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Wigs That Look Like Celebrity's Hair

Have you ever spent hours scrolling through Pinterest to try to find a new hairstyle that you'd like to try? If your answer was 'yes', join the club! You may have noticed in the midst of your search that a great majority of the photos popping up were celebrities--the cornerstone of pop-culture. We look to them for inspiration, style trends, and lifestyle goals... so why not take a peek for hair? Today on the Name Brand Wig Blog, I have compiled five of the trendiest look-alike styles that will have you dodging the paparazzi with the flip of your wig, in no time.

1. Jennifer Lawrence's beach-wave lob---Look-alike: Soft and Subtle by Gabor

Beachy waves are effortless for summer and into the fall. Get Jen's look by trying out the Soft and Subtle by Gabor! If you want to take it a step further and try to match her hair color in this photo, we would suggest giving "SS Sandy Blonde (GL-14/22SS)" a try. This color-style combo is perfect for every day--whether you are working or walking the red carpet.


2. Kris Jenner's chic pixie cut--- Look-alike: Kris by Envy

We think that the name of this wig is no coincidence, Envy's "Kris" is a near-perfect match for Kris Jenner's cropped tresses! A great color match for Kris' hair would  be "Black" by Envy. A chic pixie cut is a timeless classic and works with every lifestyle.


3. Jennifer Aniston's straight lob with face framing layers--- Look-alike: Noriko Jackson

A customer favorite and favorite around the office, Jackson is truly glamorous. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and lays effortlessly atop the shoulders--just like Jennifer Aniston's tresses! A great color match for Jen's hair would be "Creamy Toffee-R". Jen is always serving up hair envy--own it today with the Noriko Jackson


4. Helen Mirren's textured bob---Look-alike: Noriko Sandie

Helen Mirren's adorable bob is great for the old and the young alike! If you want to copy her style, the Noriko Sandie is the way to go. If you want to take it a step further and rock her platinum color, go with the color "Champagne-R" for a perfect look!


5. Sarah Jessica Parker's classic long waves--- Look-alike: Sarah by Jon Renau

Around the office we were trying to figure out if the naming of these luscious locks was intentional or coincidence... either way, who can resist those "Carrie Bradshaw"-esque curls? Strut your stuff all around town with Jon Renau's Sarah, you'll be turning heads wherever you go.


Final Thoughts

There you have it, five wig styles to help you "get the look"! Stay tuned for more look-alikes in the near future...we're always on the lookout! Do you have a certain celebrity whose hair you'd like to model? Let us know! We can definitely do our best to help you get the look. Give us a call, send us an email or text, or chat with us--we'd love to hear from you! - NBW Family

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