1. What is a Lace Front Wig?

      The lace front is a nearly invisible mesh-like material that lays across your hairline. Lace fronts provide a very natural and seamless look because each hair is sewn into the mesh and thus provides a skin-like appearance at the hairline. This feature is well loved and many manufacturers now provide a lace front on their wigs.

        2. Benefits of a Lace Front Wig?

          Lace front wigs give the most natural hairline and help you to confidently wear your style off-the-face or with face framing layers. Many of our wigs have ready-to-wear lace fronts. This simply means that the lace is measured and already cut to the perfect length so you don’t have to cut it yourself!

          Whether you suffer from hair loss due to chemo-therapy, premature balding, alopecia, hair thinning, or if you are just looking to switch up your hair style, a lace front can help you feel comfortable in your wig.

          How to Care for a Lace Front Wig

          Taking care of your lace front will help the longevity of your wig and maintain its’ natural look. Lace fronts are made out of a gentle lace mesh that you will want to treat delicately.

            3. Helpful Don'ts:

              Never pull on your lace front. If you pull on the lace front it is going to stretch the lace out and create gapping at your forehead. Pulling at the lace front could also begin to wear away at the lace mesh to the point of fraying. A better option when adjusting your wig would be to use the ear tabs to move the wig for a more comfortable fit.

              Never get conditioner on the lace front (or on any knotting in a wig cap). Conditioner is meant to de-tangle and will loosen the hand knotting. This can eventually cause strands to shed from your lace front and you will notice hair loss.

              When brushing and washing your hair remember to keep it gently around the lace front. It is OK if you get some soap on the lace front, especially if you are trying to wash off some makeup!


                4. Finding Some Lace Front Discomfort?

                  There are a couple things that you can do to make sure your lace front is working for you. The first is to always make sure you have the right wig cap size. A wig cap that is too large or too small can cause discomfort because it then rubs against your forehead. Check out our video on how to properly measure for the right cap fit: 

                    5. Secure Your Lace Front Down

                      Sometimes you may want a little extra security with your lace front. There are several great ways to make sure your lace front is staying put! A couple of tricks of the trade are to use either glue or tape to fasten it down. This can also help with lace front discomfort and prevent that friction on your forehead.

                      Lace Front Tape:  Very easy to use, this double sided sticky tape comes in a roll that you are able to easily cut to the desired length. When using tape you are able to stick it directly onto your forehead or the lace front itself. 

                      Adhesive:  “It Stays” by Jon Renau is a gentle roll-on adhesive that washes off with water. This product provides a nice secure hold while being easily removed.

                      Brandywine also has an adhesive product that is more like a glue stick that you are able to dab onto your lace front. With this product you will also need Brandywine’s Lace Front Adhesive Remover.

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                        6. Other Considerations

                           Pro Tip:  Applying a little baby powder or dry shampoo to your forehead, underneath the lace front, can help with preventing irritation from the lace.

                          Makeup such as foundation or powder can really help the lace front blend with your skin tone. This also gives your front hairline a softer finish.

                          If you would like to cut your lace front further, or if you would like to cut a section that has started to fray you should always use a Pinking Shear to do so.

                          The lace front keeps advancing but if you are still finding that you don’t prefer this feature then we would suggest taking a look at monofilament or hand tied wigs without a lace front.

                          Final Thoughts

                          There you have some of the best tips and information on lace fronts! Consider yourself a pro, but even pro’s have questions. If you need a little extra help reach out to our customer service team. We are always ready and willing to help!  -- NBW Family

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