivery is timely, choice is wonderful!  I will recommend your site without doubt.  BH 9/4/17
Thank you so very much Name Brand Wigs, I got my Kristen in the mail today. That was fast. Just so you know, you guys r the only ones I buy my "girls" from, because you r a great team. Thanks again. Have a wonderful day!!! SA 8/24/17
THANK YOU Leah for your patience and consideration. Shopping on line is often daunting, and it is so reassuring to have dealt with a person such as you. EZ 8/24/17
Good morning, your service is wonderful and I'm very thankful to have found your web site to purchase my wigs. A happy customer, LN 8/23/17
I just received my Noriko wig.  OMG!!!!!!!!! I love it, it's absolutely perfect.Thank you so much for the quick service.  I ordered another wig earlier and didn't care it and the refund was easy.  Thank you for that because a lot of companies are difficult to get your money back. So I just wanted to say I love your company and I will be ordering again. DS 8/21/17
I just want to say that each and every person on your staff has always been very helpful, patient, and knowledgeable. I appreciate all that you do. You are a great company providing quality products at reasonable prices. Thank you so much! God Bless!! JD 8/21/17
I just received my order and love my wig :-).  I wanted to thank you.  I also love your youtube channel and have subscribed to it. I will definitely purchase another wig from your company again. P 8/21/17
I want to say that I Love the quality and variety of wigs namebrandwigs supplies. Also  the great service you provide makes the shopping experience easier and fun. A satisfied customer MS 8/18/17
Kari has been most accommodating and patient with me in showing me different colors. I really appreciate her time she has put into this. All of you at Joshua24 are awesome, I must say! Thank you. PG 8/15/17
My new wig arrived today from you. I LOVE the color!!!! I love how you told me it was going to arrive and I LOVE the lace package you put the creme in! You guys are awesome!!! 8/10/17
I am so grateful for the outstanding customer service I receive from everyone at NBW!  JY 8/9/17
This is my second order from you. First order was delivered at a quick pace and in great condition. Enclosed was a personal note from you which I was so impressed with, that i had to quickly order another Drew in a different color. After ordering dozens of wigs through the years from two other companies and never being appreciated for my loyalty, I feel that you will be my preferred company from here on. Thanks for your respect. TM 8/7/17
I have been a customer of yours for over ten years, and I want to tell you all that your service keeps getting better!  Your prices are always the best, and it's good to know that, when I pay for a wig that is in new condition, that is exactly what I am going to get. And free shipping over a minimum amount! Thanks again for your great service! CH 8/2/17
OMG!  My Raquel Welch Fascination wig in Fiery Copper arrived and I had it on within 30 seconds. It is amazing! I can't say enough good things about this color!  My first red wig.  My eyes look brighter and my skin looks fantastic! Thank you so much for your help when I picked out this color.  I could not be happier. Thank you again, you are always helpful and patient.  KH 7/27/17
I just wanted to say that I got my new wig today and I love it so much! And the shipping was so-o-o fast!! BH 7/26/17
I so appreciate your quality customer service in explaining your policies and helping me out!  Your customer  here....forever!! DP 7/25/17
Just got my noriko Jackson wig it's beautiful! At first didn't think I'd like but I love it - and very quick shipping, very happy! Also goes same for Jon renau ignite, very pretty & quick shipping!! JP 7/24/17
I just purchased 2 wigs at the lowest price ever from Name Brand Wigs and because of that I intend to buy my wigs only from Name Brand Wigs in the future! SS 7/21/17

Just a note to say thank you for your excellent and helpful customer service! MG 7/13/17

Just got my new wig!!!!! Love this one! So comfortable and great color! Thank you for getting it to me so quickly!! LL 7/12/17

I am thrilled to be able to have an online vendor follow through with what they promised.  You have restored my faith with  online shopping. I will reorder from you again in the future. Just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasant experience. CY 6/19/17 

I have been thankful for Name Brand Wigs and the dignity that the wigs have allowed me to have with alopecia. RS 5/30/17

That was lighting fast shipping, it was packed wonderfully. I love the color and the transaction was great!!! I just want to say thank you for everything! PP 5/26/17

I do a tremendous amount of shopping online because I live somewhat far from many retailers. Name Brand Wigs is by far the most ethical company with which I have ever had the pleasure of doing business. Their policies--all clearly stated-- are geared toward helping customers, not just themselves. They are knowledgeable about their products, and they have never hesitated to provide any kind of help I have needed whether it be before or after a sale. They really care that you are happy with your purchase. If you're looking to buy your first wig, I can't recommend them highly enough. You can know that you will get a good product at the best price available. TA 5/26/17

I searched on your website so I could leave a review, & I couldn't find it. I just received my very first wig (super fast shipping) & I'm in love with it!! The packaging right down to the handwritten note of thanks was so surprisingly refreshing from an online purchase, especially a clearance item! What a fantastic company you have. I will spread the word! Thank you soooo much, I will only order from your company!!! PC 5/12/17

I did a LOT of research before ordering this wig on line…Joshua24, you did not disappoint!!!! The wig fits so well, the color and style are so close to the picture on your website I could hardly believe it. the fiber is soft and natural…and the cap is so light…love it and so excited …I feel so good when wearing this product. Joshua24 did a great job of shipping in a timely fashion and it was easy to track my order…I'm so thankful to find a on-line company that does business with high ethics and commitment to the customer.  High Five…So appreciated May your business always be blessed with success. RC 5/12/17

Thanks for your continued good service! BS 5/5/17

Thank you so much for going above and beyond in helping me. I have been so pleased with this company. MS 4/29/17

Purchasing a wig can be stressful but Amanda was so helpful and knowledgeable. This company has the most amazing customer service employee's. Amanda went above and beyond to help me find the perfect color for the style I wanted. Am so thankful I found this company, will not order elsewhere. LS 4/28/17

Thank you, NBW, for making this such a painless process! You’ve been so helpful. You definitely have a loyal customer! TR 4/22/17

You at NBW have changed my life. I know that may sound silly, however, I lost my hair and would not go out into the world, perhaps that is my insecurity, no matter. NBW has the very best price. And I now feel pretty good again, ready to go back to work. I adore you all the Name Brand Wigs! HM 4/19/17

 Thank you so much for helping me, I just started wearing wigs a few weeks ago and NBW came highly recommended from a gal on youtube and as you can see... I'm loving them and love shopping with you♡ KM 4/17/17

Just wanted you to know this was the first time I ordered from you. And WOW not only is the wig Tressallure "Sienna" BEAUTIFUL, would recommend it to anyone, took it out of box shake and wear. But also to let you know how impressed I was with your service, from my initial phone order to my handwritten Thank You note I received with my order. First class all the WAY!!!! AP 4/15/17

I tell folks about Name Brand Wigs because you can be trusted to provide the best service and policy. I have bought quite a few wigs from your company and have called with questions and your customer service is always pleasant and helpful. Keep up the good work! BJ 4/6/17

You guys are so easy to work with! Planning my next buy. Thank you! PL 4/4/17

Your support team is excellent. They showed great support. JR 4/4/17

 It's a real pleasure to do business with your company! I so wish I had found Name Brand Wigs sooner! BH 4/3/17

You are quickly becoming a favorite website company! MI 3/29/17

Thank you so much. I love my new wig and can't wait to order more. You have excellent customer service and it is greatly appreciated. BB 3/28/17

Just a quick message to say Thank you for the beautiful card that came along with my wig! Very thoughtful for a big business to do in this day & age! I will be buying my wigs from you from now on! Once again, thank you it was much appreciated! RH 3/27/17

The wigs came today. Thank you so much. You did an exception job in matching two different brands, color wise. They are wonderful. LM 3/20/17

You guys are awesome, Katy. I've been wearing wigs for ten years and once I found name brand wigs, I've been one happy wig wearer. You are always there to help and I so appreciate you all. Thanks so much. LM 3/19/17

All of you, especially Mrs. Leah, has been so kind and very supportive to try to ensure that the shipment will arrive at the correct time frame. Thank you for all your help! MP 3/17/17

I just wanted to say that your customer service, from questions, to ordering, to delivery, has been wonderful!  And the personal card from Wendy was so thoughtful, and really made me feel like someone special. If only more companies treated their customers like that....So, a big thank you to you all!! TM 3/15/17

There really is something different about your company that sets you apart from everyone else! DS 3/14/17

I am excited about my new account with Name Brand Wigs, and Wendy was a wonderful surprise with such terrific assistance in placing my first order! DP 3/14/17




Fabulous Sales personnel, before ,during and ESPECIALLY after . ..Great prices, selection, and honest sales information. The phone consultation,via live chat, cell, and text were A+, we had so many questions and the agent serving us never wavered or seemed bothered with so many we kept asking. Ms Emily answered so many questions, suggested videos, emailed videos,even texted additional photos for our selection/comparing the ones we already owned and the current sales they were offering. I have already recommended them highly and will continue to purchase in future.I even had a return,and the return was flawless,very easy,pain free transaction. SL 3/01/17

Fabulous Sales personnel, before, during and ESPECIALLY after...Great prices, selection and honest sales information. The phone consultation, via live chat, cell and text were A +, we had so many questions and the agent serving us never wavered or seemed bothered with so many we kept asking. Ms Emily answered so many questions, suggest videos, emailed videos, even texted additional photos for our selection/comparing the ones we already owned and the current sales they were offering. I have already recommended them highly and will continue to purchase in the future. I even had a return, and the return was flawless, very easy, pain free transaction. SL 2/28/17

 I simply adore my wiggies, when one gets a bit older I get another one for my bald head, I feel beautiful again, you saw me through cancer, ty so much I will keep ordering as I raise cattle for a living and some get treated a bit rugged out on the trail as I still round up cows everyday, ty again yehawww to my wiggie girls. KE 2/27/17

Just received my Kimber an OMG!!! I can't believe how cute this wig is,I saw a review by Taz an fell in love with it on her I was nervous about getting it,but what a great surprise I love it ....I plan on ordering it in another color soon an you rep was so helpful to me ,she found a great color for me...Thank you,BRANDNAME WIGS. DC 2/13/17

I just want to let you know that you have wonderful customer service and it is so appreciated. I just received my order in two days! I am new to wearing wigs due to chemotherapy, this wig is the one I am going to wear for the first time out since I've lost my hair to my son's band concert tonight and I'm going to feel confident! Keep up the great customer service, you are my favorite online retailer!! Thank you so much, JC 2/4/17

I just wanted to extend my thank you to Chloe and the Name Brand Team. From the start you guys are amazing from texting to calling to price matching. I received my wig today she is beautiful smelled like a powder scent brand new with tags. I appreciate the handwritten card it was so sweet and personable. I will definitely be taking pictures maybe a video and I will let you everyone know how great you are. Thank you so much! I will be ordering through you guys soon! I‘m a very happy customer! :) JW 1/28/17

Thank you so much! I keep reordering from you guys because you're so awesome and I love the service that you give to your customers!!! LA 01/24/17

You are the best wig company I have ever worked with. Thank you for being awesome. DH 1/14/17

Your company & representatives are the epitome of professionalism & consideration!!! MR 12/28/16

Thank you Thank you Thank You!!!! I don't know how you did it but you managed to get my new hair to me before Christmas!!!! Hugs to you all !!! Are you sure you aren't Christmas elves :) ? You are the best group and you always keep me coming back! You made my day! Many Blessings to you all! KJ 12/24/16

I am writing to say:
1. I love the wig. It took a little getting used to for a day or so, and this is my first wig, but I love it, receive tons of compliments on it (I just tell people I "had my hair done" unless a woman wistfully asks me where, then I tell her the rest of the story).
2. Name Brand Wigs offered me a very good price on this wig and gave me good customer service in terms of ordering assistance, shipping time, and price.
3. When I received the wig and opened the package, I was touched by the beautiful way the wig was packaged, the little "welcome" note inside, the mesh bag which held my products (shampoo etc.). It was all done with obvious attention to presentation, beauty, and gentleness. I had expected to feel weird about opening the box to my first wig, but it was not weird at all. I felt feminine, honored, and like I had just given myself a lovely present (which I had!) Thank you for that.
4. So, as far as I am concerned, you have a loyal customer for life! And I like that you are in MN (my birthplace:)) LFZ 12/1/16

I can't thank you enough for your help!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know that I will always be a Name Brand Wig customer...I am very happy. LF 11/23/16

You're company has exceptional customer service! RB 11/17/16

Can I just say that I've always found the customer service at your store to be fantastic. Thanks so much for all your consideration and kind help with my orders throughout the years. AO 11/10/16

Thank you for the little gift!!!!  Thank you for all your help I appreciate it Emily and you and everyone at Name Brand Wigs is so nice and helpful.  Part of my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and the great service!!!!!!!! JS 11/2/16

 I would like to thank you (and presumably Jon Renau) for the gift of the Jon Renau conditioning spray and Jon Renau wide tooth comb.  Aside from the fact that it was nice, it is helping me keep my wigs nice.  I had a wide toothed comb, but not that wide.  The spray rejuvenated the ends of a Julianna wig I already had; I'll purchase that when I have used this up, and will be asking about their other products.  Had no idea that was out there, so it worked to their advantage in a couple of ways to send it.  PS love the wig, too! LP 11/1/16

Hi!  I got my order yesterday, and am extremely happy with your service. Thank you so much for the free gifts you sent me.  I can't wait to try them.  The Jon Renau Gel and the shampoo are really nice, and I will get good use out of these products.  Looking forward to ordering more units from you in the future. JS 10/27/16

Thank you, thank you for the beautiful mono topper!  I am so excited and pleased!  I will be ordering the wig next month!  Thank you for your help, patience with me and the gift included in the box. I will recommend Name Brand Wigs to anyone who asks! Thank you again, hugs! from one Happy Customer! LF 10/24/16

To everyone at Name Brand Wigs, Thank you so much for my wonderful order!  Every time I have ordered from you it is always so fast and whenever I have had a question, it was always answered.  I truly appreciate your company and what you do.  Thank you so much.  I truly appreciate it! TU 9/14/16

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think your company is. Your pricing is so fantastic that you are my first choice, even though I'm from Canada. Thank you for your wonderful service and the lovely card you added to my first purchase. Thank you again!! Rosemary 9/9/16

I have received my wig! And I love it!  And I absolutely love your customer service -- like the little thank you card enclosed in the box.  Excellent!  I will be purchasing more wigs soon.  Thank you for such great service and product. SH 8/31/16

Finally a wig company with good customer service. I'll be ordering from you again! PP 8/17/16

Emily and Tawni- I just wanted to thank you for the nice hand written note you wrote along with my new wig. You don’t find that little extra touch much anymore. JA 8/3/16

As usual you do such a good job for me, and I do so appreciate. I am totally convinced you are the only company I will order from. EK 8/3/16

Hello everyone, I would like to say you are the greatest company I have ever had the pleasure to do business with, thank you for all your help, taking the time with me over and over again to help me with all my questions.From the bottom of may heart, thank you. PT 6/16/16

I was referred to your company by a lady I met while getting chemo. Her wig looked so real that had she not told me that it was a wig, I would never had guessed. So I went home, checked your Web site, and ordered a wig. Great decision! Thank you for making a high quality product that will be worn by women like myself, going through one of the scariest times of our lives, having so much out of our control, including losing our hair. And that's a big deal to most of us. We are sick, but we still need to feel pretty. And that's what you do. You help us feel pretty again. And I don't know how to thank you for that. It's priceless. I loved the first wig so much, that I purchased another one. Can't wait to get it. I know it will be fabulous.  Life is better with a high quality wig  from! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You've greatly increased the quality of my life. MJ 5/27/16

I am just writing today to give you a compliment about your employees and service.  I have dealt with 3 or 4 different girls throughout trying to find the proper wig that fits correctly.  I have been amazed that each one of you girls have known your products so well, otherwise I probably would never have been able to make a decision.  Katy and Morgan have been the girls that I dealt with the most but there have been others intermittent that were also just as helpful, including a girl who says she also works in shipping. In this age of poor service and employees that don't care about their jobs, I was totally amazed at the way you have your service set up and the way the girls handle your customers.  I own a business as well know how important this is.Thanks again to all of you who have handled my order. BW 5/12/16

Name Brand Wigs and support team is a true gift to anyone who is searching for the best place, best inventory, and best prices on beautiful stylish wigs!!!  After several years of struggling with the grief and reality of hair problems I began searching for where to get help and direction regarding a solution. Not knowing where to begin I listened to similar stories on line. The answer became clear - get wigs!  The big question - where do I begin?  After an overwhelming search I was directed to Name Brand Wigs. That was the blessed turning point and my search was over ? The support team - Emily, Leah, Katie, Kathy, and Morgan are amazingly kind and so very helpful!  Honestly I could not have made this liberating transition to wigs without their consistently gracious, knowledgeable, and very patient attention to my many questions in this new area of wigs. Thank you dear ones for all your helpful and tuned in expertise on my behalf ?Five months have passed since discovering Name Brand Wigs. Hair grief is gone forever and I am like a happy kid in a candy shop as I have purchased 5 new styles and colors. Each one looks wonderful and every day is a great hair day?! The compliments are continual with people saying "you've never looked so wonderful," asking who does my hair, which salon, and on and on. On top of all that, the wigs take years off my appearance?! Thank you again Name Brand Wigs and support team.  May you be mightily blessed for the gift you are to so many.  ? I'm looking forward to my next experience at the candy shop of another beautiful wig.  TS 5/18/16

I just want to tell you I received my Reese wig by Noriko today. It is beautiful, and looks great on me, and believe me when I say I am very critical of myself. I have sent for and sent back many wigs, not from your company I might add. I will be turning 70 this month, and this wig takes 10 years maybe more off my age. I will be ordering more wigs from you, you can be sure. Thanks for your great prices, and great service!!        Rose 4/5/16

I have ordered from other websites but now that I've discovered's my site of choice.  Mostly because of the excellent customer service!  TO 3/30/16

I just thought I would take a moment to thank you for my order.  I received my order quickly as promised.  I enjoyed shopping your website.  It was easy to find exactly what I was looking for and in the colors I wanted. I thought the little handwritten thank you note in the box with the wig I purchased was such a very nice personal touch.  As someone that has alopecia and has to wear wigs daily I have bought wigs from many companies.  I found the best deal on the wig brand and style that I have worn for years on your site. My only regret is that I hadn't found your site years ago. I am a very happy customer and I want to thank you for the deals I got on the 2 "Stevie" wigs from amore.  I will continue to shop your site from now on and I will be sure to pass on your website to other wig wearers. JH 3/29/16

I received my Estetica wig yesterday from your company.  Not only am I very happy with the wig, but your team member Katy enclosed the nicest, handwritten note in my package. Thank you very much to Katy and the Name Brand Wig Team. I look forward to ordering many more quality wigs from you wonderful people. JD 1/26/16

I greatly appreciate your willingness to exchange this purchase. Honestly, I am so pleased I found your website.  Your prices are outstanding and your customer service is excellent! I hope to continue this relationship in the future. Thanks again. With much appreciation LP 1/4/16

My experience with customer support was very positive and I would recommend your company to others in need. NT 12/17/15

Thank you so much for all you do for those of us with female pattern baldness, thinning hair, and alopecia. You give us confidence and hope throughout the year. I hope all of you have a restful and lovely Christmas! We all appreciate you and your company for giving us dignity and hope; for we are women dealing with a difficult problem that you are helping us resolve! Love SD 12/16/15

I received my wigs a couple of days ago and I cannot tell you how impressed I was with your company. Buying wigs for the first time is certainly a perplexing journey.  What color, what style, what wig manufacturer? These were just a few of the things I needed to educate myself on before making a purchase. After I had researched and made my decision on the two wigs I wanted to get, the last few challenges were finding the best price and choosing a color that would best match my own.  I scoured the internet reading reviews and price matching. Not only was Name Brand Wigs the best in pricing but you had excellent customer service reviews as well. I chose two wig styles but could not figure out what color was best.  Its hard to tell when your looking at pictures so I decided to chat online with one of your representatives to get their opinion. I sent them a pic of myself so they could see my hair color. They suggested two colors neither of which I thought would be best when I was looking but let me tell you they were spot on.  I chose vanilla lush for both wigs and I can’t tell you how perfectly matched that color was!  I was thrilled not only with my wigs and their beautiful color but what impressed me most was that you took the time to write a personal hand written Thank You card. I have to say I have never had a company thank me for my business in such a personal way and in a day and age where most companies could care less about their customers this was absolutely amazing. I want to commend you there at Name Brand Wigs for not only the great customer service that you give but the appreciation that you have for your customers. Thank you again for not only making me feel better about my outside appearance but making me feel special as one of your customers. With the time you took with me you have created a loyal customer!  Looking forward to further purchases with Name Brand Wigs, you guys are best!!! CR 12/9/15

Please tell representative Morgan her help finally lead to me finding the perfect wig color. The Honey Wheat rooted closely matches my natural hair color and I am thrilled. Thank you so much for your continued excellent customer service. MA 11/17/15

This is sent to commend your remarkable team member, Leah!  She went above and beyond my expectations for terrific customer service and deserves special recognition. Her help was invaluable to me which helped me to make a decision on color and I ordered two wigs. KA 10/18/15

I will order from the store with the lowest prices and the best customer service!
Name Brand Wigs! Thank you Theresa for excellent customer service! GL 10/17/15

Emily, thanks for your help.  I love this company because you are all so helpful, upbeat and someone I would love to have working for me. I hope your company appreciates you. BW 10/17/15

Thank you once again!!! I've ordered from you for many years now and appreciate your products and exceptional customer service!!! HB 10/13/16

I received my Raquel Welch "Goddess" wig today, in record time -- fourth day after placing my order! Many thanks for your consistently prompt and courteous service. It is always a pleasure dealing with your staff. I wouldn't think of purchasing elsewhere. NZ 10/2/15

Thank you as always for your exemplary assistance. SL 9/17/15

Hi team, just want to say "THANK YOU" for your efficiency to dispatch my order and deliver within the timescale that was proposed. A great customer service! Kind Regards, MV 8/28/15

Hello, I've ordered quite a few wigs from Joshua and have been very happy with them. Thought I would tell you, I was on a plane a few weeks ago and the minute I walked on the plane, the flight attendant grabbed me and said "I love your hair, who is your stylist?"  Of course, I couldn't lie to her and told her it was a wig.  I was in first class so she came over, sat  down and I gave her all of your website information, told her your shipping was extra fast. Loved giving credit where credit is due and most of all, so glad she thought it was MY hair.  She said she would be ordering from you. Thanks, you are the best. I am a redhead and the Strawberry Swirl has the most amazing soft highlights. Have been complimented many times on the color and style but this one was just a great story and too good not to share. Keep up the good work. Just ordered another short style and look forward to receiving it. BTW, the best prices anywhere. EW  8/27/15

Thank you for your incredible customer service every single time, I will never buy from any other company, they don't come close to your company, prices, and the service! I tell everyone I know how fabulous you all are. Thank you again! Sincerely, EB 8/26/15

I picked up my new wig from the post office today. Very excited for my next outing to wear it. I just wanted to thank you for your fast response to my email, your professionalism and friendliness in answering my inquiries. I am impressed with the rapid processing and postage by your firm and the ethical code of conduct you operate by. I would definitely recommend your business and if I need another amazing wig I will actively seek out Joshua24. Thank you for your great customer service. Regards, GM 8/13/15

I want to thank all the outstanding staff at Name Brand Wigs. This is my third time experiencing hair loss from chemo and your staff were compassionate and understanding. Emily took the time to answer my questions and offered feedback based on her experience. I have gone to wig shops where the salespeople did not know much about their products. Everyone I dealt with at your company was very knowledgeable about different brands and types of wigs, plus your returns policy is reasonable and "customer friendly". I feel like the women at Name Brand Wigs actually care about my satisfaction. I received the best customer care I have ever experienced! Gratefully, PB 8/12/15

Thank you Emily! Was a pleasure talking with you and thank you for your help with my order. You and your company are great to work with and that is a compliment that not too many companies have today. Best of all you're in the United States, not an off shore call center. Yah! Thanks again,  I look forward to my next order. SR 8/11/15

Thank you so much. I often get compliments when I'm wearing Jolie and Reese and I always tell people about Name Brand Wigs.  Many women are suffering medical conditions and stress, which cause hair loss, but they may not be aware of how much wearing a wig can improve their outlook.  I have even written your website down on note cards I keep in my purse to give to people in case they ask for it.  I have even had hair stylists ask where I get my hair done.  Name Brand Wigs has helped me gain confidence. Thank you, again. Sincerely, JF 8/6/15

Thanks very much for your quick reply. I hope to shop with your company again soon. Your customer service is excellent! Kind regards, RH 7/30/15

Hi,  I just received my Misha wig in Creamy Toffee, and Just wanted to tell you that I love it. It is a beautiful wig, and the color is nice as well. I will be doing business with you in the near future. Thanks again for all of your help, JS 7/23/15

Hello, I just wanted to thank LEAH and EMILY for all your professional, courteous and PROMPT help in my order. I just wanted the owner or supervisor to know how FANTASTIC I have been treated. Thank you for your Excellent Service. A company is only as Good as its employees who represent it, and your company is Great. BP 7/17/15

Hi, I am very happy to say the wig arrived this morning by parcel post. Very delighted with style and colour. A big thank you. JB 7/15/15

I want to thank Morgan. I spoke to her last week before placing my order, and she was very helpful for me to select a color that corresponded to one that I liked. MW 7/2/15

Thank you for  the wonderful  service I have received.  When I need another  wig you better  believe  I'll  be using  you. RM 6/23/15

I just wanted to say that I received my order and couldn't be more pleased.  I love it.  Also, the customer service this company gives is beyond anything I have experienced.  The emails are answered promptly, the shipping is fast and the items purchased are packaged nicely.  Thank you for a job well done.  I have ordered before this order and will continue to do so. MH 6/19/15

You have gone above and beyond for me and it's really appreciated Morgan. I SO APPRECIATE ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS!! Thank you again! Your company is awesome to take this kind of effort for a potential customer. So Name Brand Wigs is on my list of companies I want to deal with in the future. KS 5/21/15

Dear Darla, My order arrived today and I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding customer service and all the special attention I received from you and your company!!! Thank you!!! Best, AF 5/19/15

Hi there, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I received my wigs so quickly and I love them! Thank you for the kind and professional staff that helped me with my order as well as all those that help complete everything at your company. I love Name Brand Wigs! I will continue telling others about you too. Thank you so much! Once again you have put a smile on my face. :-) Sincerely A Very Satisfied Customer, KA 5/18/15

Hello, I just wanted to thank you again for all your guidance and patience with me yesterday.  I placed my order last night and am really looking forward to my new wig! Your help was invaluable -- thank you for the wonderful customer service!! In appreciation, SB 5/14/15  

I ordered a wig online over the weekend. Then sent an email asking for someone to call me, turned out to be Emily. She could not have been sweeter or more helpful.... Thank you for your prayers and kindness. I think I needed the prayer as much as my daughter. Thank you so very much. Bless You! SB  5/6/15

Thank you so much for shipping my orders so fast. Your company is the best and everyone I've talked to has been so nice. Thank you so much again. Sincerely, JG 5/4/15

Thank you so much. Quick delivery. Great price. Love you guys. This is the second wig I have bought from you and it was an excellent experience. Will be a repeat customer. Very professional company. I loved getting email notifications of items being shipped. Thank you again. ML 5/1/15

Hi I just wanted to say thank you!! You guy have the best prices and the fastest shipping. Whenever I place an order it's always in stock and usually ships the same day. It's so nice doing business with you guys. Thank you so much! KK 4/2/15

 I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how thrilled I am with the wig that I ordered from you. I have been "wig dependent" for a few years now, and this wig by far, is the most beautiful I've ever had. It was gorgeous on the model, but is even prettier than expected. It is so realistic. I've had several people ask me where I get my hair cut, and have remarked that the color and cut job are fantastic. Hee Hee! It's a wig! You definitely have my future business! KB 2/20/15

Hi there, I would just like to take a second to thank your company for the wonderful customer service. Not only is the shipping very quick (to Canada, no less) but I receive so many compliments on my wig (Noriko Jackson)! I actually get more compliments when I wear it than I did when I had my own hair. RS 2/18/15

 I have done business with this company many many times...thus a regular customer. I cannot say enough good things about this company, their products and their integrity. Customer service is paramount. Their hired staff are very personable, prompt and professional. I shall remain loyal. SR 12/14/14

Wow! You are so awesome, Emily!  I think you and the rest of the staff at are so wonderful. The nicest people I've ever dealt with thus far.  I mean that.  I enjoyed talking to you, too, Emily, because so many times, there are those who have a misconception about older women's tastes in wigs.  I've already mentioned to you what I like--youthful, feminine with lots of body and manageability.  Some people think I look my age, some people think I don't, but one thing is for sure, my mind is youthful and I don't want  my wigs to look wiggy or flat and unflattering.  So thanks for allowing me to bend my ear this morning.  You're super!  God bless all of you and Merry Christmas & Happy, Healthy, Safe New Year! xooxoox GP 12/8/14

Thank you Emily for your compassionate and graceful service. You are a lovely lady and I am blessed to have you taking care of such a personal and delicate item in my life. Hope this works and I will speak to you again soon. Happy Holidays. SL 12/01/14

WOO-HOO!  I shrieked something like that when I opened the box for Heidi! It is GORGEOUS. The color is PERFECT. The wig is very well made and very flattering and looks so natural!! It is just awesome to have finally found a wig I love right out of the box! Your customer service is wonderful btw. Your staff is kind, it shows even through emails but especially on the phone. They are beyond helpful, they go out of their way. You are the only online supplier I will use in the future. Anyway, you guys are AWESOME! SS 11/26/14

Thank you again!! I received my kaylee wig by Noriko... The color is gorgeous! I was so unsure about the ombre. It's beautiful! I've never had a partial blond wig before all I can say is wow! Thank you, JB 11/15/14

I just wanted to let you know that doing business with you is a real pleasure. I can't believe how quickly I receive my packages from you! Your prices are absolutely the best, and I refer my friends to you as well. I'm always so happy to get my new styles from you. It's been great doing business with you and I thought I should let you know. Thanks so much! TW 10/31/14

I am a huge fan of both of the websites and have ordered from both. It sucks that I NEED a wig but I'm glad I came across yours. Everyone is very helpful when I call. DP 10/04/14

Your prices are the best, but what brings me back again and again, and why I recommend you to friends, is your wonderful customer relations. In the impersonal world of online shopping, I'm blown away by your friendly, personal, and always-helpful touch. It is so much appreciated. Thank you! Cheers! CJ 10/03/14

I am always so impressed with your company's customer service, and with everything being so non-personal and automated these days, it is very refreshing to know there are still companies who care about their customers. I hope you have a wonderful week and thank you again. LS 9/22/14

...could you please let management know that Name Brand Wigs has made a great first impression and I am looking forward to doing business again for a very long time! Very very happy customer! Your support staff is awesome too! I said so. ;-) always have gotten great service via live chat and phone conversations. Great job to you all. TN 9/18/14

Thank you so much for your assistance.  Your knowledge and expert advice on the various units Name Brand Wigs sells is quite evident by the excellent service I received by you this afternoon.  I appreciate all your efforts for making my online shopping experience pleasant.  On my behalf, please let your superiors know how helpful you were in my selection today.  I do not think I could have received such superb individual assistance anywhere else.  Because of  you, I will only do my "wig" shopping with Name Brand Wigs. Seriously, thank you again for all your help today. SL 7/17/14

Hi! I just want to say THANK YOU ALL for Excellent customer service and great products. I got my wigs, love them, and I will be back for more. Warmly, MB 3/28/14  

I'm very happy with my purchase. Good price, nice product, and fast shipping. DS 3/24/14

Thank you for your courteous, helpful and professional service when I made my last purchase from your company. I plan to make all my wig purchases at your website as your company stands behind their customer. MA 3/18/14

Thank you!  You all are always so helpful and easy to work with!  I appreciate your hard work. MT 3/12/14

My beautiful Miranda in Copper Glaze came today and I LOVE her. Thank you for being so patient with me and for getting the order to me so quickly. I just wish there were more people like you guys in the are wonderful. Thank you for all your help. KD 3/07/14

I received my wig today and I have to say, SHE'S GORGEOUS!!! Thank you SO much! I wish we were able to leave reviews on the site!! I just wanted to say thank you, I WILL buy from you again. Your customer service is outstanding, your shipping time is wonderful (no long waiting if the piece is in stock) and your staff has been amazingly prompt in answering my questions both via telephone and email. Not to mention, your prices are a definite OMG!! I just had to say thank you!  Sincerely, JF 2/25/14

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I sure appreciate your very reasonable prices on the high-quality hair pieces!! You guys rock! I wouldn't be able to leave the house if it weren't for you (and I mean this). GOD BLESS YOU!!! HUGS. LH 2/24/14

I want to send a big THANK YOU for all the support Leah and Teresa had provided me in choosing my first wig. Both ladies were very helpful, patient, professional and demonstrated "Excellent Customer Service" which is rare in today's time. The wigs are good quality and affordable. So glad I have found you. Shipping was really fast and I am a customer for life. Thank you again. IL 2/03/14

I ordered from you the morning of January 30th. I received the wig the afternoon of  Jan 31st. I'm thrilled with your customer service and speedy shipping.  I wanted to let you know that there is a huge following of wig reviews on YouTube and elsewhere. I have seen NameBrandWigs recommended by many people. I too will be spreading the word about the service I received. Thank you very much. JA 2/10/14

Hi! I just had to email to say Thank you for the fastest service / shipping I have ever experienced! I will be a forever customer! CB 11/01/13

Thank you so much. Your level of service is wonderful. You make everything so easy. It is a pleasure to interact with you. KS 10/10/13

I received the wig I ordered recently and absolutely love it!  What I love more is the wonderful way you treat customers.  I have never spoken with any representative who was rude or discourteous.  Everybody is always so nice and helpful and always patient with me.  Plus your prices can't be beat and your service is exceptional.  I cannot express how good it is to do business with a company like yours!  EF 6/11/13

I'm writing to let you know what a truly fantastic and highly professional representative for you company that you have in Kathy.  She has demonstrated nothing but her great knowledge of the wigs and hairpieces that you sell along with her kind, patient, and caring ways.  I am so happy I found your company and have dealt with such nice people! KB  3/13/13

Thank you so much for your amazing service and prices!  Your customer service is exemplary.  We look forward to doing business with you again!  AW 1/17/13

I want to thank you for offering such a wonderful selection of wigs at great prices (even when shipping to Canada and having to pay customs, it is worth it!).  I also want to give kudos to your excellent customer service.  Thank you!  I will definitely be purchasing more wigs from you in the near future.  SB 11/19/12

Thank you for making wigs so afforadble for me!  You do a great service for all of us who are without hair!  BA 11/17/12

You and the other customer service people with whom I have dealt have been amazing folks, which makes me want to shop again.  I will pass on your good service as well as prices!  BA 8/6/12

I would like to thank you for promptly notifying me that the item I ordered was out of stock. Special thanks to Emily for taking the time to help me pick out an alternative and for great customer service all around. You one of the very, very few (and I've dealt with a lot) online wig retailers that provide this level of customer service. I will recommend my family members, colleagues and friends to your site. Again, thank you! MA 1/20/12

About a month ago, I found a review for your Amore wigs.  I ordered Brandi the following day.  It arrived on schedule and was absolutely fabulous.  I wore it two weeks before ordering my second wig, Brittany which I loved just as much if not more.  I began wearing lace front wigs a few months ago and tried several brands but was always bothered by the hairline as well as the lace which absolutely does not appear natural.  Amore changed all that for me.  It is unbelievably natural, comfortable, doesn't tangle and while synthetic, blends with my hair beautifully. I will be ordering this brand exclusively.  The prices on your website are extraordinary. PE 9/26/11

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the great experience I have each and every time I order from Name Brand Wigs. Not only does your company provide the most affordable prices, you have the best brand & style selections and second-to-none customer service. That's not so easy to find in this new world of vast technology and is surely a testament to what sets Name Brand Wigs apart from its competitors . Once again, thank you ... may you all be blessed the way you bless me!  AH 9/15/11

Just want to thank you for your good quality wigs. You have been a pleasure to deal with and I am very happy with your communication. You have been most helpful with your recommendation for choice of wig color and I will continue to buy from your online store. IG 9/9/11

Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate the excellent customer service you provided me during my recent purchase.  I wore my wig to my beauty salon to have it trimmed and my stylist could not believe it was not my natural hair -- that's how much it resembles my hair color and style.  I can't believe I pulled that off -- and they are salon professionals!!!  Thank you again for helping me. I soooooooo love my wig and have enjoyed wearing it!!!  VW 9/7/11

I want to tell you how happy I am with my purchase.  The quality is much better than I expected.  I have worn it over the weekend and have had wonderful comments on how it looks. This wig has now given me my confidence back.  I feel "normal" again.  I was concerned that the wig wouldn't look like real hair, but it's amazing how natural it does look. Thank you very much for your professional service and thank you very much for providing a service that has given me a new lease of life!. KF 3/28/11

I just had to email you to let you know how much my mum and I adore the two wigs I purchased a short time ago. You truly have a 1st class company, who provide excellent customer service along with fast international shipping, secure well packaged items at affordable prices, and the best international shipping rates. You are definitely on my "favorites" shop sites. Thanks so much.  S&T 3/24/11

I just got my wig, and I just LOVE it!!!  Don't know how you got it here so quickly either, but I'm so happy!!!  I just want everyone to know it's gorgeous, and I just barely had to cut any length off the bangs.  It's so soft, it moves, and it's gorgeous!  I just want to thank you so much for getting it here so quickly, and for an excellent product!  I highly recommend this wig, and your website!!!  LH 3/21/11

My wig and clip on curls arrived today! I love purchasing from your company. You are honest and have wonderful customer service.  MH 3/3/11

I have to tell you how much I love this latest wig. I have tried so many different wigs styles, colors, etc. and I finally have found one that resembles my old self. Thank you for offering so many choices to women like myself who don't feel comfortable shopping in stores. The discounts have helped me tremendously as well.  The pricing of your wigs makes it affordable for me to keep my look fresh and clean!  Thank you so very much!!  SR 3/3/11

I really appreciate that your support team took  time to acquaint me with your company polices and help me find the wigs that suited my needs.  I was nervous shopping on line with a new company but your support team was just wonderful to me.  I got my exchanges today and they are beautiful. I am very happy with my purchases.  I purchase wigs a couple times a year, and will come back to your company for my next purchase.  I just wanted to say thank you!  KD  2/24/11

Thank you for the wonderful courteous customer service you provide.  I've ordered from many wig companies in the past and by far the people I speak with on the phone from your business are the friendliest and most helpful. You have won my confidence and my business.  Since wearing wigs has become a necessity in my life, it is truly comforting to have a business like yours to rely on.  Thank you for providing people like me with top quality products and service!  CJ  1/31/11

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU and commend you on excellent customer service!  WOW...I still cannot believe the service I received yesterday!  Looking at pictures on-line can be really difficult, and I have always relied on your wonderful staff to help me. Their patience always amazes me, but Kathy's perseverance and above and beyond service meant the world to me yesterday.  It was a big step for me to change my style, and she took the extra time to help me find something that wouldn't be too drastic of a change but that met my needs for a more comfortable top.  I will certainly continue to order my wigs from Joshua 24.  Thank you for your compassion, support, and willingness to help me!!!  KG  12/22/10

You guys are fantastic!! I will never buy my hair from anyone else!!  JH 2/1/10

I just want to thank you all for how quickly I received my last order.  It is really beautiful. Thanks for the great prices and service!!  SC  11/13/10

I have received my wig and I am thrilled with it!  I am certainly going to be a regular customer now. thank you for your prompt attention with regards to my enquiries.  JG 11/8/10

I have been one of your customers for a while now. I want to thank you for your help and prompt service getting the wigs to me. It is a pleasure being one of your customers.  MA  10/29/10

Thank you for my new wig!  I absolutely love it!  You have made the emotional purchase of a wig easy for me.  My self-confidence has been restored.  I cannot thank you enough for the service you provide and for offering these beautiful wigs at an affordable price.  I will happily share your website with my friends. VO  10/25/10

Just want to tell you that it has been a pleasure dealing with your company--very responsive & interested in customer satisfaction plus the prices are excellent.  BB  9/25/10

I just wanted to let you know I received the wig yesterday! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love it! Thank you so much for what you and customer service did for me. You have no idea how it makes me feel inside!  JB  12/7/09

I have tried numerous styles and sources, but wasn't satisfied until I found you.  I want to thank you for your excellent service, prices, and quality. I constantly am complimented on my haircut, not my wig.  You have a lifetime customer. KM 9/18/09

I want to thank you for all your help. Your company truly cares about customer satisfaction. I appreciate your quick service.  The quality and color is excellent. It looks very good on me. I appreciate your patience and customer care. MA 4/27/09

I am a returning customer and I had to write to you to tell you how pleased I am with your products. The products are exactly as you advertise and I am very happy with everything I have ordered from you. I also wanted to tell you how surprised I was to receive my order so quickly. KEEP  UP THE GOOD WORK!  SH  4/23/09

I have purchased three wigs from you and  I want to extend my gratitude for all your help.  I have bought wigs from other stores and you are by far the best and the best service.   Helping me select the right wigs and for your very fast service.  I have and will continue to recommend you highly.  SW 4/14/09

I received my wig today and was surprised to see it get here so quickly even though it was standard delivery and not drop shipped. It is beautiful and I am very pleased. When I need another I'll keep coming back to you. Thanks so much!!  SC 4/11/09

Can I just say that you and the company you work  for are without a doubt the nicest people I have ever dealt with. If only all companies could be like you, the world be that much more better!!   AG  4/6/09

I just wanted to say WOW!!!!  I got my order today, and this wig is PERFECT!!!!!!  What a deal, and what a find!  It looks great!!!!!  Thank you so much!  If I need to order again, I will definitely order from your company.  Thank you again!  VJ 3/16/09

I would like to THANK YOU for all your kindness in helping me order my wig.  Emotions run high when you don't have much hair and are trying to find a proper wig.  You were very professional and helpful, I will definitely be purchasing more wigs from Name Brand Wigs.  CS 12/11/08

I just wanted to let you know how very thrilled I am with my wigs, and the outstanding service & assistance that I received throughout was fantastic!!  I will only ever buy my wigs from Brand Name Wigs from now on.  I certainly look forward to my next purchase.  CM  11/17/08

Thank so much for you patience in helping us chose a wig.  Your dedication to service is much appreciated. We will let our friends know that you are the best. Thanks again. RR  

Your wig prices and International shipping prices are so cheap compared to a lot of American sites I've looked on. Many thanks for all your help.  I will definitely be buying from you again sometime in the future.  JP

Thank you for being there for all of us who have hair loss!!!  HM

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my new wig.  I LOVE IT!  It was exactly what I wanted and I so appreciate how quickly it got to me.  Thank you so much for your quick delivery and the quality of your merchandise.  RR

Your hairpieces are fantastic.  I had brain surgery and thought I couldn't' deal with how I looked, but your company made me feel a lot better about my head being shaved.  DE

Wanted to extend my gratitude for the professional manner in which each of you dealt with my many issues and concerns. It has been a pleasure doing business with your organization. From your incredible website to your above-and-beyond online, phone and postal service, thank you.  I adore the products you have sent me.  LG

Thanks so much for being SO nice to me when I've had to order in such a rush!!  YT

Thank you for a fast response. Love the pieces!  PR

I love your International shipping rates, especially the single rate for any number of items. Also the customer support response was good and gave me a lot more information then I had asked for.  Heard so many positive reviews of this site on the wig support group that I plan to now make my first buy here.  AC

I just want to thank you for your VERY prompt service on my recent exchange. You have wonderful service and the best prices around!  TT

You guys are the best!  I don't know why anyone would shop anywhere else.  Thank you!  SD

I sent off my email enquiry and was stunned when I received a reply within the hour.  Not only was the reply in an exceptionally fast time frame, she also displayed a very good product knowledge and seemed genuinely helpful and customer service focused which has given me trust in you the seller.  Thanks for making this experience pleasant and enjoyable, I look forward to using your site again in the future.  TS

I just received my order, and the hairpieces are just beautiful!!!!  Thank you so much!  I have ordered hairpieces from other places in the past that cost much more and were of less quality.  I am definitely ordering my hair products from you from now on!  I am VERY happy with my order!!!  LL

Obviously your management is aware of the value of effective customer service.  You are to be commended for carefully listening to what customers really want, for your flexibility & responsiveness, and for representing your company so well.  This promotes life-long customer relations.  NP

I placed my first order yesterday and was so pleased with the fantastic customer service and great price that I don't think I'll be shopping anywhere else again.  SD

I just wanted to let your company know that after doing some research on other hairpiece and wig internet stores, you are, by far, the best and least expensive place there is.  Dealing with your company has been and will continue to be a great experience. Fast delivery and quality product will keep me coming back as a repeat customer, many times over.  When you say that you work hard to bring the customer quality hairpieces for the best price, you indeed do everything that you claim that you do - AND MORE!!  DE

Just wanted to let you know that I received my wig in excellent condition... all the way to Australia!!  It is beautiful and I love it! Thank you so much and I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent service and wonderful products. I will certainly be purchasing more wigs from you in the future!  LK

Every wig purchase I have made with your company has been a great experience.  Kathy is very prompt in answering questions, and the company really does strive to make a customer happy with their purchase. The prices cannot be beat as well. Thank you!  YW

My order arrived today!  I am delighted it arrived so quickly. Many thanks for your friendly and highly efficient service.  CN

Your customer service was brilliant and the price was unbelievably low compared to prices here in the U.K.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've been a Godsend to me.  MN

You have very friendly and helpful phone sales associate for a first time order.  It is very much appreciated.  Thank you.  LC

Wow, I have received four wigs from you and now I'm hooked.  Besides your great prices, the service is top notch.  One phone call and I was able to add one more to my order and save on shipping. It's been a pleasure.  See you when I get my next check!  KS

THRILLED to find an online company with affordable, STYLISH wigs and a livable exchange policy!  I have Alopecia, and am so excited to get the wigs I ordered from you today!  MC

I can't believe I just received my exchange for two wigs I returned last week! I want to thank you for your prompt and wonderful service. I have recommended you to many of my alternative hair wearing friends- and will continue to do so!!  TT

I buy already wigs from you since two years, and I'm very happy and comfortable with them. These wigs are beautiful, fashionable, and good to wear every day.  SH

I received my wig the other day, thank you so much for the quick turnaround time.  I really love the wig!  The quality is great, and the price was amazing!  I'll be ordering from you again in the future.  SH

I cannot thank you enough for getting a rush order to me overnight.... you have no idea the desperate bind I was in, and I very much appreciate your kindness and willingness to help me.  YT

Thank you so much for exchanging my wig, it's very kind of you. I appreciate all you do for me, it's not easy having Alopecia and you have helped me no end supplying me with brilliant wigs as such  low prices. Heartfelt thanks.  MN

I take this opportunity to really thank you for your advice and support in finally making my purchase decision.  Kelly really helped me on finally deciding which wigs to buy, and on confirming that all three items were actually in stock.  JG

I want to thank you for all your guidance and help. You were so patient in working with me. Your expertise is invaluable. You can count on me as a repeat customer.  BG

I received my wig yesterday, a nice surprise coming in earlier than expected.  It is as described - I love the style and the color is just what I wanted. Thank you! I will definitely return shop when I need a new style.  LU

You guys have great service, thank you!  HL

Thanks so much for my order. The wig is excellent as usual.  JB

Thank you so much for exchanging my wig - no questions asked. I've worn wigs forever but our local wig shop just went out of business. I'm so thankful I found your website. You carry the same brand wigs I've purchased over the years and at a huge discount.  You guys are great.  CM

I have marked you as a favorite!  When my wife wants a wig, we don't search anymore, we go to you. She loves your friendly service.  AC

Kathy, you're the reason why I continue to purchase my wigs from your company!  I shop (other than food) entirely on-line and customer service is a very big thing for me.  Your prices can't be beat (I've looked) but honestly the customer service I received and knowing that I don't have to worry about my order, THAT is what keeps me from going elsewhere!  Thanks Again.  DS

I have ordered several wigs from you and I have been treated so nicely. Thank you so much!  NL

I was searching for EasiHair online, trying to find the best price... and you beat everyone!  I have ordered 3 items and I am looking for more. Thanks for the great prices and thank you, Kathy, for responding to all my emails and silly questions!  LS

Thank you so much for everything, you have been a God send to me!  I appreciate everything and it has really set you apart from the rest!  SF

Very friendly and helpful phone sales associate for a first time order. Very much appreciated! Thank you.  LC

I am extremely happy with your return/exchanged policy. I have advertised your site to my friends!  SM

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my EasiVolume hair extensions!  You responded quickly to my emails and your service is superb.  It was actually hard to find an online business that didn't over charge for Canadians like myself.  LO

Great prices and great service. I will definitely order again!  TM

I have been buying wigs from you for two years and I am very happy and comfortable with them. These wigs are beautiful, fashionable, and good to wear every day.  SH

I received my Millie (Noriko) wig today. I love it. It is exactly like the photo you advertise it by. I was simply shock when I put it on.  It looks so natural and not at all like wearing a wig. Thank you so much for your prompt service and color advise. Of course your best prices on the web add to the overall satisfaction. Thank you again.  MT

Thank you so much for the super fast delivery. I am absolutely delighted with my products.   AR 

Your service is very professional and demonstrates that good prices can live with high quality and absolute fairness.You can rely on my advertising your good practices, sense of service, products and prices.  AT

Just wanted to thank you for your great service and low prices. It was a pleasure doing business with you.  KD

Please know how much I appreciate all of your patience, kindness, and helpfulness.You guys are truly a breath of fresh air when it comes to customer service!!!   KG 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for an incredibly positive experience. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with a company who goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service.  You have gained a customer for life!   JM

Having lost my hair due to cancer treatment, I was upset and unsure. Kathy helped me every step of the way with kindness and understanding. She is an asset to your company and a tremendous help to your customers.   JF

The service was fantastic and your help in choosing a color was also needed and proved to be extremely helpful.  just love it!   DK