What are some ways we can tell it is Summertime? Bonfires, kids running around the neighborhood, beach days, tan skin, and.... a sweaty head? Wearing a wig is supposed to be comfortable, manageable and even fun, but it can be hard when the temperature is reaching upwards of 80, 90, or even 100 degrees. Longer wigs can be extremely hard to manage in general, but it seems like in the summer they tangle easier and create so much more of a hassle than one can deal with. 

The good news is there is a short style that never gets old and has many different variations. The bob! 

A bob is easy to manage and almost always ready to wear straight out of the box. Today I'll be sharing with you a few different bob styles that will add a new level of coolness and comfort to your summer styles!


~ Classic Bob ~

This style is modern and very sophisticated. Always a fan favorite! The classic bob is shown here in the Estetica Jamison and the Revlon Scorpio.

Estetica Jamison  
Revlon Scorpio  

 ~ Long Bob ~

Very similar to the classic, but with a little more length for anyone who does not want to take off too much length. Pictured are the Noriko May and the Belle Tress Lady Latte.

Noriko May  


Belle Tress Lady Latte  


~ Textured Bob ~

This style is my personal favorite! Adding some fun beach waves or soft curls is the best way to add some diversity to the bob. Jon Renau Scarlett and Gabor Soft and Subtle work it best!

Jon Renau Scarlett  


 Gabor Soft and Subtle


~ Angled Bob ~

An edgy take on the classic bob is the angled bob. Shorter in the back and longer in the front adds a fun twist. We have the Rene of Paris Aria and the Estetica Emery rocking this look. 

Rene of Paris Aria  


 Estetica Emery


~ Stacked Bob ~

This is the most dramatic of the bob styles and adds a ton of dimension! The Jon Renau Ignite and the Ellen Wille Rich Mono show us how it's done.

Jon Renau Ignite  


Ellen Wille Rich Mono  


And that's a wrap! Stay cool and comfortable with a super trendy bob style. There are so many different ways to rock your bob. 

Which style is your favorite?

~ Erin