Convenience is one of the best parts of wearing wigs! Which is why a majority of our wigs arrive pre-cut and styled, so you can give it a shake, put it on, and go! However, learning to use product can make a world of difference. Just as styling products can turn a bad hair day into a manageable one with human hair, the same goes for your wig! I have spoken to customers many times who were going to return a wig, only to call me back a little bit later saying after working with it or adding some product, they loved it!

There used to never be a Dry Shampoo offered by a wig brand until Jon Renau came to the rescue! We LOVE their products and were thrilled to hear they had added the Pick Me Up Dry Shampoo to their collection. 


Ever find your new synthetic hair appears too shiny? Dry Shampoo is a super quick fix to cut back on shine! It instantly dulls the shine factor without affecting your color and blends in so well you can't even see it. When using to reduce shine, Jon Renau says to simply shake and then spray up ten inches away from hair, then distribute evenly with a wide tooth comb.


Synthetic hair picks up scents from food, to smoke, to perfume. It gets trapped in the hair fibers very quickly. Dry Shampoo is a great way to clean the fibers and reduce odor. It's so much quicker to spritz on some Dry Shampoo then to have to wash your entire piece. It's the busy girl's best friend!


The Jon Renau Pick Me Up Dry Shampoo can be used for human hair, heat friendly, or standard synthetic fiber. It is a great way to create volume. Shake the Pick Me up Dry Shampoo and then spray in sections four to six inches from the hair. Massage into roots for volume and to remove oil. Smooth hair with your Jon Renau paddle brush or wide tooth comb. This product is also great for creating texture on your bio hair which would give clips for a topper or extensions more grip.


Check out the Dry Shampoo in Action here!