Envy Toppers - Add-On Crown - HH/Synthetic Blend

Wig featuresMonofilament, Addition, Human Hair/Synthetic Blend

Hair Enhancer Addition

Envy’s hair add-ons are perfect for individuals wanting more body and coverage for fine or thinning hair, or for those who just want to add a little extra oomph to their do. They can be trimmed to blend seamlessly into your preferred hairstyle, adding body, length, and fullness for a more voluminous look.

MONO PART : Strands are individually hand tied to a breathable French lace monofilament base. This construction technique simulates natural hair growth while allowing for free movement. These hair add-ons are designed with a specific part in mind to preserve the integrity of the style and overall density.

PRESSURE SENSITIVE CLIPS: Attach to your natural hair for a secure fit.

Length: 12"
Base: 4" x 4"

Weight: 1oz

Color Shown: Dark Blonde

Colors available:  Black, Dark Blonde, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Frosted, Light Blonde, Light Grey, Medium Blonde, Medium Brown, Medium Grey

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