Summer Vacay Wig Styles Part 2

Hakuna Matata!

Did you know that South Africa is experiencing winter right now? If you're considering a trip to escape the heat but not freeze, South Africa could be an ideal destination this summer. You'll have the opportunity to see majestic animals like massive hippos and courageous lions in their natural habitat. Despite the cooler temperatures during these months, it's still essential to protect your skin from the sun while exploring the safari. Luckily, I have the perfect solution to stay stylish and protected during your adventures.


Sunset with trees


Hat wigs are a fantastic choice for staying stylish while protecting yourself from the sun's harsh rays during your adventures in South Africa. They offer a convenient way to shield your skin and eyes while exploring the beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Whether you're embarking on an intense week-long safari adventure or enjoying a more low-key guided tour, hat wigs provide both fashion and functionality. With options that include the hat already attached or ones where you can customize with your own chic sun hat, you have the flexibility to suit your style preferences. Stay safe and stylish under the African sun with the versatile and practical hat wigs!

Henry Margu Classic Hat Black







Henry Margu Wis & Hat - Classic Hat Black (#8226)







Henry Margu Curly Hat Black








Henry Margu Wigs & Hat - Curly Hat Black (#8249)






Jon Renau Hat Magic







 Jon Renau Wigs - Hat Magic 10"

(does not include hat)






Sometimes, the most relaxing thing to do in the summertime is enjoy the comforts of home. You can dive into a new TV series, unwind with a good book on your front porch, or treat yourself to a much needed spa day. At times like these, you might prefer not to wear a wig all day, and that's completely understandable! We offer a variety of comfortable alternatives that are ideal for your laid-back staycation.

Photo of a bed with a coffee cup


Our scarfs, turbans, and beanies are designed not only to protect your scalp but also to offer a cozy and stylish alternative to wearing a wig. With a diverse selection of styles, colors, and prints to choose from, you can effortlessly find the ideal match for your everyday style (or match your pajamas that you don’t change out of, don’t worry I’m not judging!). These accessories are crafted to be exceptionally soft and comfortable, ensuring that you can wear them with ease during your relaxing staycation. Here are only a few of my favorites!

Christine Headwear Lotus Turban








Christine Headwear - Lotus Turban (#2101)






Softie Wrap by Jon Renau







 Head Wraps - Softie Wrap (prints) by Jon Renau







Jon Renau's Poly Cotton Turban








Head Wraps - Poly Cotton Turban by Jon Renau





Final Thoughts

Whether you are traveling the world or staying close to home this summer, we want to make sure you feel beautiful and confident no matter where you are. Have an amazing and safe summer ahead!
With Love,