A move in the Light direction

Hello friends! Have you ever seen a picture of a color that you absolutely LOVE online, only to see it in person and it looks different than you expected? Typically, the reason for this has everything to do with LIGHTING. The type of lighting that is used to take pictures of a color is very important to get a correct representation of the color. Now in most model pictures, the goal is mostly to show off the style, which is why the color can sometimes not look as accurate as we would wish. I would love to show you what I mean by this. 

Here are a few examples of colors shown in four different types of lighting: shade, direct sunlight, cool, and warm. 



Belle Tress Cascara

Cayenne with Ginger Root

Different lightings.
Color shown in several lightings.


 Jon Renau Wigs

Laguna Blonde

Different lightings
Wigs shown in different lightings


 Noriko Seville 

Macadamia LR

Different lightings
Wig shown in different lightings

 The outdoor shade lighting will be the most accurate representation of how the color truly looks. When a customer is sending us pictures of their hair or of a wig they would like a color match to, we always suggest this type of lighting so that we can make an accurate choice in color. The warm light is representative of typical incandescent lighting in homes. 

I hope this has helped bring some more understanding as to the importance of proper lighting and how much a different tone of light can really make an impact on the overall look of the color. 

Sincerely yours Erin.