5 Tips to wear your wig naturally

(Style Shown: Belle Tress Dalgona 23 in Butterbeer Blonde)

5 Tips to Wear Your Wig Naturally

Good morning, afternoon, or night, and wherever you are in your day. Thanks for stopping by. There is something about a gorgeous hair day that gives an extra bounce to our step and with wigs the options tend to be endless. Whether you find this reassuring, or are at odds with the options, we are here to help. With a few tricks and tips you can wear your new hair with confidence and the assurance that you truly are looking fabulous. Working in the wig industry there are so many tips out there, and we took the time to narrow the options to our Top 5 Tips to wearing your wig naturally. These tips have been tried and tested by our loving customers and NBW family. 

1. Rock n’ Roll

Your wig has arrived, the box is in hand and you are popping the cover open. The color is wonderful, check. Fiber feels nice, check. And now to try it on. As you take a glance in the mirror you begin to notice there is something funny with how the hair is lying. Perhaps a slightly awkward poof on one side, while the other side is a little flatter. You were loving everything.. up to that point. 

We have all been there, tried a wig on and really begun to question our decision. We would like to say, “don’t worry” but fear that’s already happening, so instead we will give you one of our tried-and-true tips: Pull the wig back off and give it a good shake. Sounds simple, and it is, but the reason it is so important is because the fibers need to be woken up. Keep in mind your style has been sitting in a box for some time and the fibers have been confined to one position. The only precaution would be to stay on the gentle side while shaking. 

After a good shake pop the wig back on, try adjusting the part a little, and notice how much more lively your piece looks. Now you’re ready to Rock n’ Roll! This is an easy step that should have you ready to go in a flash, but if not, there are a couple other tricks you can try.

2. Friction, The Underrated Secret

Along with a good shake to wake the fiber up, there may also be a little taming that you want to do in areas. Our natural hair is typically going to have fly-aways and some baby hairs going this direction and that. Besides the “natural” messiness going on though, there may be a few areas you would like to tame such as the sides or top of your style.

If you have a heat friendly or human hair piece then you will easily be able to manipulate the fibers with a heat tool. The story isn’t the same with synthetic styles because they are not able to withstand heat and instead you will end up with a melted pile of fiber. 

There is a little trick to working around this issue and it’s called friction. For the areas you need to tame, start by rubbing your bare hands together swiftly to create a slight friction that will heat up your hands. Once your hands are warm press them against the area you want to tame. This will calm the fibers down and can work wonders along the sides or even along your part. If there are a lot of fly-aways then you can also use this method to help those lie flat. Sometimes you may have to do this a couple times and just play with it a little to find what works best for you.

3. We All Love To Shine… but too much?

We do all love to have that glow effect, but how much is too much? When it comes to hair, a really shiny wig can tend to look unnatural. A brand new wig right out of the box can also have a sheen for various reasons. Some manufacturers have more or less of a sheen depending on the creation and preservation process used. Typically, this sheen will be gone with a wash or two, but if you’re finding that is still not enough then we recommend this simple trick. Focus on the roots and top layer of hair, take some dry shampoo and gently spray your style. This works wonders and instantly takes away that fake sheen. We do recommend using a dry shampoo that is made for synthetic wigs, and one of our favorites is Jon Renau’s dry shampoo: Pick Me Up Dry Shampoo

Want to see dry shampoo in action, watch our video:

4. Designed For You

The age of wigs is surprisingly historic and originated in Ancient Egypt. Ranging throughout culture in Greece, Rome, England, and ending back in popularity today in modern culture. It is fascinating to see how advanced the construction of fiber design and cap construction has come. One very important factor in choosing and wearing a wig naturally will be the cap construction. Lace fronts help create a seamless hairline, while monofilament features help create a natural looking part resembling hair growth out of the scalp.

For monofilament features you can get a Mono Part, Mono Top, or even a fully Hand-Tied wig. 

Want to read more in depth about cap construction? Check out this article: 5 Wig Cap Designs & Their Importance

Expert Tip: Wig Cap placement is another key in making your style look natural. You want the top of the wig or the lace front to start right at your natural hairline. If it is further back or forward it can make the wig look out of place and fake. Also use the ear tabs to make sure the wig is on straight, the tabs should fall just above your ears.

5. Know your Bio Hair

If we think about bio hair there are a few natural tendencies it has. For instance, we all have that friend with curls and volume or another with straight and silky hair, but whatever their look it is a natural byproduct of their DNA and is specific to them. One of the most natural ways to wear a wig is by keeping it similar to your bio hair. 

If your bio hair was super thick and dense then perhaps consider shopping brands that have those denser fibers and plenty of volume. On the other hand if you have finer hair then you may want to shop brands that have a little less volume and a thinner fiber. Be sure to call us if you have any questions about the differences between brands and their fibers.

Rooted colors may be another option to help your wig look natural. Bio hair has a gradient to it and as hair grows it becomes lighter at the bottom either due to sun exposure or other elements while remaining darkest at the top. By choosing a rooted color you are also able to change between colors more easily and keep it looking natural because the root is always close to the same darkness. 


Final Thoughts

In the grand scheme of it all, a little practice makes perfect, and as cliché as that sounds it really does help when it comes to wigs. Taking the time to work with your wig and learn the ins-and-outs is a game changer. From color tone, to density, cap construction, and using the right products, we are convinced there is an engaging style for you. 

Please let us know if you have any questions we can help with! -NBW Family

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