5 Tips to Identify A Wig Scam Site

5 Tips to Identify a Wig Scam Site

Here at Name Brand Wigs we strive to help our customers and provide the best quality we can. It hurts us to know that there are scam sites trying to trick people and make people leery about purchasing from any online company. We have gathered some tips to help identify a potential scam site so you can shop more confidently.


1.) Look at the product names

Scam sites can take photos from authentic products and then change the title of the product. Instead of the correct brand name or product names, they might have generic descriptions and keywords such as “long wavy,” “short curly,” or “with bangs.” 


Here are some wigs listed on a scam site. The ones outlined are pictures of Envy wigs, but they are not labeled as such. The names of the products are generic descriptions.
This is our website, with the proper label for these products:

2.) Look at the photos

Some scam sites take the model photos from real pictures of actual products, so it can be tricky to notice something is off because you recognize the image. That’s why looking at the title and product name is a good way to identify a scam (Blog tip #1). Other times, scam sites use photos of celebrities instead of actual product photos. This is a clear identifier that the site might not be legitimate.


All of the images outlined in red are photos of celebrities, not of models wearing a wig.

3.) Compare Prices

If a deal on a high-quality wig seems too good to be true, it probably is. Comparing prices is always a good idea. List prices of wigs sold by reputable wig retailers may differ by dollars and cents - however, not by hundreds of dollars.


Pictured below is a listing from a scam site using an Ellen Wille product picture and a list price of only $28.27.
Here is the actual product on our website with the current pricing, and as you can see, the price is very different.


Here is another example of a scam site listing this image with a very low price (£94.00 is about $91.26 USD).
And here is the legitimate Jon Renau item on our site for the correct current pricing:

4.) Look at Reviews

Some scam sites work very hard to create their own reviews on their sites to make them look more legitimate. If you are not sure about a site, never just trust the reviews on the site. Visit customer review websites about the online wig store you plan to purchase from, or even do a quick Google search for the website name and “reviews” or “scam.”


Here is a screen shot of this scam site, Urhair, with overwhelmingly positive reviews on their site.
But here is a website review page (from Trustpilot.com) with real customers leaving reviews for the same scam site Urhair. A news article from BBC about wig scam sites said, "Attempts have been made to make those bad reviews look better, according to Trustpilot, which says it detected and removed hundreds of fabricated positive reviews created by Urhair or other parties working on their behalf."

5.) Check the Contact page

Legitimate companies always list a phone number, email, or address. A website that does not list a phone number or email is probably a scam. Some scam sites have contact forms, which can be a good sign, but look around for a phone number, email, or address, if these aren't present, something is off.

Here is a screen shot of a scam site with only a contact form to be able to reach the company.
Here is a screen shot from our website. Our contact information is in multiple areas on our site, and we try to make it easy to access us by providing our hours, phone number, email, and address at the bottom of every page. Most of our competitors have this as well, but a scam site will not.

Known Scam Sites:

Be on the lookout for these sites that have been identified as scams:







Final Thoughts

With scam sites you might order an item and it never arrives, and then you find out too late that you are unable to contact the company. Or you might receive a wig, but it is wildly different from the description.

Be careful out there! We hope this helps you navigate through wig sites and gives you more confidence in deciding where to buy your next new style.

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