Hello my friends! I am so excited to share with you my experience with the brand new EasiPieces from EasiHair. I personally do not have any hair loss, but every time I tried on a topper, I felt like I had a lot of volume added on the top, but it looked a little unbalanced towards the ends of my hair. EasiHair saw this as well and now they came up with a solution, EASIPIECES!

I was nervous that my head might look big, clunky, and heavy with the EasiPieces, but I was soo wrong. They laid extremely flat to my head and they actually felt so light. In the pictures below you can see the before, with the topper alone, and with the EasiPieces + the Topper.

 In the video below, we go over all of the information on exactly what these pieces are and how to put them in! It was such a blast working with Leah on this video and I hope all of your EasiPieces questions are answered!

I am obsessed with the volume these EasiPieces added to my topper! My look is so much more balanced. The fact that these are Human Hair, helps them blend with my hair so easily! I can flat iron or curl them to match my hair so you virtually can not tell a difference. If you love your topper, but want to add more volume to the rest of your hair I would highly recommend the New EasiHair EasiPieces!