4 Reasons to Choose a Lace Front Wig by Name Brand Wigs

4 Reasons to Choose a Lace Front Wig

One common question we get when helping our customers: “Is lace front a better option and what purpose does it really serve?”. To answer this question, we came up with 4 wonderful reasons to consider a lace front wig!

1.) A Natural Look

The lace front is made to blend with your skin and mimic your scalp giving a more natural look than a standard cap, as shown in the examples below. Left to right:  Belle Tress City Roast & Estetica Alden 


2.) Light Weight / Density

Lace front wigs also tend to be lighter or less dense for a more comfortable fit. Belle Tress Bespoke is a great example of a light-density piece.

3.) More Breathable

With the lighter weight you will also notice that the lace front offers breathability by allowing air flow, which makes the wig cooler and more comfortable.

4.) More Versatility

Versatility is probably the best reason of all! Because the lace front blends with your skin and looks like your natural hairline, you have endless styling options! Whether you like to pull it back into a ponytail, pin it back with a clip, or leave it down and flowy, a lace front wig allows you to enjoy all those options. Raquel Welch Limelight and Jon Renau Miranda Lite have been styled to show you a few of the endless styling possibilities.



A New & Enchanced Lace Front Collection 

There are many brands with great lace front wigs, but Jon Renau’s SmartLace Lite has quickly become one of our favorites! The ear-to-ear lace front has all the wonderful benefits we mentioned: a flawless natural look, lightweight, and countless styling options. Let us know about your favorite lace front wig  and tag us on Instagram with your look:  @_name_brand_wigs

Here are some of Jon Renau's popular SmartLace Lite wigs:

Jon Renau Wigs - Julianne Lite (#5854) Jon Renau Wigs - Zara Lite (#5855)
Jon Renau Wigs - Rachel Lite (#5864) Jon Renau Wigs - Blake Lite Remy Human Hair Exclusive Colors (#773A)


Final Thoughts

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we love lace front wigs at Name Brand Wigs!  Feel free to share with a friend if you found this blog helpful & informative, and let us know if you are encouraged to try a lace front wig!  SEE ALL LACE FRONTS

-NBW Family

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