After starting my YouTube channel “Let’s Talk With Kim” a few years ago, my confidence grew so much. My self esteem increased not only in myself, but also with wearing my wigs. Through my YouTube journey I have had the privilege to meet many unique and inspiring women. Alternative hair has provided an outlet for all types of women with different stories to come together and feel beautiful, strong, and to overcome our insecurity’s.


Hi my friends, in today's blog I wanted to address three questions I often get asked. I also reached out to a wig sister Julia. I was curious to how she might answer. You will also be reading her response in this blog.



If you follow me on any of my social media outlets, you have heard me say this many times. Wigs not only gave me back my confidence but my smile. My wigs put the giddy-up back in my step. I love the person that I see in the mirror. I don’t see all of my imperfections. All I see is beautiful hair. If you ever came to my house on a day that I received hair mail you are going to be in for a surprise, because this country girl is doing a happy dance and smiling so much that my face hurts. I love those days. I try very hard to enjoy them, because I still on occasion have those “why me days” and shed some tears.  

 Julia answered,

“I have always been insecure and self-conscious of my receding hairline, thin sides and growing bald spot at my crown. I also have two unruly cowlicks. All of this is genetic. My mother had the same hair. I was depressed about my hair loss. I was frustrated that I couldn’t style my hair and make it look good. I chose wigs as I don’t have enough hair to securely clip on a topper. Wigs changed my life by giving me confidence. I was finally happy with 'my hair' ".






I always tell those ladies who are beginning their wig journey to start off with something very close to their own hair. Try to stick to the same color and style this way you are not overwhelmed or become discouraged. Find a reputable wig company, Name Brand Wigs has been that company for me. I ordered my very first wig from them three years ago and I remember how calm they made me feel and also so helpful in helping me find a wig and a good color match for me. The first wig I purchased was Mackenzie by Estetica Designs and she is still to this day one of my favorites.


Julia answered,

"It’s difficult to shop for wigs online, which most of us must do. Watch wig reviews and color spotlights on YouTube. Learn about the different wig caps. Read customer reviews on wig retailer websites. Ask a retailer to help you choose a color. Help is available. All of this will help alleviate the disappointment and the challenges of buying a wig or topper. Hair piece shopping should be fun!”

Be sure to check out Julia on her YouTube channel, Blonde Wig Reviews, she does some great color spotlights and reviews.







First, please know that you are not alone. It is normal to feel insecure and maybe even a little awkward. We have all been there. The more you do it the more comfortable you will become. I  compare it to starting a new job. The first day you go in not knowing a lot, but by the end of week you are so much better, and by the end of the month you’ve got the hang of it. My advice is to just keep on keeping on and don’t be afraid to reach out to a wig sister/friend or a wig support group.

Julia answered,

“Wear the wig or topper despite feeling anxious. The anxiety will go away. Everyone feels anxious wearing a wig or topper publicly the first couple of times. I promise that once you start wearing the wig regularly, family, friends and coworkers will get used to it. They’ll accept it. You’ll then begin to have fun trying new styles and colors. You will be judged by some folks no matter what, so wear what you love whether it’s fashion, jewelry or alternative hair.” 


I really appreciated Julia’s input. It was a pleasure talking with her. I’m looking forward to meeting more wig sisters.