How to find the Perfect Topper

The Perfect Fit

Is your hair thinning? Do you feel it has always been fine? Our Toppers are one way to add fullness to your hair in just a few minutes! Toppers are undetectable pieces that attach to your hair making them almost impossible to see.

Brush showing loss of hair

Measuring Hair Loss

Before jumping into the world of toppers, let's discuss measuring your hair loss. To start grab a tape measure and a mirror. With the tape measure, measure the widest areas of your hair loss from front to back and then from side to side. To ensure the best fitting topper, we recommend to add an inch to each measurement to ensure the clips will attach into strong healthy hair. Don't forget to remeasure every 6 months, as hair loss can progress.


How to measure your hair loss.

Stages of Hair Loss

To help you better understand your topper needs, we need to discuss the three stages of hair loss.

1. Beginning Stage: This stage starts in a diffused pattern on top of the head that contributes to minimal hair loss.
2. Mid/Progressive Stage: The second stage becomes more noticeable. You may start to see more of the scalp and thinning of the hair.
3. Advanced Stage: The final stage is more prominent. The scalp is now clearly visible to the naked eye.

The three stages of Hair Loss

Many women tend to lose hair in a diffused pattern whether it is beginning, Mid/Progressive, or at the Advanced stage. If you are experiencing hair loss, knowing what stage you are in will determine the base size of your topper. As well as determining the length of your topper. For a realistic finish, you need a topper that covers thinning areas and blends naturally with the length of your hair.

How Do I Pick A Color?

Color is another an important consideration when choosing the right topper. Toppers come in a diverse selection of natural-looking hair colors that effortlessly blend with your existing hair, creating a seamless appearance. If you struggle with finding the right color, color rings are a great resource to help you find that PERFECT color. The best part about color rings is you can return them when you're finished without a restocking fee!

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Final Thoughts

To ensure a seamless blend with your natural hair, consider choosing a topper that closely matches your hair texture and style. By choosing a style that matches your existing hair, you can achieve the most realistic finish possible. Whether you prefer sleek and straight or bouncy curls, a versatile hair topper will empower you to achieve your desired look.

 - Erin