Do you ever find yourself browsing through a new brand and all of the abbreviations and terms make it feel more like you are attempting to decipher some mysterious wig code? There is a whole big world of wig information out there, and it doesn't help that each brand has their own way of describing things!

 Let's begin with COLOR, as this is one of the topics we receive the most questions on! ✨


So how does this come in handy? For example, if I am looking at the Noriko color Toasted Brown, the name may help me remember, but looking for the number combination list on the color chart will best help me understand the color. Toasted Brown is a 6 (dark to medium brown) + 10 (light brown) mix to achieve the base color with a 28 ( bright auburn) highlight. I now know I am looking at a medium brown base with auburn toned highlights. 


 Amore Brandi in Toasted Brown

***It is important to keep in mind each brand is one of a kind and the same number can vary slightly from brand to brand. Case in point a 28 in one brand may be slightly brighter and lighter than the 28 in another. However, all brands follow this same guide and it is helpful to know a 28 will always be a bright medium red range.****

Estetica Mono Wiglet 513-LF in R30/28/26

Please stay tuned as we continue to break down different wig codes together! Any terms you would like us to explain in further depth? Let us know in the comments below!