Sister style wigs - similar wigs - scene stealer by raquel welch and envy brooke and noriko angelica

Sister Style Wigs - Feature 1

The Raquel Welch Scene Stealer is one of our more popular styles. This long and layered wig will never go out of style. If this is your go-to wig, you have good taste! However... what if this beauty is out of stock, or maybe you want to try something slightly different? Lucky for you, there are a couple other styles that are very similar to the Raquel Welch Scene Stealer and vice-versa!

Raquel Welch Scene Stealer

Let's talk about the Raquel Welch Scene Stealer first. This beautiful style has a monofilament top, a lace front, and is heat friendly. With this monofilament top, there will be little permatease and there is an option to change the part to your liking. You can also style the Scene stealer with heat so you can leave it slick straight or give it fun bouncy curls.

Raquel Welch Scene Stealer wig with long layers Scene Stealer wig by Raquel Welch side view

(Above: Scene Stealer shown in color RL6/28 Bronzed Sable)


Comparison #1 - Envy Brooke

If you are looking for something like the Raquel Welch Scene Stealer that does not have heat friendly fibers; the Envy Brooke would be perfect for you. Brooke has a monofilament top and therefore very little permatease. With this style not having heat friendly fibers, you won't have to worry about styling. Just shake it and go! The Envy Brooke also has a lace front, like the Scene Stealer, so it will give the illusion of a natural hairline. Feel free to wear the bangs as is, or off the face. Enjoy how Brooke's beautiful layers frame your face.

Envy Brook wig in Cinnamon Toffee

(Above: Envy Brooke in Cinnamon Toffee)


Comparison #2 - Noriko Angelica

Maybe you are looking for something with volume on the crown? If you want that extra oomph that monofilament tops may not give you, then the Noriko Angelica is your girl. The Angelica is long and layered like the beautiful Scene Stealer; however, she differs in that she has a standard cap construction. The standard cap will result in more permatease and will give you the beautiful yet natural volume that you are looking for. Angelica is not a heat friendly style, so just like the Brooke you will not need to worry about any styling.

Noriko Angelica in Chocolate Swirl

(Above: Noriko Angelica in Chocolate Swirl)


Final Thoughts

There are many other wigs that are similar in style, these are only a few! Here at Name Brand Wigs, we are happy to compare colors or styles between brands to help fit your needs. Feel free to share this with a friend if you think they would like one of these styles!

-NBW Family

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