Are you constantly tugging at your wig to keep it from shifting on your head? Are you afraid to move your head too fast, fearing the scarf you are wearing will pull off your hair? 

Do you hate the headaches that come from clipping your wig onto your scalp? Do you fear going swimming with a wig?

We have many different accessories that help with all of these problems. There are wig grips, adhesives, tape, you name it! These are all great options that help you feel more confident and comfortable when wearing your style. 



Wig Grips

The Hair Grip - grips to hair AND skin.

This thin, soft, velour band is adjustable and very comfortable. It is a great option if you are undergoing chemotherapy or have alopecia. This grip comes in three colors: Tan, Black, or Chocolate Brown.

What we love about this hair grip is that it adjusts with velcro. This makes it super easy to fit to your head and is very soft and comfortable all around! The one thing I would mention is, if you are wearing a lace front style or a monofilament top or part, you might be able to see this peek through in your wig part or hairline.

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The Jon Renau Stay Put Secure Wig Grip

This a great option if you are wearing a lace front, mono part or monofilament top style as it features a unique lace area at the top for a very natural look. This Stay Put Wig Grip is made with elastic, velvet fabric and features a thin adjustable backing for added comfort. It easily adjusts with a thin, elastic band that slides through metal adjuster clips. 

Stay Put Hair Grip for underneath wigs by Jon Renau



Roll-On Adhesive

This is a great option if you find the wig grips uncomfortable, maybe too visible, or fear they won’t hold during certain activities.

 It Stays roll-on adhesive by Jon Renau is water soluble for easy removal and has an easy roll-on applicator for smooth and clean application. It has a strong hold and you can use it safely on all cap constructions. You can even use it on the nape of your neck for extra security. If you get sweaty, the hold will loosen until your sweat dries and it will re-adhere nicely once dry. 

Bottle of It Stays roll-on adhesive by Jon Renau It Stays by Jon Renau


We also carry Brandywine Lace Front Adhesive. This adhesive has an easy-to-apply dabber. It can hold your wig in place for 7-10 days! It has a very strong hold and will need Brandywine Lace Remover to break the hold. 

Bottle of Brandywine Lace Front AdhesiveBrandywine Lace Front Adhesive




Tape is a great option if you are not a fan of adhesives. When applying the tape, be sure your wig and skin are clean for a better stick.

Jon Renau's Lace Front Wig Tape Roll - Blue is a double-sided tape which is designed perfectly for lace front hairpieces. When using the blue tape, use small pieces. They can be put right on the lace or on the nape. Adjust your wig where you want it before you press down to adhere the tape to your head. 

We also have Jon Renau's Wig Tape Roll - Red which is used for non-lace front hairpieces. Both of these tapes are great options that we would recommend! 

Roll of Lace Front Wig Tape Blue by Jon Renau Roll of Red Wig Tape by Jon Renau
Lace Front Wig Tape Roll Blue by Jon Renau  Wig Tape Roll Red by Jon Renau




Final Thoughts

Now you know about all the different ways you can secure your wig! We hope these products help you feel extra confident in your style! If you have a favorite way to secure your wig, let us know! Tag us on socials or feel free to email us a review & picture of your favorite way to wear your wig!

 Much love, The NBW Fam 💕

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