Hello Friends! This week we are going to be learning all about Heat Friendly fibers! To start off, the number one question I get about Heat Friendly pieces is "If I add heat and style this, will it bounce back to its original style after being washed? The answer is no. A non-Heat Friendly piece will always bounce back to its original style, but a Heat friendly piece will not. After being washed, it will take the form of whatever way it was styled before the wash. If you take a curly piece and straighten it, it will dry straight after being washed. 

A big point I would like to hit is that the color between a Synthetic piece and a Heat Friendly piece can actually look very different in some cases. I will add some examples below of the same color, but in a synthetic vs heat friendly fiber. 

Jon Renau - 12FS8

                                              SYNTHETIC FIBER                                                                            HEAT FRIENDLY FIBER


Raquel Welch - Shaded Hazelnut

                                      SYNTHETIC FIBER                                                                                   HEAT FRIENDLY FIBER



Some of the biggest differences between Synthetic and Heat Friendly are as follows

        Synthetic                                             Heat Friendly

                                     1.) More Shiny and Silky                                     1.) Feels more like human hair                                                                                         and more muted
2.) Color tends to be more blended                     2.) Highlights stand out more.


Do you have any other questions about Heat Friendly pieces? If so please comment them below and we would love to find answers for you! Stay tuned, next we will be diving into Human Hair Blends!