Summer: the days are longer, the drinks are colder, and the hair is blonder. Many of you have been asking us here at NameBrandWigs the same question for years: "Will Jon Renau EVER come out with new blondes? An ashier shade perhaps? Maybe one with lighter roots?". Now the news you have all been waiting for: YES! Jon Renau has just announced that they will be launching their new blonde collection, "California Blonde", on July 2nd--and we've got the inside scoop. 

The first color we have is a new twist on an old favorite, 12FS8 Shaded Praline. Malibu Blonde is otherwise known as 12FS12, and is the same gorgeous blend of golden blondes and browns as 12FS8, but now with a lighter, golden brown root! This is Zara, shown in the gorgeous new shade.


Next, we have Venice Blonde, which is coded 22F16S8. Venice Blonde is a light ash blonde blended with light blonde and a medium brown root. Venice Blonde is the shade that all of you cool-toned ladies have been waiting on forever! Venice would be an awesome way to transition from brunette to blonde if you are looking to try something new! Check it out here, shown on the Julianne.



Here we have the color Laguna Blonde, FS24/102S12, which is a light golden brown and pale gold blonde blend, featuring a medium brown root. Laguna Blonde is a perfect sunkissed gold for those hot summer days! Here is the Cameron shown in this light, sunny shade.


Finally, we have the second and final (for now ;-) ) ash blonde, Palm Springs Blonde, FS17/101S8. With its gorgeous blend of light ash blonde and pure natural white complete with dark ash blonde roots,  Palm Springs is the epitome of summer and California. This color really reminds me of Gabor Sunkissed Beige, if you are looking for a good duplicate! Here is January shown in this sun-bleached shade.


So there you have it! The Jon Renau California Blonde Collection will be launching on July 2nd in many of their most-loved styles--keep an eye out! As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, we are here to help. :-) 

Happy summer, everyone!


Until next time,

Chloe at Name Brand Wigs