Blasting 3 Misconceptions About Wigs

Blasting Three Big Misconceptions About Wigs

While many of you have discovered the ease, convenience and confidence-boosting power of wearing wigs, there are still a few common misconceptions some women (and men) have about wearing hair enhancements and wigs. Let’s blow those myths out of the water, shall we? This will be a three-part series over the next few posts.


Myth # 1 Wigs Are Uncomfortable

A lot of women have never tried on a wig or they’ve tried one or two types and found they weren’t as comfortable as they wanted so they scrap the whole idea. Wigs have changed a lot over the years and are now typically soft and comfortable.

The wig cap on your wig can make a big difference in the comfort level. A typical wig cap has the hair machine-sewn onto the cap, which looks kind of like a grid. It has a closed lace layer at the crown, which allows extra teasing and lift, or height, at the crown of the wig.

  Standard Cap

Some women prefer a little more ventilation and air flow, so they prefer a capless style wig. With a capless wig, the crown of the cap has vertical lace strips with an open space between them. This lets the air flow and makes the wig lighter in weight and cooler to wear.

Many women wear wigs because they have a medical condition such as alopecia or are receiving cancer treatments, which cause a loss of hair. With a bare (or semi-bare) scalp, a wig cap can feel scratchy against the skin.

For a softer feel, a monofilament cap offers something different: the inside of the wig has a soft layer of nylon or polyester material lining the wig. Besides the softness, the mono cap gives a natural look because of the illusion of skin and allowing the color of the scalp to show. With a mono cap, the hair fibers are sewn in one by one, so they look super natural. The hair moves with freedom and you can part the hair however you like. The Amore brand was designed for the medical needs client. It has a double layer of monofilament, offering even more softness against a bare scalp. Due to it’s comfort, the line is very popular whether customers have a medical need or not.

  Double Monofilament Cap

With these different cap options, you're sure to find a wig that not only looks great, but feels great as well.

We’ve talked about wig caps before, but they are so important to the comfort level of the wig and the thought that wigs aren’t comfortable is one of the biggest misconceptions about wigs out there.

Stay tuned! We’ll talk more about misconceptions about wigs. In the meantime, if you’ve struggled with finding a comfortable wig, try a different cap type and see what happens. Thanks for reading- and we’ll see you next time~