Our favorite invisibl extension

Halo Invisible Extension

Halo’s have many advantages; it's an invisible extension that no one but you will know about! 

Model preparing hair for Harido Invisible Extension


You are probably wondering, why should I choose a Halo? Let me tell you about the amazing benefits.
- The extension is held together by a thin clear elastic band which makes it seamless and invisible.
- It is easy to wear and comfortable. You won't even notice it's there.
- The halo will add length and volume to your natural hair.
- It is also heat friendly and style-able up to 350°
- Finally halo's offer coverage from ear to ear.

Why you Should Use a Halo

The best thing about the Halo Extension is that this product is clip-free and can be easily applied like a headband! This enables the piece to naturally blend in with your hair perfectly. For a natural looking style, slip it on and pull over your hair.

Invisible Extension

 This halo extension is perfect for sleek or curly hair. Since it is heat friendly, you are able to style it however you want. If you are in the mood to put your hair up and out of your face, the extension works great in a braid or ponytail. This piece allows for a variety of styles to be done. Everything will look great with that extra volume and length. Not only does it come in a synthetic fiber, but you can also get it in Human Hair! 

The Hairdo Extensions have a variety of colors to choose from. With over 20 synthetic colors as well as 13 Human Hair colors, you are sure to find the perfect style for you. It can be quite exciting seeing all these different color shades however, you can never go wrong with a lighter or darker color. If you are wanting a color to match your natural hair color it can be a bit tricky. If you are having a difficult time trying to find the perfect match you can always add some highlights and give yourself a new look with those colors blending perfectly together! 

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Final Thoughts

Purchasing this extension was an amazing choice I made myself! I fell in love with the volume and thickness it gave my natural hair. This is the perfect piece for a special event or even for any other regular day. What made this extension better for me personally was how you couldn't notice it was there after a few hours or even a few minutes, it amazed me. I will always use the Halo Invisible Extension.

 - Adrianna