5 Top Wig Products

5 Top Wig Products

Here you can find some of the best products for your wigs! From creating the perfect wave, to adhering your wig, these top products have been tested and found worthy of your time! Take a look and see which you might need to add to your collection.


1.  Estetica Sea Salt Spray

The Estetica, Sea Salt Spray is for Synthetic Wigs.  It is meticulously formulated to give you beautiful waves and gorgeous, piecey texture all in one magic little bottle. This spray will also help you to prolong your wig’s natural waves in between washings. A simple spritz and some scrunching is all you need to bring back lost waves or bring more definition to ordinary waves. If you are really going for a textured look, then go to town with the spray because the more spritzing you do the more it works! The one con to using more spray is it will give you extra build-up on your wig and eventually just means a good wash. We love the Estetica Sea Salt Spray because it does work and really gives that fun, gorgeous textured look your looking for. 


2.  Jon Reanu Pick Me Up

Jon Renau makes an excellent Dry Shampoo called Pick Me Up. The first benefits from this useful product is added volume to your style. The second, if you have one of those synthetic wigs that is just way too shiny, well this product will be your best friend for cutting out that extra shine.  Try it on your next synthetic wig, or check out the video below to see the results first!


3.  TressTech Wig Wax Spray

The TressTech Wig Wax Spray is for Synthetic and Human Hair. This is a dry spray wax created just for wigs, and will give you flexible hold while adding texture and volume. Use as often as you would like to freshen up or change your style with a gentle mist. With this Wig Wax Spray there is no waxy build up, I know, it is hard to believe, but it turns out to be true.  Plus, it is fabulous for creating some lift in the front. See how it works below:


4.  Jon Renau’s Violet Shampoo

 Jon Renau’s Violet Shampoo is for blonde human hair wigs. It does a great job in helping to restore the vibrant colors and to cancel out any brassiness while keeping the hair radiant and clean. Use it as many times as you want to keep lightening your tone, or use it once for some added vibrancy.



IT STAYS is a genius roll on adhesive that washes off with water. The roll on applicator applies with ease on skin and washes off easily without tearing your lace. The key with removal is to use enough water so that the adhesive fully separates from your skin. It is a very water soluble property, so it doesn't take much effort. The other plus with this product is the time it gives you to adjust your style once you have placed the product on. In short, it doesn't dry too fast!  


 Final Thoughts

Enjoy the amazing results as you start to play with these different products and let us know what you think! Then let us know what some of your favorite products are, or maybe there is a product that you would like to know more about? Email us, tag us on social media, and share with a friend! -NBW Family

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