Head Wraps - Softie Accent (Prints) by Jon Renau

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The Softie Accent by Jon Renau. Not only a fun add-on for your favorite softie, but it can also be worn over a wig. Whether looking for a trendy bohemian look or you want to pull your wig back into a ponytail and use the Softie Accent as a headband, it’s a fashionable and functional item to have on hand.

Material: Bamboo Viscose

Color Shown: Stiletto Nights

Colors: Blooms, Bright Animal, Echoes, Marquise Multi, Meridians, Moments, Onyx Trails, Phases, Rain Chirps, Royal Cheetah, Snow Chirps, Spiritual Trails, Stiletto Snake, Soweto Nights, Tombi Tales

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