The wig industry is ever changing. Monthly, new styles and colors are released keeping up with the latest trends, while brands are constantly working to incorporate the latest cap innovations. At Name Brand Wigs we strive to know the brands we carry, inside and out so in turn, we are able to help you make the most informed decision. That is why we were thrilled when Ellen Wille offered to send a representative to teach us even more about their company!

          Their representative came to visit us here in Minnesota with suitcases full of wigs in tow! They really did send the best, as this representative had 15 years of experience working in all facets of the industry. To name a few highlights of her journey, she started in the industry with an online company as a customer service representative which later brought her to a wig salon where she did one-on-one consultations with customers. After working at a salon for some time, she moved in to a different portion of the hair industry being a hair stylist in a salon. Now she is working with Ellen Wille helping teach product knowledge and education among many other things.

          We all agree we gained a huge appreciation for Ellen Wille after this appreciated interaction. From the huge amount of thought and care they put into designing each piece, to how on the pulse they are with where hair fashion is going next, we were in awe of all Ellen Wille has to offer. There were just too many takeaways to keep to ourselves! Here is what we learned:


          Ellen opened her first wig shop (which is still open today) in Germany after completing her studies in Paris. She has been labeled a Hair Icon winning many awards, including one for having the most lightweight and beautiful wig collection in the world!!! So for all my ladies looking for light density, this is your brand! 


You may have noticed Ellen Wille has many different collections.

Here are some of the differences to help you decide.




Pure Europe - European Remy Hair

This line is distinguishable with baby fine European hairs. This collection is one of the few human hair types that can air dry for lower maintenance and is easily colored. The caps are all 100% hand tied. 



Pure Power - Remy Human Hair

This line is made from hair of a Chinese/Indian Blend. Remy hair is considered some of the finest quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact. Remy human hair is collected through a method in which the hair strands are completely aligned in the natural direction as it grew. The caps for this line are also all 100% hand tied.


Prime Power - Human Hair & Heat Friendly fiber blend

The blends of human hair to heat friendly synthetic are a little bit different depending on the tone of the hair. The darker colors are a 50/50 of the two fibers with lighter colors being a 70/30. This line is great for those looking for grey options. This collection can be styled with heat, and the style will last longer than normal human hair (around 3-4 washes before needing to restyle).


Hair Society - Luxury Line and 100% hand tied

These styles are extremely light with all of them being 100% hand-tied. This line was designed for clients with total hair loss in mind.


Hair Power -  Largest synthetic collection

This line features 8 different cap constructions, with Petite and Large size options.


Changes and Perucci - Trendsetting and fashionable

These are two different collections that focus on being affordable. They designed the styles to be ready to wear, trendy, and lightweight synthetic styles.




Ellen Wille has some of the most beautiful colors! The hand painted highlights showcase the type of color only a truly talented hair colorist could create. You may notice colors with similar names while browsing through this brand. For example Caramel Rooted, Caramel Mix, and Caramel Lighted. So what's the difference? 

Most base colors are a blend of 3 different color tones creating a "color theme". For example; Caramel would be the "color theme". The prefix or suffix will give you a hint how the colors are blended into the piece. Here is a break down:




A blend of Highlights and Lowlights for a most natural look

Natural rooting using a shade a level or two darker than the base

A darker variety of the base color 

A brighter version of the base color
One color in the mix is lighter for a subtle change
A more vivid variety 



Some Examples of these:

Flame Mix (132.133.33) Dark Burgundy Red, Bright Cherry Red, and Dark Auburn Blend




Hot Flame Mix (132.133.33) Bright Cherry Red and Dark Burgundy Mix




Bernstein Rooted (12.12.8): A light Brown Base with Subtle Light Honey Blonde and Light Butterscotch Blonde Highlights.




Light Bernstein Rooted (12.19.26.): Light Auburn Light Honey Blonde and Light Reddish Brown Blend with Dark Roots.




Even with the color codes, such as Mix, Hot, or Rooted, there can still be differences between the colors from style to style. This is an artistic choice for the designers, and they hand craft what they feel the style needs, making each piece unique. For example, let's look at Hot Flame Mix again:



You can see the Point (Left) is more of a bright blend while the Jazz (Right) has a lot of the Bright Cherry red in front and fades to more of the Dark Burgundy in the back. The mixes change from piece to piece but the color theme will be the same.


Ellen Wille is a brand I could confidently recommend to anyone. With all the variety in their collections their really is something for everyone. Their synthetic fiber moves just like real hair, their lace front material is so durable, and their color mixes are some of the most unique out there! One of the biggest takeaways for me though was how much detail and thought is put into each piece. I couldn't believe how many different types of cap one brand had, as no two looked exactly the same. Ever notice the Plus in a style name (for example Jamila Hi Plus). This means there is an extra silicone coating on the cap for extra grip and security for those with full hair loss. How about those micro lace fronts? These are added to the cap design for a style that isn't meant to be pulled off the face, but still needs just enough lace for it to part and lay correct in the front. No detail is to small too Ellen Wille. They really do design the cap with that specific look, and YOU in mind!

We want to say a huge thank you to the representative and the brand Ellen Wille for coming all the way up North to meet with us and to teach us even more about their product line, and the heart behind why they do what they do! 💖

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