Hi everyone, Teresa here! Today we continue our salute to all the women and men who bravely walk through life struggling with alopecia. September is Alopecia awareness month and here at Name Brand Wigs, we are running a contest. Check out this post HERE (Sorry, the contest is now over, but thank you to everyone who participated!) to learn all about this incredible contest and see how you can get your chance to win!


Last time, we talked about the fact that alopecia is an autoimmune disorder, not a nervous disorder or a contagious illness. We mentioned there are 3 types of alopecia areata. Today, we’ll dig in a little deeper.

Who Gets Alopecia?

Anyone can get alopecia. In fact, it can happen at any time, and without warning. It does usually begin in childhood and if you have a family member with alopecia, it can increase the odds you might get it as well.


Once you have alopecia, your hair may grow back in, but it can fall out again. The sad news is there is no treatment or cure for alopecia yet. One of the things we here at Name Brand Wigs do is help women and men with alopecia find the right topper or wig to cover their hair loss and feel like themselves again.

Some Things to Know About Alopecia

Alopecia is not physically painful, but the emotional and psychological pain can be enormous. We live in a very physically-oriented world and so much of our worth- especially as women- is based on physical beauty. When hair loss occurs, it can be absolutely devastating. Women who have been confident and outgoing can become introverted, embarrassed and even ashamed- all over a condition they did nothing to cause and can do nothing to cure.

It’s important to protect yourself when you have alopecia. Sunscreen is a must and if your condition affects your eyelashes, you need sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust and debris. Some people also lose the hair in their nostrils. Those hairs help keep germs from entering our bodies so an antibiotic ointment inside the nostrils can be helpful.

Although there isn’t a cure, researchers are studying genes, stem cells, hair follicles and medications all the time. There are also support groups for people dealing with the struggles of alopecia. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation can help you find a support group that will understand how you feel and be able to come alongside and help you cope with this difficult condition.

Here at Name Brand Wigs, we have expert staff to help you find the perfect hair to feel your best! Whether you struggle with alopecia or you have other reasons you choose to wear a wig or top piece, we want to help you find exactly what you’re looking for- at incredible prices. Call us today at 320-685-7100 and put our experts to work for you!


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