Myth #2

Blasting Three Big Misconceptions About Wigs Part Two

Hi everyone! 

We started talking about some of the misconceptions and myths people have about wigs. Last time, we talked about the myth that all wigs are uncomfortable. Did you try a different type of wig or even a different manufacturer to see if you found a different comfort level?


Today, let’s talk about a big one. A lot of people think all wigs just look, well, wiggy. They look fake and you can spot a wig a mile away. Guess what? Not true at all!


Myth # 2 Wigs Look So Fake


While it may be true that some wigs look more like a helmet than a natural head of hair, the latest trends in fiber, color, style and manufacturing have brought most wigs into the 21st century. WIth so many options available, it’s easier than ever to find a wig that looks natural.


One of the most effective enhancements in wigs has been in the world of color, especially dark-rooted wigs. Natural hair tends to be a bit darker at the root, as the hair hasn’t been exposed to the elements as long as the rest of your hair. In fact, even if you get your natural hair colored, most of us have a bit of the natural color showing more often than we’d like to admit. Dark- rooted wigs mimic this natural effect and it does wonders to take away that phony one color look of some wigs. Here’s a great look at Noriko’s Creamy Toffee- R  in the Drew style, really shows how natural this color looks.


We talked about monofilament caps and hand-tied wigs under Myth #1. These two features do WONDERS for achieving the natural look with wigs. With their free-to-move fibers and flesh-toned scalp, these wigs achieve a natural look.


Don’t forget about human hair wigs if you want the best in natural looking hair. Made from human hair, these pieces cost more than synthetic wigs, but they are the top of the line in an authentic look.


Ellen Wille Obsession


Many believe the cream of the crop is the Remy human hair, also known as hair that is intact “from root-to-tip.” Keeping the root intact when the hair is bundled is thought to keep it from tangling and matting. 


A big advantage of a human hair wig is you can wash, dry and style it just like your natural hair. Imagine having complete freedom “doing” your hair!


You can also choose wigs made from a blend of human and synthetic hair which gives a natural look at a lower price point than 100% human hair wigs.


Another fiber advancement that is changing the way your wigs look are heat-friendly fibers. Heat-friendly fibers allow you to curl or straighten your wigs without damaging the fiber. As our manufacturers continue to offer more heat-friendly fibers, you win with more options you can style just the way you want.


Wigs have come a long way when it comes to looking natural and stylish. You really can’t compare today’s styles from the wigs of yesteryear. Take a look through the website and see just how gorgeous some of today’s styles are.


Next time, we’ll look at one more big myth people have about wigs. This is one we at Name Brand Wigs believe we have the market cornered on! Don’t miss it!