Top Ten Wigs For The New Year

The predictions are out and top hairstyle trends for 2024 range from long barrel curls to short shag layers and many options in between. If we could sum up the feel of this year it would be iconic looks with very intentional, yet subtle, changes to make the looks our own. Take a peek at our selection of top 10 wig hairstyles for the new year, 2024! 


1. Amore Casey 

We are starting out with the ultimate blended look for 2024, Casey by Amore. Her double monofilament cap is so comfortable while giving you the option to change the part, add a headband, or gel up to add a little extra spunk and accentuate her layering. She reminds me of a pixie and yet a bob, while pulling a trump card with those bangs and layers. This style is truly versatile and fit for any age to pull off!

Wig Casey by Amore in color Mochaccino Model looking off to the side holding a hat. She is wearing a elegantly tapered long pixie cut wig by Amore.

Shown: Casey by Amore


2. Ready For It by Gabor

 Supermodel hair with intentional layering is definitely sweeping through the wig world and bringing a lot of smiles to wearers. We chose this piece because it comes with that gorgeous wave but also because it has heat friendly fiber so you can style it to your taste. Gabor did a wonderful job staying on trend for 2024 with their collection, Designer Series

Women in a Pumpkin Spice colored long wavy wig. The breeze is gently blowing her Ready For It wig y Gabor. Stunning long wavy wig by Gabor. Shown in the color SS Honey Pecan a rooted creamy brown-blonde style.

Shown: Ready For It by Gabor


3. Estetica Haven

 Looking for sexy but subtle? Haven mixes choppy layers with a little curl making it the perfect hairstyle to spice up anyone's wardrobe in 2024... without being overkill. It would seem bobs aren't going away this year, nor are those choppy layers. In fact, they are becoming more of a highlight! Shop more ➡ Curly Bobs

Elegant women dressed in a beige skirt wearing a wavy bob brunette wig by Estetica. Multi cultural women wearing Haven wig by Estetica, a wavy chin length bob in a highlighted brunette color.

Shown: Haven by Estetica


4. Makayla by Kim Kimble

 Let those full bouncy curls run natural! This season is all about letting them rule your day, because as we all know curls keep all of the secrets. Kim Kimble's new wig line has been a hot topic, partially due to her focus on embracing a curl's natural glow. So whether it is natural for you or not, we say give curly a try this year! Shop ➡ All Curls

Model resting on her elbows leaning into the camera while wearing a naturally tight curled wig by Kim Kimble in the color Cherry Cola. Multi cultural women wearing her hair naturally curly with Kim Kimble's new wig Makayla.

Shown: Makayla by Kim Kimble


5. Amber by Envy

 Shags, and anything "shag-esk" have been in vogue since 2023 and it doesn't appear to be slowing down. The attraction of a shake-and-go style is hard to beat and with a shag it really is convenient, easy, fun, and flattering. Envy's Amber really hits the mark with this cut and if a shag is on your wardrobe list we recommend this one!

Women leaned against the wall modeling Envy's wig Amber in Golden Nutmeg. Close up view of women wearing Envy Amber a shag layered wig with bangs in the color Golden Nutmeg.

Shown: Amber by Envy



6. Mariah & Alva

Full bangs have become somewhat "iconic" the past couple years. The twist this season: we are a little less concerned with them being connected by additional layering. However that piece-y layering is perfectly acceptable and in our opinion it comes down to what you enjoy on you. Here are a couple of options below of some very trendy but fun styles to try!

Henry Margu Mariah, a trendy layered bob with bangs wig. Trending Fall style for 2023 Woman wearing a short layered bob wig with bangs, Alva by Noriko shown in a blonde shade.

Shown: Mariah by Henry Margu & Alva by Noriko


7. Stroke of Genius by Raquel Welch

Many are making the dive back into the 70's feel with big barrel voluminous curls and feathered curly bangs. Raquel Welch called it with this style, and though it has been out for a spell we have definitely seen it gain popularity fairly quickly. Now's your chance to make a comeback with little hassle. The perk of wigs ;) just pop it on and grab your roller blades if you really want to reminisce. We can't wait to see how you wear this piece, tag us on Instagram so we can see your take on the modern 70's look: @namebrandwigs

Raquel Welch wearing a long barrel curled wig called Stroke of Genius in Golden Russet. Women looking to the side as she is wearing a beautifully wavy wig with long layered bangs.

Shown: Stroke of Genius by Raquel Welch


8. Jon Renau Ignite

 This cut just really doesn't go out of style - Ignite by Jon Renau. For years we have seen so many women leave raving reviews on this hairstyle. Our suspicion is the versatility and ability to compliment so many face shapes making it a staple piece to have. We love her A-line cut and heat defiant fiber for the flexibility to create any look you want! 

Model looking of to the side while wearing a short a-line pixie cut wig for women. Ignite by Jon Renau in the color 12FS8 Close up image of women wearin a-line long pixie wig, elegantly frames her face as she slightly smiles.

Shown: Ignite by Jon Renau


10. Esprit by Ellen Wille

This season Soft Bobs are showing women how to "casually" enjoy the bob look. Focusing on slight volume and light layering to create a gentler appearance than your traditional blunt cut bobs. Here is our top pick, Esprit by Ellen Wille.

Looking for more bobs? Search the entire collection Bobs.

Sexy women looking forward wearing a slightly layered silver-white bob wig. Esprit by Ellen Wille in Silver Blonde Rooted Esprit wig styled to the side, worn on an elegant looking women in the color Silver Blonde Rooted.

Shown: Esprit by Ellen Wille



Final Thoughts

 There you have a wonderful selection of trendy wigs for this year! Let us know what you thought and which style you chose to try. Tag us on socials or feel free to email us a review & picture in your new look!

 Much love, The NBW Fam

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