Greetings from the heart of Minnesota! We have left the vortex of Winter.. finally, and are warming up to the summer heat. It's time to break out the sunglasses, grab a map, and take off on a trip. Maybe you have noticed that as summer comes around there is always a slight desire to chop your hair. You're thinking it will be cooler, easy to take care of, and will be something fresh, so why not? We agree, but we also know that it can be slightly daunting to find the right cut. That's where we would like to give some short cuts to finding the right cut!


As a general guide, the overall goal is to create an oval appearance between face and hair because it is considered to be pleasing to the eye. Here is a little synopsis of what you will or won't want to accent according to your face shape:


Round Face Shape - Stay away from chin length cuts or anything that is really voluminous (No Bobs). Wispy layers or elongated curls are good. A short style with long/tall layers on top will help elongate the face. For example take a look at these styles below: Jon Renau Anne or the Ellen Wille Risk.

Square Face Shape - Stay away from cuts that end at the jawline. Bangs typically look great because it gives a softer overall appearance. Longer layers and layers around the face are good as they add volume around the face. Textured choppy layers or curls are also a plus. For example take a look at these styles below: Ellen Wille Next or the Belle Tress Kahlua.

Oblong Face Shape - Stay away from really long layers. Volume is great, and so is layering around the cheekbone. You can probably pull off a lot of short styles. Really short bangs or any bang can be good for this face shape as well. For example take a look at these styles below: Belle Tress Feather Lite or the Belle Tress Kahlua.

Heart Face Shape - Stay away from a lot of layering. (The widest part of a Heart Face is the forehead and so the general goal is to keep away from layers at the top of the head and focus on lower layers.) Elongated bobs are great coming to the chin or just below creating a narrowness at the forehead and more width around the chin. Side swept bangs and beach waves can work really well. For example take a look at these styles below: Ellen Wille Wish or the Hairdo Wispy Cut.

Diamond Face Shape - Stay away from too much layering right at the cheekbone. This face shape can pull off multiple different lengths and hairstyles. Chin length can look good as well as straight long layers. Keeping the style open at the forehead gives more of a balanced look. For example take a look at these styles below: Jon Renau Allure, the Ellen Wille Wish

Oval Face Shape - Very versatile face that can wear pretty much anything. More of a blunt short cut will look good. You don't necessarily need many layers, but can also pull them off. For example take a look at these styles below: Belle Tress Feather Lite, the Jon Renau Allure or Anne, Ellen Wille Next


As you are evaluating and trying to determine your shape keep in mind everyone has their own unique blend of features and to us, being "YOU" is what counts the most! Don't feel like these are a must, but use them as guidelines to bring out the features you love about your face! For instance, if you have those big gorgeous eyes, then maybe try a side swooping bang that ends right at eye length. 




 We hope this was a helpful short cut on the journey to your new style! Please let us know what your face shape is and some of the tips and tricks you have learned below. We would love to hear from you!