Blasting Three Big Misconceptions About Wigs Part Three


Hi Again! We’ve been talking about some of the reasons why women (and men) shy away from purchasing a wig. We’ve talked about comfort and also about finding a natural look. Today, let’s talk about one myth that we can take care of for you faster than you can trade out a new wig for yesterday’s style.


Myth # 3 There Aren’t Any Wig Stores Near Me So I Can’t Buy A Wig That Looks Good On Me


Here at Name Brand Wigs we can dispel this particular myth faster than anyone else in the business! Our customer service staff are experts at working with you to find the perfect wig. You can talk to us on the phone, over the chat feature on the website, or through text messaging. We will help you choose the color, the style and the price point that suits you perfectly. Our staff does this all day, every day. In fact, it’s our favorite part of the job!



We care about our customers and are fully committed to answering all of your questions and putting any fears to rest. We have a LOT of our pieces on hand and in stock and have been known to pull them out of the box and look at them personally, just for you. If we don’t have the piece you want, we order it in - and again, if you’re worried about a specific problem, we’ll take a peek and then call or email you with our thoughts.


Here’s the best part of our customer service: our prices are much lower than you’ll find in a wig salon. In fact, they’re often lower than any other prices around. Finding you the right hair at the right price to keep a smile on that beautiful face of yours is our thing. We’re good at it- and you can count on us. Contact us today and get started blowing those old myths about wigs right out of the water.


Do you have any thoughts that keep you from wearing a wig? Please comment and let us know and we will try to answer your concerns. After all, finding great wigs at a great price is a wonderful thing and we hate to see you missing out!


Thanks for reading! See you soon!