Choosing the right wig has a lot to do with what wig cap features you want. Here is an easy way to shop features whether that be a lace front wig, one with monofilament for natural parting, a hand tied wig, standard cap, or capless wig to keep it cool in the summer. Name Brand Wigs offer the highest quality wigs at the best discounts!

Lace Front Wigs

Lace Fronts offer some of the most realistic hairlines due to the design of a mesh like material with individually sewn in hair. This feature allows a seamless blend from scalp to hairline.


Monofilament is made from a mesh material sewn into the base of a cap which allows for multi-directional parting. The material is light and airy and creates a scalp-like appearance.

Hand Tied

Wigs with Hand Tied features have a resilient stretchy material that molds to the shape of your head for a lighter, more secure fit. The benefit is a extremely natural wear and versatility.

100% Hand Tied

These caps are completely Hand Tied and made with a durable, stretchy mesh to give you the ability to part anywhere, wear in an up-do, and feel the most natural in your wig or topper.

Standard/Open Wefted

A standard cap is the most common and most affordable design. The layers of hair are open-wefted in the back and sides to allow for ventilation and it has a closed lace layer at the crown.

Capless Wigs

Similar to a standard cap with the exception of not having a closed lace layer at the crown. It features open wefting to give maximum ventilation and is one of the lightest weight caps.

3/4 Wigs

A 3/4 Wig is worn on the back half of your head and blended with your own hair in the front. Quickly add length, volume, texture, or color to your own hairstyle.