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How to Care for Your Lace Front Piece

There are many perks to having a lace front wig and properly caring for it will make it last much longer. The lace is very delicate and may tear if not handled carefully, so it is very important to protect the lace from ripping or tearing.  Let’s talk about the ways you can prolong the life of your investment.


Putting on and adjusting

When putting a lace front wig on, it is extremely important that you hold the back, the ear tabs, or grab behind the lace to avoid applying pressure directly to the lace itself. NEVER try to adjust by pulling on the lace front. Pulling or tugging on the lace (even lightly) will lead to tearing or fraying of the lace, as pictured below:


Brushing and Styling

Always use caution when brushing and use a wide tooth comb. The knotting is fragile and hard brushing may cause excessive shedding of the wig. Getting too close to the base materials could cause punctures as well. When styling, remember to be careful not to puncture the base materials with the brush or any clips and pins you may be using.


The biggest thing to remember when shampooing and conditioning a lace front wig, and this applies to monofilament tops as well, is to keep those high shine products at least 4 inches away from the lace or base materials. Avoid putting conditioning product near any hand tied portion of the wig, focusing the product toward the ends of the hair. Products like conditioner may loosen the knots and cause excessive shedding which can lead to what looks like bald spots in that lace. Other than leaving that 4 inch gap, you will wash and dry lace front wigs the same as any other wig.



Final Thoughts

Lace front wigs are a great way to achieve a very natural look and have more versatility in styling. Just be careful, keep our suggestions in mind, and your lace front wig could be your secret weapon!  Feel free to share with a friend if you found this blog helpful & informative. 



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