Did you know there isn't just one type of monofilament? There are actually several great options out there. Let's go over the different types!


Mono Crown: This will feature just a small section of monofilament, usually circular in circumference, and near the top of the crown. It is usually just slightly bigger than a silver dollar. This is a more affordable way to still get that realistic look at the top of your head.



Partial Mono: In between a mono crown and a full mono top, you have the partial mono, which will give you a realistic looking part. I have found most partial mono's tend to put the mono section on the left of the cap, causing the hair to part and fall toward the right (when wearing the wig). However, which direction they decide to go with can vary from style to style. We are starting to see this type of cap offered a lot more. 


Mono Top: A full mono top will mimic the appearance of a real scalp, and allows you to move the part in any direction.


Double Mono: This cap offers you not only the mono top feature, but has an added extra smooth layer in the inside of the cap. This ensures the softest, most comfortable fit.



French Drawn: A special technique to help hide the traditional knotting that can appear on a monofilament top. Extra layers of glass silk are added to cover the knots that often show where the hair strands are hand tied into the monofilament lace.This will make the knots undetectable for the most realistic looking part you can get. French Drawn is most commonly found on human hair pieces.





 Which type of monofilament cap are you most drawn to? Let us know in the comments below!

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