Today we are featuring the one and only Jon Renau Piece Out Contour Fiber Creme!


Using regular hairspray on synthetic hair? This can give a dull, white-looking build up to your style. A few YouTubers have said that by using a little baking soda and water you can create a paste that you can gently dab on those sections to get rid of that film on the hair. (Don’t douse your style with this, but focus on the areas that have the most build up.)

We recommend getting the correct products for synthetic hair because these products are tested and made specifically to help your hair maintain longevity. Synthetic hair needs something gentler than bio-hair products and the correct products will wash out so much easier! 

This brings us to one of our favorite styling products - Jon Renau Piece Out Contour Fiber Creme! It is great for layered styles, short styles, defining curls, and styles with a lot of flip to them. 


Take a little amount of the fiber creme and rub it in your palms so that the creme heats up and becomes mold-able. Then run your hands through your hair in the parts where you want to add some texture and definition to the layering.


Remember – A little bit goes a long way!


After wearing synthetic hair for a while, you may notice that it starts to get flat on the top of the head. The Piece Out Fiber Creme can help add some volume back in.


Once you have already used the Piece Out Creme you can reactivate it with water (of course, not after you wash your wig). Just get a spray bottle of water and spritz it on the style the next day and you will be able to restyle again.

At the end of the day, take out anything such as clips, barrettes, or braids that you put in your hair, so you prevent any cold crimping or any kinking happening to the hair.

Back-combing your synthetic hair with a wide tooth comb will help add volume.

The more product you use the more you will have to wash your style.

Fiber Creme has great hold and will keep your hair where you want it.


Thanks for joining us today! We would love to hear your thoughts on this product and what you have found is the key to creating a great style ❤❤❤ Comment below!