1. Put Your Wig On Easily

    Let’s take a look at a couple tips we have for properly wearing your wig. The first thing you will want to do is to put a fishnet or nylon wig liner on. The purpose of this is to help contain any bio hair you might have, keep your wig cleaner, and to also help with comfort. Depending on the length of your bio hair you may want to bobby pin it down. The goal is to get your hair as smooth as possible underneath the liner. If you are putting on a lace front wig then you will want to keep the liner back further from your hairline so it won’t show through the lace.


    Next, place the front of the wig at your hairline, flipping the style on like a cap and pulling down to the nape. If you need to adjust the style use the ear tabs, but make sure not to pull on the lace front if there is one. Line the ear tabs up at your temple and make sure the top front of the wig falls where your natural hairline would.

     2. Is It A Good Fit?

    There are a couple adjustments you can make if the cap isn’t quite fitting. Most wigs will come with adjustable straps at the nape. Use these to tighten or loosen your wig cap. The wig should feel secure and snug while wearing. If you find that you have tightened or loosened the straps as far as they can go and the cap still isn’t fitting right then you may need a different cap size.

    Check out our video on how to measure for the right cap fit:


     3. Looking for Extra Security?

    There are options like Tape and Glue for lace fronts that can give some extra security.

    Take a look at our Tape/Clips/Hair Grips:



    Final Thoughts

    There you have a few quick easy steps to wearing your wig! Enjoy all the diversity your wig brings, love your style, and let us know if you have more questions for us! -NBW Family

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